10 years “Children’s Project - Place of the Children” in Tamera

The children’s project at “Place of the Children“ in Healing Biotopes 1 in Tamera, celebrates its 10 anniversary. Led by Gabriele Brüggemann and Oskar Eckmann, a team of pedagogues and learning facilitators works out and explores new ways of learning and the building of a children’s community.

In the meantime, several generations of children and youths have passed through the children’s community and the temporary learning area and they have partially become leaders or role models for the next generation of children.

We would like to express our gratitude to all the people who have supported us in this whole period either through active collaboration or by providing information or financial support. Without their precious help this project would not have been possible.

Children are the bearers of our planet’s future. Every child carries a direct, authentic power for peace. 

Children need protection from the madness and violence of today’s world and they need adults who take a stand for life and against war with all their power. They need a space of compassionate truth, trust and a feeling of home in which to live and learn”.

These are guiding principles which have been underlying the work carried out at the “Children’s place“ for 10 years. We want the children to experience that helping actually changes something. "Help helps" is a quality we rarely find in today’s world of competitive living, but which is more needed than ever to create a new culture.

With the experience of belonging to a group, we learn how to express our opinions and to stand up for what we believe in, and how to develop understanding towards others and to stand by their side. The community arises from joint projects, including areas such as theatre and arts, nature and permaculture, as well as travelling together.

By collaborating with an animal protection group, the children also have the opportunity of participating in the care of sick or injured animals and of reporting these often deep spiritual and healing experiences to their community.
Extracts from the programme of ”Escola da Esperança“ (School of Hope), which is in the process of foundation).

The theatre project led by Rico Portilho and Janka Striffler has helped to shape the work carried out in the last 5 years. The play “The Black Shadow and the Riddle of the Princess“ emerged after a pilgrimage for peace to Israel/Palestine, created by some young teenagers from Tamera who took part in the pilgrimage. It was their way and opportunity of expressing their views on a political crisis area and communicating their thoughts to the world. The theatre play was performed on a tour in German-speaking countries and later on in Portuguese and English in Tamera and in public theatres in Sines and Odemira in Portugal. In 2010, the teenagers, meanwhile grown into young adults, performed their play on a pilgrimage and theatre tour in Spanish in large schools and a public theatre in Bogota – together with the youths of the Colombian community for peace “Friedensgemeinschaft San Josè de Apartado“.

The latest project at the Place of the Children:

We are delighted to announce that on the 28th February we were able to hand over our application to the foundation of a trilingual international school (Portuguese, English, German) at the Regional Direction for Education of the Alentejo Region (DREA) in Évora.

We call this school "Escola da Esperança – International School of Tamera”
This should be a place in which learning is lived as a natural and joyful process and where the high spiritual potential of the children can be fully developed. 

After the conclusion of the necessary building requirements, the plan also foresees the integration of children from the Odemira region. We thank the Portuguese school authorities, the Odemira municipality and the school in Colos, our neighbouring village, for the support in this foundation process and for helping to find the appropriate school facilities.

For a year, a group of youths has already been doing this process, through “Online school Interhigh”, using the English language, with the backup of a team of teachers. This online school is finished with the international final examination for Middle schools IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) – the same is planned for “Escola da Esperança“, in the process of foundation.

Finally, the experience of 10 years with the Place of the Children shows us that we have always been given the right information, teaching and support at the right time. This is our ongoing wish, so that, quoting Dhyani Ywahoo – we can “develop our gifts for the well-being of all”.

Thank you very much,

The “Place of the children“ Team