Monte Cerro Peace Education

New study time starting from May 4th to August 15th 2009

"Monte Cerro Peace Education" includes comprehensive studies in peace work and the creation of peace villages. At its core lies the knowledge about community and the development of trust, truth and transparency including the areas of love and sexuality. An essential part of the education is the study of the political theory of a global change through local actions.

Based on the experience developed during the first three years of the Monte Cerro Peace Education program with more than 80 international students we now start a flexible study program.

The first part is a three-months basic semester, starting on May 4th with a four-weeks UN-recognized Ecovillage-design Education (EDE) course. For further information on this course, see the link below. Those who are interested only in this comprehensive overview of the themes regarding the development of a Peace Village can take this course independently of the remaining program. The first part of the Basis semester continues for two weeks including an evaluation time. The second time of this intensive basic semester will then continue for another eleven weeks and include the Summer University.

In the Basic semester the students will get to know Tamera and its work in an overview: The projects of Tamera such as the Solarvillage, the ecology group and the provision of basic needs of a community as well as the core issues of research in Tamera: community and trust between people with questions like: Which inner steps in these areas create inner peace and thus have an effect on the whole?

From now on we offer our studies in Tamera in modular form and in short-stay courses. This means that long-term-residence in Tamera will no longer be necessary, which also makes it possible for people from other projects and from crisis areas to take part in our education. The further curriculum you (will) find here under events.

We are pleased that international peace workers can use this curriculum to train themselves for their engagement in the world and we wish for the field-like spreading of this knowledge and its practical application in the lives of many people -- in the name of love.

Basis semester 4.5. – 15.8.2009

Lead by: Juliane Eckmann, Jana Mohaupt and Team

Accommodation: Tamera-Campus, sleeping rooms


4.5. – 15.8. EDE course and basic education including Summer University: € 3200.-, Portuguese participants: € 2400.-, Youth up to 21 years: € 1600.-

Costs include Course, accommodation and vegetarian food.

Tel. +351 283 635306

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