Christmas Message 2012 from Tamera

(The following short text is not only for Christians. It not bound to any religion, nor to the 24th of December.)

Jesus lived 2000 years ago. It was the will of the divine world to replace the culture of violence with a culture of peace. The world was under the colonial domination of the Romans, and full of enemies. But even when facing enemies, Jesus did not want to use the instruments of violence, but rather the instruments of forgiveness, of grace. He preached the gospel of re-conciliation, and of loving one’s neighbor. This was a fundamentally new step in the evolution of a new, humane culture. more

Stop the War in Gaza

Call for Consentious Objection

About 80 of our friends are currently on a pilgrimage through Israel-Palestine, in the name of Grace. They are walking along the Jordan River, though the West Bank. At the same time, the situation in Israel is escalating: The Israeli government has begun to bomb the Gaza Strip. Hamas fires rockets into Israel. Friends and activists in Gaza describe how bombs fall throughout the night. Fear of an Israeli ground-invasion is spreading. An activist is sounding the alarm for the outside world: “ YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. MOVE. ACT NOW TO STOP ANOTHER GAZA BLOODBATH. INACTION AROUND THE WORLD HAS LEAD US TO THIS POINT. ACT NOW.” 
We hear, the Grace Pilgrimage is moving unshaken and with great inner composure, through this country which seems to be preparing for war. 
We ask everyone: Light a fire of hope and of the power of peace. With the greatest possible inner commitment, let us find a picture in which we can see peace in the Middle East, instead of war. We pray that this senseless death and suffering can be stopped. And we ask for the protection of the Grace-Pilgrimage. You can read the journal of the pilgrimage here: 

In this time of war, the big dream is that the soldiers refuse fighting and join the peace pilgrims. Please read and spread this Call for Consentious Objection.


Many thanks for Global Grace Day

9th of November

Many thanks to all of those who—from São Paulo to Bangalore, from Mexico to Kenya—took part in strengthening the commitment to system-change... whether it was with one's self in inner silence; or with celebrations in the street, public meditations, events, pilgrimages, and demonstrations. For a new life on this planet, for trust instead of war, for cooperation with nature, and for a way of being that is no longer based on walls and separation. In Lisbon, a star-shaped Grace Pilgrimage came to an end on Global Grace Day, with people arriving from different regions of Portugal. In Israel-Palestine on this day, a three week Grace Pilgrimage along the Jordan river began. In Tamera, a fire was kept burning for 12 hours in the Stone Circle. The community, together with the guests, made a pilgrimage within Tamera, and planted tree-seeds in the earth, for an edible landscape and for reforestation. With the Global Grace Day, a long season in Tamera comes to an end. It was a good year, with a strong, positive resonance from the world. This shows us that we must now move to a new level. In Tamera, we will need new community structures in economics and in decision-making, to allow us to build a global model with real conviction. Tamera should become a school for the future, spreading knowledge around the world. Paving the way for these new structures will now require a time to go deeper, for the community in complete intimacy to ask anew the most fundamental questions. more

Tamera in Portuguese TV

On November 1st, RTP1, the main Portuguese TV Channel, broadcastet a very informative 35 minute documentary about Tamera in prime time. Here you can see the film online (in portuguese). more

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Tamera - a Model for the Future

10th of November: Open Day and Guided Tour

This Open Day is the last opportunity this year to visit Tamera. We will have a guided tour through the Water Retention Landscape, vegan lunch in our Peace University Campus, project presentations and dialogues in our Auditorium, the "Aula". Very welcome! more

"Escola da Esperança" - Vision for a new school of hope

The new trailer about the vision of the "Escola da Esperança" is ready!

For the last ten years a team within the peace research centre “Tamera” has been working continually on projects with children, developing new forms of learning and forming the foundations for the development of an innovative international school – the “Escola da Esperança”. The application for official accreditation of the school was submitted in February 2012. Now we need to develop a detailed plan for the project. To support this process a group of six teachers, three adolescents and eight children will undertake an educational and networking journey to Berlin, Germany from 8th of November until the 5th of December 2012.


TERRA NOVA A DESPERTAR - Awakening of a new Earth

Pilgrimage through Portugal

Beginning at several places in Portugal, ending in Lisbon – from the 1st to the 9th of November 2012. We walk for a new world. We want to touch the places we go through with a new cultural impulse – we refuse to wait any longer for the political or economic powers to take the decisions for us; the future will be built through our own hands. If life wins, there will be no losers. more


GRACE pilgrimage 2012 in the Holy Land

The Peace Research Village Middle East invites you for a GRACE pilgrimage in Israel-Palestine - walking together from the Sea of Galilee to the Dead Sea, November 8–29, 2012. It is an intensive journey and an adventure of community building in the Holy Land and a unique opportunity to connect with the region, to understand the conflict in the Middle East and to create a vision for a new culture together. more

United Nations International Peace Day

21st of September

Tamera took part in the International Peace Day with a prayer at 12 h in the Stone Circle. Sabine Lichtnfels: "Let us create a worldwide culture of partnership and trust. There will be no peace on earth, until the war in love has ended." more

Seed Freedom

Tamera Joins Vandana Shiva´s Seed Freedom Fortnight of Action 2-16 October 2012

Seed sovereignty is the basis for sustainable agriculture; patented seeds threaten severly life, diversity and freedom. Dr. Shiva from India started a global campaign to “Occupy the Seed”. Tamera will take part. more

GREEN PHOENIX Congress 2012: Models for a future culture of peace

from October 24 to 28 in the Center for Unity in Schweibenalp / Switzerland

The 5 day conference for the “preparation of a system change towards a global peace culture” this time focuses mainly on models in urban and rural communities. Tamera’s representatives, who will attend and co-host the program, are Sabine Lichtenfels, Benjamin von Mendelssohn, Charly Rainer Ehrenpreis and Leila Dregger.  more

A Political Birthday Gift

On September 19th, 2012 Tamera Founder Dr Dieter Duhm will Celebrate his 70th Birthday.

To this very day his heart beats for the global revolution, for the development of a new Earth, for the end of the war between the sexes, and for cooperation with all co-creatures. For more than 40 years he has been working on basic ideas for building a post-capitalist society in which all aspects of life are based on trust. We want to honour this tireless pioneering work with a special birthday gift: We are inviting everyone to help. more

An Experiment in Gift Economy

Summer University in Tamera: Towards a New Culture

The Tamera community wants to thank all the participants of the 18th Summer University for their commitment and their participation in our experiment with a gift economy. For us, it was the true beginning of a "new culture," one that replaces the fear of scarcity thinking with confidence and generosity even in the area of money issues. It was worth it! May these ten days contribute to the start of a fair and just economy worldwide. more

Inauguration of the Twelve Theses for a Non-Violent Earth

Tamera Campus, August 23rd, 2012

As a signal for a growing planetary community for peace, the Tamera community inaugurated today, Thursday 23rd August 2012, the "12 Theses for a Non-Violent Earth" at the University Campus of Tamera. It contains the basic lines of global peace work which have been at the basis of the project's work for more than thirty years and which today serve an increasing number of students from around the world as orientation for their peace study in Tamera. We invite you to distribute these thoughts in your surroundings and networks: more

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Photo Competition about the theme: Water is Life


Tamera and the village council of Relíquias are organizing a photo competition during July 2012 with the theme: Water is Life. The aim of the competition is to deeply express the essence of water and to make the public aware of its preciousness as the source of life. The best photos will decorate the village Relíquias during the festivities of the Nossa Senhora de Reliquias in August. The photos are to be delivered at the CASA DO POVO in Relíquias until July 31st (i.e. on the way to the Summer University). more

Eduar Lanchero

In the early morning of Wednesday, June 27th, Eduar Lanchero died after a long illness. He had been one of the leading figures in the peace community San José de Apartadó in Colombia. We are very sad and send the Peace Community and Eduar´s family our greetings and deepest sympathy. Eduar´s inspiration will always be with us. more

"Living Building" project won Buckminster Fuller Challenge

Tamera´s Water Landscape on Place 3

Tamera's model of Water Retention Landscape received the "Honorable Mention" in the Buckminster Fuller Challenge which means it became 3rd of 150. Two representatives from Tamera, Aida Shibli (Palestine) and Uri Ayalon (Israel) who studied and lived in Tamera in the last 5 years took part in the award ceremony in New York. more

Professional Training in Creating Water Retention Landscapes

from August 13th – September 1st, 2012

Incorrect water management is a key factor in the worldwide ecological destruction and so-called natural catastrophes of our times, such as floods, large-scale fires and desertification. In cooperation with Sepp Holzer, we in Tamera have come to know and applied an alternative way of water management, to heal landscapes and their water balance: decentralised water retention landscapes. We offer an ecological professional training in the frame of the emerging “University of Tamera” more

GLOBAL CAMPUS - a Declaration of the Basic Thoughts and Goals

by Dieter Duhm

The Global Campus develops a network of autonomous centers, which follow a unified ethical, social and ecological codex. In the core of the global healing work there is a new allience of human beings with all co-creatures. The leading thought is that external peace can only be achieved if it is achieved internally among human beings. Free download (pdf) more

Tamera at Rio+20 and the People's Summit

Support us bring the idea of new models for human existence to Rio de Janeiro this June

Some days ago, Tamera has been recommended by the UN General Assembly to be specially accredited to the "United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development" (Rio+20), taking place in Rio de Janeiro, 20th - 22nd June. more

The Power of Water - Decentralized Water Retention as an Answer to Desertification and Globalization

Report from the 2nd International Water Symposium in Tamera, 26 - 29 of April, 2012

In these times of worldwide water crisis, Tamera and the Grace Foundation have invited specialists and decision makers from different countries and different fields of knowledge to their 2nd International Water Symposium. While there are ever more people, animals and ecosystems on earth affected by water scarcity, multinational corporations profit by creating centralized water supply systems. Water has become a commodity. To change this situation alternatives are needed. The Water Symposium in Tamera gathered 30 experts and 200 participants in order to present decentralized and natural solutions. more

Dom António Vitalino, Bishop of Beja, in Tamera

May 6th, 2012

The Bishop of Beja, Dom António Vitalino, visited Tamera last Sunday to get to know the research for sustainability. He is known as a man committed to social change and justice. After his visit he wrote an article for Beja newspaper Jornal de Notícias where he mentions his visit: "And I end up pointing an example of international, multicultural, ecological, solidarity and happy community...." more

Tamera Water Landscape is Finalist!

Tamera, Colos, May 7th, 2012

The Tamera Water Retention Landscape has been named a 2012 Finalist in the Buckminster Fuller Challenge, the prestigious annual design science competition named "Socially-Responsible Design's Highest Award" by Metropolis Magazine. The Challenge supports the development and implementation of a whole systems-based solution that has significant potential to solve humanity’s most pressing problems. After a rigorous vetting process by the Buckminster Fuller Institute’s multi-disciplinary review team, which included an in-depth interview, followed by a review by a distinguished jury, the Tamera Water Retention Landscape was chosen from a pool of 122 of entries from around the world, to be one of only four Finalists this year. It is featured in BFI’s Idea Index and the Buckminster Fuller Challenge Website. more

Community Architecture

New Houses for Tamera

From March 29th-April 1st 60 architecture students from Darmstadt (Germany) and Lisbon visited Tamera. This study time was initiated by Professor Carl Fingerhuth from Switzerland. The students had the task to learn about the basic principles of Tamera, to study the landscape conditions and the ecological and social conditions set by the community, and to design architectural projects for communal living. They focused on the co-worker areas of the Testfield 1 and of the Country House (Landhaus). more

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The thinking of the future must make war impossible. (Albert Einstein)

An Invitation to the Basic Education of the Global Campus in Tamera, Portugal

We invite you to a comprehensive study of the question: Why and how can the earth be healed. In 2012 we stand in front of the collapse of the systems that have essentially determined our lives. What is next? The question of what is a realistic perspective for the future has never been as urgently necessary as it is today. more

Water and Hope in the Holy Land

A report from the International Water Symposium, Jericho

The idea and the vision of Water Retention Landscapes as a solution for desertification in the Middle East was presented to around 120 people, mostly from Israel-Palestine, at the International Water Symposium that took place at St Gerassimos Monastery, near Jericho, last Sunday 25th March. Hosted by the Peace Research Village Middle East (PRV-ME) and organised in cooperation with the Tamera Peace Research Centre in Portugal, the event was charged with the eager curiosity of the participants who wanted to learn more about this bold vision for water abundance in the region's desert landscapes.  more

Tamera Water Retention Landscape Selected as a Semi-Finalist for the 2012 Buckminster Fuller Challenge

The 22nd of March is the International Day of Water.  Some facts: In September 2010, the UN has made water to a human right. Still more than 1 billion people have no access to sufficient clean drinking water.  1,8 million children die every year because of diseases caused by unsufficient drinking water. For making space for the 45.000 large dams worldwide 40 to 60 million people have lost their homes. There are alternatives which show how to overcome the worldwide water crisis. Water itself shows us the way how to make a change. The Tamera Water Retention Landscape - which has been built since 2007 with the help of Sepp Holzer - has been named a 2012 Semi-Finalist in the Buckminster Fuller Challenge. The Challenge supports "the development and implementation of a whole systems-based solution that has significant potential to solve humanity’s most pressing problems." more

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10 Years "Place of the Children" in Tamera

The children’s project at “Place of the Children“ in Healing Biotopes 1 in Tamera, celebrates its 10 anniversary. Led by Gabriele Brüggemann and Oskar Eckmann, a team of pedagogues and learning facilitators works out and explores new ways of learning and the building of a children’s community. more

The Tamera Guest and Student Season Starts in March 2012

The main intention of the Tamera community for this year is, to bring forward Tamera as a Peace University, to aquire knowledge for us, for guests and students from all over the world. The student´s and guest´s season 2012 starts in March. Here you find more information and the table of events. more

Three months of the Peace Research Village in the Holy Land, and an invitation to join the group for a month of community-building education

A report by the PRV-ME group in Israel-Palestine

The core group of the Peace Research Village in the Middle East (PRV-ME), after several years of peacework and community-building training in Tamera, left for Israel-Palestine last November in our first major step towards the establishment of a Peace Research Village in the Holy Land. Now, three months later, the group have made remarkable progress and the vision of a healing biotope in this crisis area has come significantly closer to realisation. more

Tamera Water Retention Landscape in Buckminster Fuller Challenge 2012

Colos, Portugal: Feb. 14, 2012

The “Water Retention Landscape Team” led by Bernd Walter Mueller, Silke Paulick and Christoph Ulbig is proud to announce that we have taken on the Buckminster Fuller Challenge. We encourage all our cooperation partners, supporters and friends to participate in our project by joining BFI's online community. Please visit the BFI website and submit your comments: more

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Visiting Philip Munyasia in Kenia

Peace Journalist Leila Dregger is traveling in Africa, where she also visited Philip Munyasia in Kitale (Kenia). She supported him to find further visions for the growing of his ecological project OTEPIC. She has sent a first report of her impressions:
 “I am full of impressions of my first days in Kenya. It seems as if ages have passed since I arrived in Nairobi four days ago (...). 
 Kitale. Great joy to see Philip! (...) One can hardly imagine the poverty, especially in Philips' living environment and neighbourhoods - but not the creativity and cohesion of the people either. Huts made of mud and tin. Lanes in which the wastewater flows. Everything is brown and gray from the soot and dirt that arises when making charcoal and bricks - one of the few ways to earn some money. (...) And then - in the midst of the narrowness, the stench and the filth - a piece of green paradise - Philips garden.“ more

To be a Guest or Student in Tamera in 2012:

Dear guests, network partners and visitors!

Thank you for your interest in Tamera! Until the end of January 2012 we are in an intensive community time which we will use to consider and work with the many issues lying in front of us and to work with the many things which want to be seen and connected in the right way in such times of transformation. This process needs time. At the moment we can therefore only give the first few key dates for 2012. We will continue add to this during the next weeks. Please repeatedly check here or register for our newsletter to be informed about all current developments. more

Auroville hit by a Cyclone

The Tamera Community sends greetings of solidarity to Auroville. On December 30th, the "Universal City", founded 40 years ago by Sri Aurobindo in Southern India, was severely hit by a cyclone. Many people lost their homes. 70 % of the forest, which the inhabitants have planted for decades with much love, was destroyed. The catastrophies which we expect in these times of transformation also hit projects which develop alternatives. We wish and hope and want to help that the planetary community grows together more and more, that we join forces and learn to cooperate with nature and with each other in a way that all those desasters at the end lead to new and powerful beginnings.
For the first measures Auroville needs money. We ask all who can to help and contribute with a donation. more

Tamera Newsletter for the New Year 2012

"2012: The Mayan date represents a planetary shift in consciousness. We are facing a cosmic opportunity; a huge door is opening."

Dear friends worldwide,
We greet the peoples of the Earth. We greet the groups on all continents preparing the new age. We greet the newly developing planetary community. We are in a huge cosmic transformation. The great peace of which we have dreamt so long without avail can now be fulfilled if humanity remembers its sources and builds its culture on new foundations. This process is already taking place."
These sentences mark the beginning of the text "Beyond 2012" written by Dieter Duhm some years ago. Now, the time has come.  We are approaching the year that has become a symbol for the necessity of global change - and also for the growing possibility that the worldwide peace initiatives will join forces to connect to a planetary community for the cooperative co-existence of all beings. It is clear that such a year has to be well prepared.  This winter serves as a time for us in Tamera to set the course for really becoming a global model and a school for the future. The community of coworkers, guests and students, as well as the whole network, shall be able to take part in peace training which will enable us to develop an overall worldwide alternative, consisting of many decentralized models in the different regions of the world. Read the Newsletter: more

The new “Big South Lake” comes alive

With every walk to the South Valley of Tamera, we are moved by the vastness and beauty of this new space, fresh and blossoming with life. In gentle curves, the dam, the large new terraces and slopes are nestling into the land. They form and surround the new retention space, which is now gradually filling with water. The first seedlings are germinating, and they cover the whole with a downy green mantle. We deeply thank all the forces that helped and supported these successes! more

Peace Massages and Peace Messages

Colombia and UK

This Christmas, the cosmetic company Lush has a new product: They produce "Peace massage bars" made by cocoa butter from the Colombian Peace Village San José de Apartadó, a close partner project of Tamera. Lush: "We decided to use our trade to helpsupport their difficult position in the region. Caught in the crossfire of abrutal 40 year civil war, the community strive to break the cycle of violence and refuse to bear arms or take part in the prolific drugs trade in the area." On their website, Lush also offers a very easy and safe form to write e-mails directly to the fax machine of the Colombian president, asking him to stop the violence and to protect the peace community. For peace in Colombia, you can do two easy things: Give peace massages and send peace messages. more

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“Water Retention Landscapes as an Answer to Desertification and Globalization”

Second International Water Symposium in Tamera

April 27th (9 am) – 29th (3 pm), 2012 Tamera has invited water specialists and policy makers of many countries. Examples like the water retention landscape of Tamera shall show how desertification can be reversed and the water cycle in all climate zones of the Earth can be cured. Among the speakers are: Sepp Holzer, permaculture specialist and rebel farmer from Austria, who supports groups building water retention landscapes in many countries, Rajendra Singh, the "Water Gandhi" who has built hundreds of lakes in Rajasthan, John D. Liu, a film maker who accompanies large scale landscape healing projects in China and the USA, Madjid Abdellaziz, founder of Desert Greening, Algeria, Nora van Cauwenbergh, UNESCO, Belgium, Martin Vilela, Fundación Agua Sustentable, Bolivia, Catherine Austin-Fitts, economy specialist and many others. more

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9th of November: Global Grace Day 2011.

Six years ago, Sabine Lichtenfels, co-founder of Tamera,started the Global Grace Day. Worldwide, people come together to celebrate this day with meditations, performances, cultural and peace actions. Global Grace Day reminds us that all walls of separation will fall one day, the walls between individuals and those between nations. And it reminds us of the quality of Grace the peace-creating power of self change. To all those who want to take part: Here you can find the meditation text in many languages. more

PRV Middle East: A time of serving and vision building

The group of Israelis, Palestinians, and Internationals who have the vision to create a Peace Research Village in the Middle East and, toward this goal, have spent several years of community training in Tamera, will go to Israel for half a year from November on.  more

Tamera Solar, the first step was taken.

In October, our Ground Service Team installed a big photovoltaic solar energy facility. It was the first step to manifest the renewed energy concept for Tamera. From now on we can cover half of our electricity need with solar power.   more

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United for Global Change

Tamera sends greetings to all those who walk today on the streets to manifest a global system change.

Today the movement goes global: What started in Tunesia and Egypt, then moved on to Madrid, Chile, Tel Aviv and New York, has become a global uprising. Hundred thousands of people of all generations state loud and clear that they no longer want to be part of the system. Maybe a concrete utopia for a new society has never been as necessary as today. 

For 30 years, Tamera has been working on the questions: What will come after the breakdown of the large systems? What vision is stronger then the systems of domination and violence? Let us come together and work together to make this revolution a success. We 99% will be successful when we find a common perspective.

More: Tamera-Manifest

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We are planting the future: 1000 trees for the South Valley!

The "Big South Lake" of Tamera: the construction time has finished, now the tree planting season starts.

On September 30th 2011 the main work of the construction of the "Big South Lake", inspired by Permaculture expert Sepp Holzer, was finished. Those who now walk onto the earthen dam and let their view travel around the South Valley see – with a little bit of imagination – paradise approaching: banks and gardens, edible landscapes and fruit trees. A paradise that needs mainly seeds and trees from us for its completion. We are looking for donors for the trees.

Read more - and slideshow of the construction site

A Vision Becomes Reality

October 1st 2011, Update of Jeff Anderson´s Construction Site Weblog

Yesterday, three months after work first began on Tamera's new large water retention space, the intensive building and landscaping work accompanied by the constant clatter and roar of the big machines came to an end, and what began as a vision held deep within the hearts of a few individuals could be witnessed as a fully manifested reality of earth and stone. While some detailed finishing work remains to be completed, and the winter rains that will start to fill the retention space are still to come, the building team can now happily and proudly say to themselves “We did it!”  more

Wangari Maathai

26th of September

We greet the soul of Wangari Mathaai. Professor Wangari Mathaai from Kenya, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, admired and persecuted for her clear words to the establishment and her commitment in planting trees as a direct mean and a symbol for social justice, conservation of nature and biodiversity, a fighter for regional independence of farmers in a world of globalisation, a fighter for women´s rights in a male dominated society, died yesterday evening. We will always remember her as a courageous and committed woman, who knew how to fight peacefully, but also how to love and to laugh from a big and open woman´s heart. May many people - in particular women - take on her legacy and make her vision of a free Africa come true.

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New Micro-Biogas Plant

First flame

Together with the urban planner and energy activist T. H. Culhane from the US, the participants of the Global Campus built a new, small biogas plant within three days and finished another one that had been started last year. With the organic kitchen waste of just one day, enough gas for nine hours of cooking can be produced. This way the solar kitchen can be complemented with a biogas driven stove at night or during rainy days. The photo shows the first biogas flame on last Sunday night.   more

Tamera Presents: Decentralized Solutions for Regions with Water Stress

Water Specialists from many Countries Met for a Water Symposium in Tamera

From 12 to 14 August, water specialists and decision makers from ten countries met for a Water Symposium in Tamera. Among them were the Bolivian ambassador to Germany, Walter Prudencio Magne Veliz, and Sepp Holzer, ecological visionary and mountain farmer from Austria. The aim was to explore the benefits and chances of decentralized and natural water management systems. more

"Water is Life." New video with Sepp Holzer and Bernd Müller

Peace Community cocoa beans to Lush

Helping San José de Apartadó to become financially more independant

The Cosmetics Producer Lush (UK) has been using cacao beans from the peace community  San José de Apartadó in Columbia since summer. For the peace community this is a step into economic independence. Paulo Mellet, a Lush scout had met members of the Peace Community while participating in a peace education of Tamera.  more

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Last week of the Global Campus

3rd of September. last Update of the Global Campus Weblog

The last week of the Global Campus education period was as intensive as the previous ones in relation to the amount of knowledge that was shared both through the practical work on the construction of the new water retention space, which is still moving at full speed, and through the biogas and solar technology course conducted by specialists Jürgen Kleinwächter and Thomas “T. H.” Culhane. With T.H. we built a micro biogas plant for the Solar Village Test field which is already in use. (by Talita Soares) more

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European Voluntary Service (EVS) in Tamera.

Each year a few dozens of young people from all over Europe come to Portugal as European Volunteers. The EVS program of the EU takes over the basic costs. Three young women came to Tamera from mid 2010 until Mid 2011 as European Volunteers. more

Solar fruit dryer to help the Colombian peace community San José receive fair banana prices

byJulien Wagemann

During the peace training session of the Global Campus in Tamera, energy technologists and students built the prototype for a solar fruit dryer: With more advanced technology, it will eventually help the residents of the Peace Village of San Jose in Colombia to sell their bananas as a dried fruit to Europe and thus receive a fair price for their main product. more

Why love and sexuality have a key role in the research work of Tamera.

Basic thoughts by Tamera´s co-founder Dieter Duhm

The love between man and woman is one of the most beautiful things possible to experience on our earth. Nobody who is in this state of love can imagine that it will ever be over. All the same almost all love relations fail. Human society lives in a collective heartache. The area where we could experience the most beautiful is, for most, an area of deep disappointment, deep suffering, deep anger and often ultimate resignation. more

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Tamera Presents: Decentralized Solutions for Regions with Water Stress

Water Specialists from many Countries Met for a Water Symposium in Tamera

From 12 to 14 August, water specialists and decision makers from ten countries met for a Water Symposium in Tamera. Among them were the Bolivian ambassador to Germany, Walter Prudencio Magne Veliz, and Sepp Holzer, ecological visionary and mountain farmer from Austria. The aim was to explore the benefits and chances of decentralized and natural water management systems. more

Buen Vivir

by Walter Prudencio Magne Veliz, Bolivian Ambassador in Germany

Tamera is very happy about the significant Water Symposium that took place from 12 - 14 of August. Water experts of different countries shared their knowledge. Sepp Holzer and Bernd Mueller spoke about the water retention landscape as a possibility to heal the hydrological balance with decentral systems wordwide. We felt especially honoured by the participation of the Bolivian Ambassador in Germany, Walter Prudencio Magne Veliz. Here you can read his talk in the English translation.  more

Summer University 2011: A revolutionary calling by Talita Soares

Impressions of the Summer University 2011

"Why and how can the earth be healed?" About 300 peace workers from many countries gathered in Tamera, many of them young people willing to find the trigger point for a system change. They studied the theory and the practical knowledge of a model for the future. See the beautiful photos of an amazing festival for a better world. more

The "Sign" for Global Compassion

On Sunday, 24th of July, the community of Tamera erected the "sign" on the dam of Lake 1 - a piece of metal art. Like Ludwig Schramm stated in a matinee, it stands for "global compassion, for the absolute decision to end the suffering on earth and to protect life whereever you are."  more

GEN-conference: "Seeds of Hope in Times of Change"

Representatives of Ecovillages from Europe, Africa and the Middle East met in Tamera

From the 7th to the 11th of July, the annual conference of GEN Europe took place in Tamera: More than 200 representatives of ecovillages and community seekers from 35 nations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa came to connect and to think about common strategies and projects. The big topic was the necessity in these times of change to make the experience of this diverse movement accessable for many. more

New Video about the SolarVillage Testfield in Tamera

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August 2011 in Tamera:Events around the issue of the Healing of Water Cycles

with Sepp Holzer and Bernd Müller

The global scarcity of water, the food crisis, desertification, floods all over the world and large fires are not “natural catastrophes” but the result of water mismanagement. The ecological and technological knowledge of how to supply all people on planet earth with high quality drinking water, with sufficient food and with sustainable energy is currently available.  more

Soldiers sentences for murders in San José de Apartadó


For many years, members of the peace community San José de Apartadó - a close cooperation partner of Tamera - have been persecuted and murdered by paramilitary, guerilla and even soldiers, the perpetrators were not accused. This seems to have changed. A group of soldiers was sentenced to 30 years in prison for killing a member of the peace community San José de Apartadó in 2006.  more

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Hope for Colombia

Film is ready

Hope for Colombia, the 53-minute film about the GRACE Pilgrimage in Bogotá in November 2010 produced by Raphael Buenaventura is ready. The premiere took place in Tamera. The film is a portrait of impressive peace activists. It is a film that touches us and awakens in us a hope to construct a different future even in difficult situations like Columbia. We wish that the film spreads widely. The producer is still searching for financial support for the distribution of the documentary and for places where screenings can be organized. From mid July on the film can be seen in full for free at:


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Ecovillages and Sustainable Living Conference 2011

7. Jul 2011 - 11. Jul 2011 in Tamera

Now you can register: This GEN conference will give participants a deeper understanding of cutting edge developments of the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN), focusing on GEN-Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Opportunities will be provided to learn about and practice facilitation methods and pedagogies used during the conference (experiential learning, action learning, participatory learning, incorporating the wisdom and diversity of participants). This year there will be a special focus on the dimension of education. more



"People in Europe wake up, let´s make a better life, let´s talk, let´s meet, let´s change everything." We greet all the young people of all cities in Europe who meet on this day and tell the world that we have to change. With all our friendship and solidarity we send you words and thoughts for a perspective. How could life go on after the breakdown of the mega systems?


My heart opens in the knowledge that we can restore the earth

By Maddy Harland, publisher of the Permaculture Magazine

"It is almost unbelievable that in such an arid landscape, so much water can be collected.  The whole landscape is being reaquified. My heart opens in the knowledge that we can restore the earth. This story must be a part of our new narrative." Maddy and Tim Harland, publishers of the Permaculture Magazine (UK) were in Tamera where they met Sepp Holzer. Here you can read Maddy´s impressions.


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Education in Ecological Future Knowledge

12.-17. August: Praxis Seminar in Holzer´s Permaculture with Sepp Holzer in Tamera

"Holzer´s Permaculture is landscape design in a larger dimension. Correct the mistakes of past, enable the symbiosis of mutual effects, let nature work, reestablish natural cycles." (Sepp Holzer) -  Languages: German, English, further languages upon request. -  more

Regards to a Generation in Movement: May Portugal become a Role Model for the World

We send greetings to Portugal and its young awakening generation. The day of 25th April reminds us of Portugal's revolutionary power: It was 37 years ago, when the country shook off a decade-long dictatorship within a few days and put an end to centuries of colonial rule. Now Portugal itself is supposed to become a colony, a colony of the EU. This does not correspond to the power of this country.  more

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Participate Now: Help for Colombia, Protection for San José de Apartadó!

This is an urgent call for support. The inhabitants of the Peace Community San José de Apartadó, with whom we have been and are connected in deep friendship and intense cooperation for years, need our help now. The Colombian Peace Community is again massively under threat on various levels. In such situations we've often experienced that international attention can save the live of innocent people. Giving a few minutes of our time can have an important effect. (Here you find the link to the urgent action of Amnesty International. Please choose the window: English, German or French)


Permaculture Water Landscape: Plans for 2011

 In 2011, Tamera wants to build five more large water retention areas in order to manifest a basic model against desertification. The lakes will be built in cooperation with the permaculture specialist Sepp Holzer. Some construction sites will also be training projects for people from many parts of the world who want practical learning in effective collaboration with nature. The plans have been made and the ecology team is ready to implement them. Everyone who can support this important work is very welcome here. 


Last Call: Basic Education “Creating Models for a Peaceful Culture”

May 2 – June 12, 2011

Six weeks of peace study, in theory and practice. The course teaches the basic concepts needed for the development of peace villages, using Tamera as an example. 


Sabine Lichtenfels´ Plans for 2011

Grace Foundation

This year, Sabine Lichtenfels will focus her strength and attention on Tamera, so that it will become the first completely developed base-station and training center for the worldwide Global Campus. The Grace Foundation therefore supports the manifestation of the following projects:
The school of female peace knowledge, the expansion of the water landscape in Tamera and expansion of the SolarVillage TestField. 


Solar Power Village Selected as a Semi-Finalist for the 2011 Buckminster Fuller Challenge

Jürgen Kleinwächter's Solar Power Village project - in which Tamera Peace Research Center plays a central role - has made the cut to be one of twenty-one 2011 Semi-Finalists in the Buckminster Fuller Challenge, the prestigious annual design science competition named "Socially-Responsible Design's Highest Award" by Metropolis Magazine. The Challenge awards $100,000 to support the development and implementation of a whole systems-based solution that has significant potential to solve humanity’s most pressing problems. Barbara Kovats, SolarVillage coordinator in Tamera, said: "We are honored to be among the semi-finalists in our joint initiative of the Solar Power Village. These technologies - developed by the genius of a yet largely unknown inventor - are truly revolutionary and - as far as I know - unique in todays world. As they offer a realistic and profound prospect of genuine relief to many areas of acute suffering on earth, we decided to include them into the overall framework of Tamera in Portugal and the Global Campus worldwide already years ago. Winning the BFI prize would allow the project to take a powerful step forward in its manifestation now." more

Our Heart is with the Artist and Peace Activist Juliano Mer-Khamis

Killed in Jenin on April, 4th

Tamera greets the soul of Juliano Mer-Khamis who was murdered yesterday in Jenin, West Bank. Mer-Khamis was a well-known Israeli-Palestinian actor, director and peace activist, who 5 years ago founded “The Freedom Theatre” in Jenin, there he directed drama school and community theatre.

His radical life and his dedication for freedom and peace annoyed both the Israeli authorities and extremists Muslims. Mer-Khamis was born to a Jewish mother and an Arab father, crossing borders of national identity since he was a child. He served in the Israeli army as a paratrooper and made a deep change in his life by deciding to bring his talent of theatre to Palestine, and to continue the creative education work of his mother Arna in Jenin.

We, co-workers of Tamera community and students of Monte Cerro peace education who volunteered in “The Freedom Theatre” in 2007, send our condolences to his family and friends, and express our commitment to keep on transforming violence, oppression and anger into art. The murder of Mer-Khamis is a sad reminder for the urgent need to keep on working on establishment of new social structures and models of peace culture which is not bound into the fear and mistrust from which his murderers were acting. May his soul be protected and may we, the one who stayed here, will remember our life task. More about “The Freedom Theatre”:


FREE LIU XIAOBO: Worldwide Reading in Tamera

20th March 2011

In Tamera, like on many other places worldwide, readings of texts by the Chinese Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo took place today, an initiative of the "internationales literaturfestival berlin". Liu Xiaobo is an author and one of China's leading dissidents. In 1989 he belonged to the circle of intellectuals and artists who awakened the hope for a free China at the Tiananmen Square in Beijing. He has served several year-long jail terms ever since and is currently sentenced for eleven years as he co-authored "Charter 08", an appeal for human rights.  


Spring in the SolarVillage Testfield

18th March 2011

The sound of 'Heartbeat of the Future', the soft rhythm of the SunPulse Electric, can be heard across the Testfield for the first time this season. The new technology core-team has set up the Testfield and the solar kitchen, with hot oil cooking, for the coming sunny season. The SunPulse Electric, and also the SunPulse Water, are low-temperature Stirling engines developed by Jürgen Kleinwächter. They are powered by the sun, driven by the temperature difference between cool water and either direct solar radiation or solar-heated vegetable oil. Together they pump water and provide electrical energy – currently 1.5kW electrical output – thereby offering an exploitation-free model solution for decentralized energy provision which can easily be produced without the need for heavy industry or high technology. The SolarVillage team is on facebook, as “Tamera Solar Village”, where the latest information is available. We welcome contact from geistig, flexible and technically competent cooperation partners!

More details of our intentions for the coming year can be found here:


International Women´s Day

8th of March 2011

We great and congratulate all women in the world for the 100th International Women´s Day - for our strength and beauty. We great all women who even in the most difficult situations won´t forget: There won´t be peace in the world as long as there is war in love. The women of Tamera chose a special text for this day. Enjoy - and pass it on to your friends. more

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The "South-Sea” is full

Looking for sponsors for the finalizing of the Tamera Water Landscape

Last autumn, one more retention space was built in the southern valley of Tamera - the South Valley Lake or “South Sea”. Abundant winter rainfall had already filled the lake by the beginning of January. Its shores are designed in the form of terraces with rather large agricultural areas for vegetable and fruit production. We have been able to harvest vegetables there throughout all of this past winter. Above the South Sea valley, a swamp zone basin was built. The basin is surrounded by an alluvial forest which serves as a living space for animals and as a water plant nursery. more

"A New World Wants to be Born"

Martin Almada, recipient of the Alternative Nobel Prize from Paraguay, in Tamera

"There is an old system that is not ready to die, and there is a new system that can not be born. Tamera can help the old system to finally end and a new one to be born," said Martin Almada, 74, the Paraguayan activist for solar energy and human rights and recipient of the Right Livelihood Award, during his trip to Europe at the peace research project Tamera at the end of January. The attorney knows from experience how quickly one can become a public enemy. As a socially and culturally engaged school director, he was tortured by the military dictatorship of his country, convicted as an "intellectual terrorist" and imprisoned. more

Events and Seminars in Tamera 2011

The guest season in Tamera will start in March. As Tamera focuses on the ongoing development of the peace model, the events and courses offered will focus the same theme.
A warm welcome to researchers, thinkers, visionaries, doers and utopists who want to cooperate and research new solutions – for a future without war. more

New Audio Book: Sources of Love and Peace

Morning Prayers by Sabine Lichtenfels

This new audio book, produced in the Aula of Tamera, is based on morning meditations by Sabine Lichtenfels which she received and wrote in spring 1999. They are published in her book “Sources of Love and Peace”(Publishing House Meiga). The book contains 52 meditations, nine of them are read out in the audio book and accompanied by meditation music, among them: "I Am Always Here", "The Source", "There are no Enemies". The audibook can be ordered at Meiga Publishing House:
Here you can listen to one morning prayer here. We wish you a beautiful listening experience! more

Dr. Martín Almada To Visit Tamera

Paraguayan Human Right's Advocate and Alternative Nobel Prize Laureate

After receiving a human right's award in Madrid, Martín Almada will visit Tamera from the 20th till 22nd of January to see possible ways of cooperation. He is a lawyer from Paraguay who became - as a dissident of the military dictatorship in 70es and 80es - one of the leaders of the resistance movement in his country. He documented and fought for justice for thousands of assassinations and torture cases under several Latin American dictactorships. Honoring his fight against impunity he was awarded the Alternative Nobel Prize in 2002 - besides that he is one of South America's leading activists for alternative solar energy. About the life of Martín Almada: more

"The Ecological Village that wants to revitalize the Alentejo"

Article about the ecology of Tamera, in the current issue of Publica, a popular magazine in Portugal. (In Portuguese) more

Review – a group of Tamera visits the Peace community 'San Jose de Apartado' in Colombia

By Uri Ayalon

Following the Grace Pilgrimage in Bogota from the 30th of October to the 9th of November a smaller group of participants continued on to visit the peace community San Jose de Apartado. The international group, 22 people from 9 different countries, was led by Vera Kleinhammes from Tamera. After walking together for 10 days through the streets of Bogotá, the two peace communities met in Mulatos – a centre of vision of the Peace Community San Jose de Apartado and a station of the Global Campus, in the middle of the jungle. more

Retrospective Tamera 2010


In 2010 the necessity to build models at acupuncture points around the world became palpable.It was as if the world asked us at Tamera: Are you a model for the future yet? Are you now a place we can come and study what a socially and ecologically sustainable civilization would look like on a small scale? This year the Basic Education and Global Campus attracted more people and more nationalities than ever before, including many people engaged in the process of creating their own projects and models. As a result, we at Tamera take on this challenge to set a new course, to find the content, organization and structure for such a future model. more


Words from a new generation

In solidarity to the people from Sharek Youth Forum in Gaza we publish their manifesto:
Fuck Hamas. Fuck Israel. Fuck Fatah. Fuck UN. Fuck UNWRA. Fuck USA! We, the youth in Gaza, are so fed up with Israel, Hamas, the occupation, the violations of human rights and the indifference of the international community! We want to scream and break this wall of silence, injustice and indifference more

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Political Network

A White Christmas for the Colombian President


After the Grace Pilgrimage through Bogotá we ask all friends of the Peace Village San José de Apartadó to send the Colombian president a Christmas letter. Thousands of letters shall offer him a White Christmas and remind him to protect the human rights. He shall know, that the peace community has friends in the whole world and that they are worth to be protected against false accusations.
Here you find our letter in Spanish and the translations in English and German. Please download it, add your address and name, print it and send it via post to the address which you find in the Spanish letter or the Colombian embassy in your country. Thank you and Happy Christmas. (If you click on "more" you find the letters of the pilgrims.) more

Gloria Cuartas: A courageous defender of human rights

Institute for Global Peace Work, 22nd of October 2010

"We can no longer remain silent in regard of the accusations our longstanding friend, the Colombian oppositional politician and awarded former peace mayor of Apartadó, Gloria Cuartas is confronted with: They say she would cooperate with the Guerilla, she even only became the mayor of the city Apartadó through the help of the guerilla. These accusations are absurd and turn the truth upside down." more

9th November 2010: Join the Global Grace Day!

“Ending Violence, Creating Models for Peace”

Dear friends all over the world!
we want to invite you to take part in this years' Global Grace Day on 9th November. The Global Grace Day is an initiative by a growing movement of individuals all over the world. The movement is not to be identified with a specific group or organization; it is an expanding movement of women and men who have started to develop the quality of Grace in their hearts. You will recognize them not by their signs and signals, but by the way they behave, act and talk. more

Tamera-Newsletter October 2010

The October newsletter of Tamera gives you an overview about the current situation and processes of Tamera and its worldwide network. You can order to receive the newsletter regularly at info(at) or open the current newsletter here: more

The "South Lake" is Finished

By Malika Cieremans

The South Valley of Tamera has undergone a major change. The construction site for the new lake has been completed. After the next winter rains, another water retention area (the fourth) will enrich the landscape and allow the establishment of food and forest habitats. Thus, a further part of the emerging water landscape has been completed - a model for the treatment of regions that are threatened by desertification. Here is the report of a permaculture intern more

A New Book: Tamera - a Model for the Future

Published in September 2010

On Saturday, September 4th, the peace research center Tamera held an open invitation for the launching of Leila Dregger's new book: "Tamera - A Model For The Future." For about 250 friends, visitors and co-workers, it became a day of celebration dedicated to a better future more

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"Green Phoenix Rising"

Schweibenalp, Switzerland

From 24 to 26 Sept. 2010 the eco-conference at Schweibenalp in the Bern Oberland was held. 30 scientists and practitioners from four continents and nearly 100 participants discussed the possibilities to act in a healing and effective way in the perspective of the global crisis. Tamera presented its model for the future. more

Stepping out of the system of violence - creating models for peace

GRACE Pilgrimage 2010 in Colombia

Together with the peace village San José de Apartadó and Padre Javier Giraldo, Sabine Lichtenfels will lead a pilgrimage in Bogotá from the 1st to the 9th of November 2010. The pilgrimage will travel through power places and places of conflict in the surroundings of the capital, in order to unite peace iniatives from around the world and to give a signal of hope for Colombia. The peace village San José de Apartadó is a seed of hope for the whole country and could become a model for reconciliation in South America. However, the peace community is still relatively unknown within the country. One of the goals of this pilgrimage is to help changing this, as well as being an experience of reconciliation and reflection, as every Grace Pilgrimage has been. more

Tamera's Summer University inspires a new perspective on life

A review by Uri Ayalon, organizer

Under the title “Tamera – Test Field for a New Culture” more than 400 people gathered in Tamera for 10 days of studying, celebrating and researching a new cultural model for our planet. This Summer University, the 16th that has been held in the peace research centre Tamera, was special in the variety of guests who attended it and in the sacred spaces which were created again and again in the meeting point between the different cultures and perspectives. more

Growing a healthy future in Kenya

by Malika Cieremans

A dream is coming true in Kenya for more and more village farmers. From a marginal life without much hope for a better future, the OTEPIC directed by Philip Munyasia is bringing knowledge, empowerment and joy to the communities. Philip is presently studying in Tamera. more

12 days to go until the Summer University!

July 13th

Tamera is in the last stage of inner and outer preparation for the 16th Summer University, this year with the theme: "Tamera - Test Field for a New Culture". In two weeks the global think-tank will start with hundreds of participants from more than 20 countries, including Brazil, Mexico, Ireland, Russia, India, Israel, Palestine, France, Spain, Italy, Kenya, Ecuador, Korea and Ukraine. Already, almost 100 students in total are currently taking part in the three-month Basic Semester of the Monte Cerro Peace Education and in a special one-month leadership course, which together form part of an education program that is supporting several groups from around the world who wish to establish new peace communities. The atmosphere in Tamera is moving as if there was a whole-summer Summer University going on! more

The community of Tamera is in deep grief.


On Friday, July 9th, one of the students of Tamera, Mr. Teet Kiipus from Estonia drowned while bathing in the big lake of Tamera. The exact circumstances of the accident are unknown. However he could not swim and on this day he nevertheless dared to go into the lake. As soon as his companions noticed his disappearance they began to search for him with the help of many members of the community.

The diving team from the fire brigades of the region - Odemira and Aljustrel - where called to the scene in the shortest possible time and they managed to find his body after some hours of search.

Our prayers accompany him at this moment. We pray especially for his family and friends. May his soul be enlightened!

The community of Tamera.

Global Learning with Sepp Holzer in Tamera

by Linda Parfenoviča, Lettland

Sepp Holzer an Austrian permaculturist specialising in waterlandscapes returned to Tamera to give a permaculture seminar in the beginning of June. Interest in Holzer`s permaculture and aquaculture is growing. People from 13 countries participated in the seminar, including Palestine, Israel, Ecuador, Brazil, Kenya, Mexico, Latvia, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and USA. This variety represents the diversity of our planet and reflects the urgent need for solutions to increasing global problems, such as desertification, drought, poverty and starvation. more

Stone Circle Completed

96 Stones representing archetpyes

The communal work of art is complete. The Stone Circle in Tamera has received 31 more stones. Rather like a miracle, one action melted into the next. Those who now enter the Stone Circle will experience the feeling of a cosmic peace community. 96 archetypes are now standing there in communal complementation and representing the cycles of life. more

Tamera´s Animal Defenders have resumed their work

„Animals have a soul“

After a long and wet winter in which the streets have been impassable the work of the Animal Defenders has resumed. Some years ago the Animal Defenders group has been founded as a reaction to the situation of the animals in the neighborhood. Sometimes dogs are chained much too short. Often water, food and shadow or rain shields are missing. Over and over again injured sheeps and goats are found. more

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Water is Life: How to Make South Europe Fertile Again.

Open Saturday in Tamera

On Saturday, about 150 visitors from all over Portugal came to get to know Tamera, his water landscape and the solar technology of the test field. The next Open Saturday will be on July, 31st, during our Summer University. more

Beyond 2012

Opening of the School 2012

In order to strengthen the power of vision for a future without war, Dieter Duhm founded the „School of the Future“. The school works worldwide with all groups who wish to join. All those who participate in the school study in the same rhythm the same thoughts and texts which are sent out once a month. We invite everybody to participate in this school and work with the texts. The first study text, written by Dieter Duhm, is titled „Beyond 2012“. Here you can read it in several languages and watch the video. more

The next lake is to be developed in Summer in the south valley

The construction of the water landscape continues

The next step for this is planned for this summer: the building of a retention basin on a higher altitude, in the south valley. Around this new lake new agricultural areas will be established on terraces and large high beds will be built. On these high beds, plants can be sown already in autumn. Therefore they are an important next step toward food self-sufficiency of Tamera. more

Success for the Tent of Nations

Update from June 3rd

Due to international protests the Supreme Court reacted surprisingly fast: Daoud Nassar, owner of the Tent of Nations, one of the most important meeting places for peace in the Westbank, had a first success: The Israeli Court accepted his protest against the demolition of the Tent of Nations. Now the military has six weeks time to justify their plans. Read Daoud´s letter here. more

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Peace education - Global Campus in Tamera

For the EDE course (Ecovillage Design Education) and the following months of peace education, we expect participants from Guatemala, Ecuador, Columbia, Mexico, USA, Brazil, South Africa, Palestine, Portugal and other countries. For many of them, the relevant, profound and complex education and training offer the possibility not only of a change in perspective for their own lives, but also very real solutions for their families, neighbourhoods, communities and organisations. Knowledge and training is empowerment, and for those who experience the very daily reality of conflict and violence it is also a matter of survival. We thank all those peace workers who have committed themselves already to completing the Monte Cerro peace education. 
To support more and more peace workers from crisis areas to take part in this education we need financial support. The study fund is managed by Kate Bunney. more

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Nature Cathedrale

New Project of Sabine Lichtenfels

In Tamera, a special place for the connection with Mother Earth is being built. A core project of Sabine Lichtenfels and her team is the foundation of a spiritual core in Tamera, a place for consciousness, for the purpose of bringing into expression the spiritual connection between human beings, nature and all its creatures. more

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An experimental biogas plant

for the SolarVillage-Field Test in Tamera

Eight months after the opening of the SolarVillage-test field in Tamera a new module is built, which will enable a self-sufficient energy supply for a village year round: a biogas plant. It will run the kitchen in the winter rainy season in the months where direct solar power often is not sufficient. more

The Permaculture waterlandscape grows – Living drinking water through a ringduct

June 2010

During this year the waterlandscape, which the Tamera ecologists are realizing together with Sepp Holzer, will be further established. Several water retention basins and a ringduct are being planned. This idea of the supply of clear and living drinking water came to Sepp Holzer in a dream. „Water is a living being. A living being which does not move, dies. Water that has been kept for too long in bottles and pipes and cannot accumulate new information, loses all vital powers.” more

Peace in the Middle-East: Palestines open up for the trauma of the Holocaust.

Christ at Checkpoint

For reconciliation, sometimes it is needed to look deeply into the soul of the so-called enemy or occupier in order to comprehend and understand his pain. Sami Awad, peace-worker and teacher for non-violent resistance in Bethlehem and founder of the Holy Land Trust, spoke on the occasion of the conference „Christ at Checkpoint“ about his observation of the extermination of the Jews. more

Claiming the Holy Land

Non-violent action during Palm Sunday

Palestine-Israel are often referred to as the Holy Land – however, the Israeli government decided to make it impossible for Palestinian Christians and Muslims to pray in the sacred sites. For the duration of the Easter celebrations, the whole Westbank has been blocked off. 200 Palestinians, Israelis and Internationals connected to the vision of the Holy Land, going on a March for Freedom on Palm Sunday, 28th of March. This is the day when Christians celebrate Jesu´s donkey ride into the city of Jerusalem. Christians from Bethlehem – among them Sami awad and other friends from the Holy Land Trust – together with children, horses and donkeys started to walk towards Jerusalem. more

“Favela Da Paz” - Future Sounds from São Paulo

Support the Global Campus education for the peace band “Poesia Samba Soul” in Tamera

“Many of my friends don't exist any more. I'm searching for something more attractive than violence, so that the youth no longer takes part in the drug war”, says Claudio Miranda about the reason for his work. He comes from Jardim Ângela, one of the favelas (Slums) of São Paulo, which the UN declared in the 90's as one of the most brutal neighbourhoods of the world. More than twenty years ago he began to gather friends to make music with cans; at this time real instruments were unreachable. more

Colombia: President Alvaro Uribe has Villages of the Embera Indians in Colombia Bombarded

By Richard Weixler / SOS Rrainforest

In the neighbourhood of the peace community San José de Apartadó, there are living Embera Indigenas. Some of their villages which are spread about North Colombia have been bombarded by helicopters. Our friend Richard Weixler who has been working with Embera for some years and had given them cameras to document the attacks gave a report about the background. We have photographs which show children who have been killed or injured by the attack. more

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Learning Permaculture with Sepp Holzer in Tamera

A two year´s experience

Learning Permaculture – Perceiving the Dream of the Landscape and Healing the Earth on the basis of the practical example of Tamera Two-Year-Training with Sepp Holzer The Austrian Mountain Farmer Sepp Holzer has incomparable knowledge in creating and designing healthy, self-sustainable biotopes in cooperation with nature. His talent is based on knowledge that he has been acquiring ever since he was a child through observation, through daily experience, through and trial and error. Is there a way to learn from such a “natural talent“? Yes, there is: We learn from him by accompanying him, listening to him and above all working with him in the daily challenges of nature. This opportunity is offered by Tamera's Holzer s Permaculture seminars. more

Limpar Portugal

March 20th, 2010

On March 20th, more than 40 people from Tamera took part in the countrywide cleaning day in the neighbouring villages Colos and Relíquias. There were part of 100.000 in whole Portugal to clean forests, streets and illegal dumps. more

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Colombia 2010: „Creating Models for the Future“

San José de Apartadó, 21st of February: Commemoration Day of the last massacre five years ago

20 co-workers and students from Tamera are in Colombia. From February 24th to March 5th, 2010 they lead a Peace Training specially for young Colombian peace workers within the framework of the „Global Campus“ (Tamera) and the „Universidad de Resistencia de Colombia“. It will be led by Sabine Lichtenfels and the Universidad de Resistencia of Colombia. This event will continue to deepen the first and successful Peace Education Meeting which was held in October 2008. Before that, on 21st of February, there is the fifth commemoration day of the killing of Luis Eduardo Guerra and other members of the Peace Community.
Here you find the diaries of Sabine Lichtenfels. more

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Political Network

Mulatos: In the rainforest of Colombia, a base of a planetary future community is created

The cooperation of the peace village San José de Apartadó and the peace research center Tamera in Portugal

San José de Apartadó is located in one of the most violent parts of Colombia. 1350 farmers and refugees came together 13 years ago and formed a peace community to resist displacement through non-violent means. They tolerate no weapons and no violence in their village and refuse to cooperate with any of the warring sides. Since its inception, nearly 200 members of their community have been killed. The murderers were soldiers, paramilitary troops and guerrillas. The reason: The land, located near the border of Panama, shall be freed in order to win resources and to create a trade route between North and South America. The peace community is one of countless examples of the victims of the global violence, which currently rages across the planet.
But the inhabitants continue. Their only protection is international attention, and for many years, they have been supported and accompanied by international groups, from Amnesty International, Peace Brigades International, the Red Cross and since 2005, also by Tamera.
Help now! Mulatos needs our protection. more

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Basic Peace Education at Global Campus Tamera

New Study Time from May 3rd to August 11th, 2010

The Earth is in transformation. Many initiatives and peace activists are working worldwide on perspectives for a peaceful future, for the survival of humankind on this planet. The next years will be decisive. Whether they succeed or not depends on two things - whether they also make the deep changes that they want to see in the world inside themselves, and whether they can bring together their knowledge for the creation of planetary peace-models which develop a complex solution and a global perspective for a peaceful way of living together for humans, animals and all beings. more

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The Friday Gong in Tamera

A weekly meditation for peace in the Middle East

Every Friday at ten o'clock the peace community in Portugal Tamera, stops the daily work and thoughts for two minutes of sending prayers to Israel-Palestine in order support the peace process in the region. The ritual, which is manifested by a strong gong that can reach the hundreds of people who live in the community, began six years ago, together with a group of peace workers who committed for a weekly peace prayer, every Friday in front of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. more

Summer University 2010: „Tamera – Testfield for a New Culture“

From July 26 to August 4, 2010

A Think-tank for global peacework and the worldwide development of peace models. Please read the invitation and forward it to interested people. The Summer University is an international meeting where you can see the full spectrum of Tamera´s peacework and get to know the network partners. more

Global Campus Colombia 2010

Within the Global Campus education program a youth meeting will take place in February 2010 in the peace village San José de Apartadó, Colombia.
The idea for the youth meeting was born after the Pilgrimage in Colombia in 2008 led by Sabine Lichtenfels and Padre Javier Giraldo, Colombia, and is intended as training in aspects of community building relevant to young people.
Creating models of living peace are at the heart of the work of both Tamera and the peace community. The meeting will focus on what aspects are necessary to create such models in crisis areas, to empower young people from all over the world, to create truth, trust and global solidarity and to learn about sustainable energy technology. The meeting will be led by young people from Tamera, the peace community of San José de Apartadó and the Universidad de Resistencia.
Sabine Lichtenfels will accompany the youth meeting and hold meetings with the core carriers of the peace village San José.
If you are able to financially support this youth meeting please use the donation button with keyword 'Colombia'.

More about the GRACE Pilgrimage in Colombia
More about the Peace Village San José de Apartadó


Best wishes for 2010

A night full of magic: At New Years Eve, there was full moon, lunar eclipse and the moment where for the first time the Permaculture water landscape of Tamera was full.
We wish all our friends and the whole world this abundance in any area you may wish. more

Retrospective 2009: Inspiration, Vision, and Achieving

One year in Tamera

Tamera gives thanks for an extraordinarily rich year 2009. It was a year in which one could learn how inspiration leads to vision building, and how a vision gathers different forces to achieve a common goal. In many fields there have been new initiatives, growth, and decisions. At the end of the year there was a pilgrimage which connected us in a new way with the country of Portugal, the Testfield inauguration of the SolarVillage, which drew a lot of public attention, and the Global Grace Day, which connected many young people in the world in a spirit of a new beginning and reconciliation. more

Theater tour in Portugal

From the 27th September to the 15th of October the "Place of the
Children" will be touring the theater play "A sombra Negra e o Enigma
da Princesa" through Portugal together with the GRACE Pilgrimage led
by Sabine Lichtenfels.

We will be performing at:

Centro de artes de Sines Auditório

08th October 2009

time: 17h30

Free Admission

269 860 080

Cine-Teatro, Odemira

13th October 2009

time: 21h30

Free Admission


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"Escola da Esperança" - School of Hope

Place of the Children

This is the name of the new traveling theater school of the children of Tamera. From the End of August to the end of September the whole team from the "Place of the Children", twenty children and fifteen adults, went on a theater tour throughout Switzerland and Germany. Their play is named: "The black Shadow and the Riddle of the Princess". The entire time, from the design of the play, the theater rehearsals, the production of costumes and stage settings right up to the preparation and the realization of the tour, was an intensive spell of learning in many subjects for all participants of all age brackets. In this way the vision of a "School of the Future" emerged. more

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Regional network for sustainability

An applicable vision for non-complicity with the system of violence

In Tamera, the first results can be seen after one year of intensive work in order to become independent from industrial and globalized products. Together with local organic farmers and regional producers, Tamera is developing a network for sustainability and autonomy in food production. The short term aim is to stop buying food from supermarkets by the end of 2010, and to produce all the electricity we need in a renewable way. The long term aim is to create a model for a society which no longer uses any goods for whose production people, animals or landscapes had to suffer.
photo: Nigel Dickinson more

9th of November, 2009: Global Grace Day!

"Grace is the power that may overcome all violence because it is at home in the hearts of all human beings.” Sabine Lichtenfels
Lisbon, Berlin, Moscow, Kathmandu, Sao Paulo, Nilgiri-Mountains, Bogotá, New York and many other places: The Global Grace Day was celebrated by many people in the world. The words of the meditation were heard on four continents. Here you can find images, video clips and texts. more

Inauguration of the Test Field for a SolarVillage

Decentralized Solar Energy in the Alentejo

On October 17th, Tamera dedicated the Test Field for a SolarVillage, a model village for testing decentralized solar technology in everyday life. Based on the results, a SolarVillage – self-sufficient in energy and food production – will be built later as the core of a research and training institute. Its inventor, Jürgen Kleinwächter from Lörrach, Germany, said, “Our dream is building the first worldwide Solar University here.” more

Video Test Field Inauguration

A short video clip from the day of the inauguration, interviews with Jürgen Kleinwächter, Paul Gisler and visitors. more

Reawakening the dream of Mother Earth

Report GRACE Pilgrimage 2009

The fourth Grace Pilgrimage took place this year from 27th September to 15th October. It was led by Sabine Lichtenfels, this time from the stone circle Almendres, near Evora to the stone circle in Tamera. After three pilgrimages through crisis zones in Israel/Palestine and Colombia, the pilgrimage took place in Europe to “draw the attention of the leading forces of Europe to the humane cultural roots of this continent”. more

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For a Future without War. A message from Tamera

by Dieter Duhm

The world is in a lot of pain. After a five-thousand-year history of war, of persecution and displacement, humanity has lost its source.(...) We believe that a future without war is possible for all human beings and all creations on Earth, if only we utilize the mental and technical possibilities which are available to us today. more

Watch this beautiful Video!

Embrace the Lake

During the 15th international Summer University in the peace research center Tamera, Portugal ca. 500 people surrounded the big lake of Tamera as a sign of gratitude. Here you can see, hear and feel the atmosphere of this action! more

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The Gathering of the Planetary Peace Community

After the Summer University

The Summer University of Tamera was a gathering of visionary spirits and peace workers from all around the world. There were moving insights about the situation in the world by authentic reports and experiences of involved people from many countries. Compassion with the fate of other people in the world led to a deeper connection among the participants; the common will arose to help and to “become the change.” We also looked into visions of a different future – a humane society inspired by utopian models of communities who develop a new unified and truthful relationship between humans, toward nature and toward the divine. After the Summer University, 96 people went on a Vision Quest. more

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Thich Nhat Hanh´s Monasteries in Vietnam in Danger

Please help!

The Vietnam Zen teacher and worldwide known peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh has been living in exile for 40 years and teaching reconciliation and peace worldwide. In 2005, he had been invited to Vietnam, after that, thousands of young people formed groups to follow his teachings of awareness. Some of them started the Zen monastery Bat Nha. Now the government threatens to abandon the monastery on September 2nd. For weeks, the monchs and nuns have been persecuted. Thich Nhat Hanh asks you to sign this petition to help. more

Colombia: Nasa Indigenas ask for help to protect their land

Young Indian Leader in Tamera

In the Cauca region of Colombia, the big indigenous group of the Nasa fight with non-violent means for their right and their culture. One representative, Fernando Quiguanas, a 21 years young leader of the Nasa youth movement, has been in the Tamera Summer University and asked the international public for awareness and support. more

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Protect the peace village San José de Apartadó

Colombia, August 2009

Leading members of the Peace Community San José de Apartadó in Colombia attended the Summer University 2009 at Tamera, Portugal. They informed us that during the past months the Peace Village has again been heavily attacked. More so, the Peace Community has been the target of a slander campaign initiated and diseminated by the mass media of Colombia. It is suspected that the campaign is conducted to warrant new murders among the inhabitants of the Peace Community. During the Summer University we have therefore prepared an action of solidarity and launched a petition which was undersigned by 226 people from 15 different nations. We ask everyone to whom the Peace Village of San José de Apartadó is known to join this action. more

Starhawk about the Permaculture in Tamera

After the Summer University

"Only someone who lives in a summer-dry climate can imagine my churning mixture of inspiration and sheer envy that filled me, walking the paths that meander between the beautiful series of lakes and ponds." Eco-feminist, political activist, writer and permaculture teacher Starhawk took part in the Summer University in Tamera. She gave a full moon ritual in the Stone Circle and many talks. We are looking forward to a deeper cooperation in future. In her weblog she wrote how she perceived Tamera - mainly about the Permaculture. more

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Spring in the August

Embrace the Water Landscape

When the water returns, life returns. Many global issues have moved us during the Summer University. However there was evidence that change is possible right in front of our eyes, in the growing and blossoming permaculture water landscape of Tamera. Here you see images from the action Embrace the Lake and get to know how you can support the growing of the water landscape. more

SolarVillage Testfeld

Presentations August 1st and October 16 – 18, 2009

The Earth needs new models for settlement, in which the fight between humans and the fight between humans and nature can be effectively ended.
During an international event from October 16 to 18, the first test field for the establishment of a "SolarVillage" will be presented. It is a technological, ecological and social model which is to provide a perspective of sustainability and self-sufficiency of energy and food for the various forms of future settlement. more

GRACE Pilgrimage 2009 - Creating Models for a Future without War

September 27 to October 15, 2009

On foot from the Stone Circle of Almendres near Evora to the Stone Circle of Tamera. The pilgrimage is intended to draw the attention of leading European powers to the original sources of human culture on this continent. (Photo: Nigel Dickinson) more

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To the young people in Iran

We greet the young people in Iran, who go out on the streets every day, often thousands of them, sometimes in silence, always in danger of being killed, in order to resist the oppression by the regime. Most of them do not only fight for new elections, but for a new system.
Friends in Iran, we greet you and connect with you, with your great call for freedom and your longing for a different life. We have the same longing - in the whole world! more

Network Trips in the Middle East

June 2009

Sabine Lichtenfels, Benjamin von Mendelssohn and other members of the core group of the planned PRV (Peace Research Village) travelled to Israel in May and June to meet cooperation partners, to take part in political actions and to facilitate a seminar on the topic: reconciliation of the genders. With more than 50 participants, the seminar was a big success. After the seminar Benjamin von Mendelssohn and Aida Shibli, with the Clown doctor Patch Adams, joined in aid and protest actions at the border of Gaza and Israel. The activities were initiated by the peace organizations Code Pink and Coalition of Women for Peace. more

Solar Village Test Field

This year, 2009, the SolarVillage project group wants to take the next big step of setting up a "test-field" for the planned TTT-Platform and the SolarVillage, which will be established on a special place within Tamera. more

Global Grace Village - Creating Models for a Future without War

A video message for the Summer University 2009

Watch the 4 minutes trailer, a product of the Grace Media Team, and share it with all interested people. more

April 30th, 2009, End of Monte Cerro Future Experiment

Monte Cerro has ended. The three year experiment for future peace training which was created by the Peace Research Center Tamera ended on April 30th 2009. It was designed to provide answers to core questions which come up while building a peace culture: In which ways was the experiment a success? What has changed in Tamera – and what in the people involved? What is the position of the Plan of Peace Villages today? Which new questions have risen? And which new plans are now standing in front of us? more

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Video: Patch Adams about Tamera

Patch Adams, clown doctor and social activist from the US, took part in the Easter Conference of Tamera. In a short interview he shared beautiful thoughts about peace, justice, the future - and his connection to Tamera. Watch the video here: more

Peace between the Genders

Seminars with Sabine Lichtenfels in Greece and Israel

In May and June, there will be seminars with Sabine Lichtenfels, co-founder of Tamera and international peace ambassador. more

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Permaculture Seminars with Sepp Holzer

09/25-10/02, 12/02-12/09

In the Permaculture Seminars with Sepp Holzer in Tamera you can learn the theory and practice of Holzer's Permaculture in conjunction with the actual development of the water landscape in Tamera.
“Holzer's Permaculture means landscape design in a wider sense:Correct the mistakes of past, enable the symbioses of mutual effects, letting nature work, reestablishing natural cycles.“ (Sepp Holzer)
Next seminar: Sept. 25 to Oct. 2, 2009 more

Creating Peace Knowledge

Calendar of Events 2009

Tamera is happy to present you the calendar of events for the year 2009: “Creating Peace Knowledge". Research and study are central to our events. The meetings and seminars are presented by the co-workers of the various project departments, such as: the Solar Village with technology and ecology; the Place of the Children; the Ground-Service; Political Peace Work & Global Grace; the Art Gallery; the Spiritual School; and the Guest & Seminar Centre. (Photo: Nigel Dickinson) more

Easter Conference in Tamera: Global Grace Village

From April 9th to the 14th, peace workers from different directions and countries met in Tamera to think together about a common peace strategy: The plan of the healing biotopes and peace villages. Sabine Lichtenfels wrote in the Ring of Power: "It was an enchanting experience to be a witness of all the wisdom that was allowed to assemble and connect here in a new type of mutual consciousness." more

Free Tibet!

Tamera participates in the International Day of Solidarity with Tibet

50 years ago the so far quiet Tibetans made a first uprising attempt against the Chinese occupation; the Chinese forces reacted with brutal violence: It was the beginning of a violent terror regime and murder against the Tibetan people. Endless suffering has happened ever since; monasteries and villages have been destroyed, many people were expelled or were tortured in concentration camps. Since then the Dalai Lama has lived in exile. more

New Stones in the Stone Circle of Tamera

In the Seminar "Eros and Nature"

In the Stone Circle of Tamera, new stones were placed; also cosmograms were engraved in existing stones like the Tibetan stone. This was carried out during the inhouse seminar "Eros and Nature" by Sabine Lichtenfels; more than 50 coworkers and students from the Solarvillage and the Groundservice of Tamera took part. Now the Stone Circle has 64 stones with a specific theme or archetype. more

Monte Cerro Peace Education

Next term starting on May 4th

"Monte Cerro Peace Education" includes comprehensive studies in peace work and the creation of peace villages. At its core stands knowledge about community and the development of trust, truth and transparency including the areas of love and sexuality. An essential part of the education is the study of the political theory of a global change through local actions.
From 4th May - 15th August a new cycle of the peace education will start with a three-month basic course including the EDE-course (Ecovillage Design Education). More information and application more

Easter meeting -- Models for Global Peace

April 8 - 15, 2009

During Easter, members of the global Grace network will visit Tamera. Sami Awad from Palestine and others will meet Sabine Lichtenfels and Benjamin von Mendelssohn to plan the future projects of the Grace movement. At the same time, we are inviting people for a seminar who want to get to know Tamera and its ecological, communitarian, and political perspectives. There will be encounters and connections between the two meetings. more

Theater Rehearsal on the Place of the Children

DVD soon available

The team of the place of the children, adults, youth and kids, had rehearsed the theater play "The Black Shadow and the riddle of the princess" for one week in English. They also took videos and soon there will be a DVD with the theater play available. more

Strong rain falls - the water landscape is growing

Tamera, February 1st

Strong rainfalls during the last days and specially during the last night made the Tamera water landscape grow one meter in one night. Now "Lake 1" is higher as it ever has been during the last year. And it will continue: the weather forcast promised more rain to come. New images and a report. more

Political Network

Letters from Israel / Palestine

Letters from our Friends Evi Guggenheim/Israel and Sami Awad/ Palestine

After three weeks of attacks, there is a ceasefire in Gaza. We want to share two of many letters we received from our friends in Israel and Palestine. And the call for conscientous objection by Dieter Duhm. more

Tamera - Retrospection 2008

The Peace Research Center Tamera in southern Portugal is steadily growing into its vision, fulfilling its intended goal to become a model of a regionally self-sufficient, ecologically and socially sustainable peace village, a center for the further education of young peace workers from all over the world, a place of retreat and a central point of the global peace movement, and an active helper in areas of crisis – in short, a platform for research and development for ecological, social and technological peace knowledge offering solutions for the future. more

Ring of Power

Tamera, January 12th, 2009

A moving start to the community intensive time in Tamera now lies behind us. Approximately 160 participants met daily in the big meeting room, our Aula. They were connected to the question, "What needs to be done with regard to the worldwide massacres? What needs to be done in the face of Gaza? How does a community develop which believes that it can contribute to planetary peace? Do we allow the thought that we can be an essential point in the universe that decides whether war or peace will prevail?" more

New Year 2009

Dear Friends of Tamera!

We wish you all a strong, blessed, creative and loving 2009!
It has never become so obvious as now that we are in the middle of a transformation: The economy and society as we have known it will not exist in future any more. This cannot be misunderstood. We, as humanity are being shown that we have to leave our systems and develop new ones - systems more humane, more communitarian, more decentralized and connected with nature and the great spirit of life. more

Grace 2009

A Political Calandar for a New Time

Moved by the experience of the Grace Pilgrimage in Colombia, Bijou Iris Lindstedt and Martin Funk produced a calendar with images of the Peace community San José de Apartadó. The texts of the calendar are quotations from the book "Future without War" by Dieter Duhm. more

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"Escola da Esperança" - School of Hope

Place of the Children

This is the name of the new traveling theater school of the children of Tamera. From the End of August to the end of September the whole team from the "Place of the Children", twenty children and fifteen adults, went on a theater tour throughout Switzerland and Germany. Their play is named: "The black Shadow and the Riddle of the Princess". The entire time, from the design of the play, the theater rehearsals, the production of costumes and stage settings right up to the preparation and the realization of the tour, was an intensive spell of learning in many subjects for all participants of all age brackets. In this way the vision of a "School of the Future" emerged. more

Invest in a Peace Project

and in solutions for the future

We are living in a time of global decline in the conventional ways of living and the finances of human beings. In addition to the global financial crises this year we first experienced an explosion in the price of oil, and then such an enormous rise in the prices of basic food products. Simultaneous to this breakdown of the old, something new is starting to grow. There is a worldwide need for new solutions. more

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Aldeia da Luz

Tamera is going to have a new village …

Aldeia da Luz is the name of a new village being built in Tamera. Part of it has already been completed, such as the “Three Arch House”. Now eight women joint to construct two important buildings. more

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Grace Pilgrimage in San José de Apartadó

October in Colombia

More than twenty co-workers and students from Tamera and nearly 150 people from Colombia and other countries took part in the Grace Pilgrimage near the peace village of San José de Apartadó from October 1st to the 6th, led by Sabine Lichtenfels, Benjamin von Mendelssohn, and Padre Javier Giraldo of Bogotá.


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Community Time and Evaluation of Monte Cerro

Januar - April 2009

The first three-year Monte Cerro Peace Education will come to an end on April 30, 2009, when it will be time to evaluate the peace study and to find new concepts for the future. From January to April students and co-workers will live together and have an intensive community time, probably divided into five areas: SolarVillage, University and Seminar Center, political network, Place of the Children, and the Tamera Ground Service. more

Work on the Healing of Humans and Nature

Training Week from January 28th to February 4th, 2009 in Holzer's Permaculture

The second part of the series of training seminars with Sepp Holzer will take place from January 28th to February 4th, 2009. We are happy to offer interested people the chance to get an insight into the vision of the planned water landscape of Tamera. This water landscape will be a model of how humans confronted with the destruction of nature can create healing and vitality. For us the cooperation with Sepp Holzer means to learn and experience a new access to nature. Together we will discover the infinite abundance and variety of life and we will learn to awaken it. more

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Networking Trips in Fall

Many networking trips during this Fall took Tamera coworkers and students to different countries. Tamera was represented on four continents. n. On the image you see Silke Paulick on the GEESE conference (Global Ecovillage Educators for a Sustainable Earth) in Iceland. more

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The Black Shadow and the Riddle of the Princess

Political Theatre from the Place of the Children

"The Black Shadow and the Riddle of the Princess"  was on tour in September. The political fairy tale performed at several places in Germany and Switzerland with all children and adults from the Children's Place in Tamera. The tour through German speaking countries was a great success. Now the children have learned to perform in English and they prepare for international performances.(With video online) more

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The Permaculture of Tamera

Summer 2008

Last year in August, Tamera began to develop a permaculture water landscape: a model for the recultivation of the devastated southern European landscape, and for decentral and regional food self-sufficiency. Here you will find pictures of the current development of the Tamera permaculture. more

Global GRACE Day

November 9th 2008

Throughout the world, many groups and individuals took part in the Global Grace Day - here in Kathmandu. On the website you can find some more images and videos of the event. The Global GRACE Day has become a tradition which connects peace workers from all over the world in the name of GRACE. This day is about connecting to a greater power of peace which does not stop at any border.

More to the Global GRACE Day

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Honey Harvest at the Place of the Children

The beehives that beekeeper Chryssa Sotiraki maintains were harvested in the last week. At the Place of the Children more than 100 kg precious honey was centrifuged by hand - a special project day of the school, and for the Tamera community a wonderful gift. more

The Black Shadow and the Riddle of the Princess

Political Theatre from the Place of the Children

A highlight of the 30-years-anniversary was the première of the theatre piece The Black Shadow and the Riddle of the Princess. All children of the Place of the Children as well as some adults played in this political fairy tail about the themes of helping the world, courage, and true friendship. It was a huge step towards the fulfilment of a dream which the children had since the Grace-Pilgrimage through the Middle East: to go on a theatre tour and to get to know the world. more

GRACE Kids Pilgrimage 2007

168 peace workers walked by foot through the desert from Eilat to Jerusalem,  people from Israel, Palestine and many countries, for four weeks. Among them were seven children.

They walked through Israel and the Westbank, slept in the sand, and were hosted in Kibbuzim, settlements, Bedouin villages, army camps, and Palestinian refugee camps.  What they found were people, humans, children. Not enemies.
The only enemy they found was the ignorance of people behind walls, not knowing each other, being afraid of each other.
The last night they spent in front of the separation wall in the Aida refugee camp in Bethlehem.
They stayed awake the whole night, meditating and imagining: What will peace look like in this country? What will peace look like in Israel-Palestine?
The children had many moving encounters - in the community, and with children who live under the situation of violence.
Two of them, Maria and Maurice, sent us exerpts of their diaries.



Youth for a Future without War

Read the speeches given by young peace workers at the Summer University 2008 in Tamera, Portugal. Basic thoughts of a new youth movement. May they inspire you and may they increase the revolutionary power in ourselves. For a free earth! more

Tibet in the Stone Circle of Tamera

Inauguration during the Summer University

The stone circle of Tamera -- a place of spiritual art for the whole Tamera community, inspired by geomantist Marko Pogacnik and Tamera co-founder Sabine Lichtenfels -- has a new stone. During the Summer University, a delegation of three Lamas - monks from Dharamsallah, India, in exile from Tibet - dedicated a stone for Tibet in order for the Tamera community and its guests to deepen the network and the cooperation with this nation. (Photo: Delia Wöhlert) more

Tamera Summer University 2008: Be the Change is over

Message of the organizers

The Summer University 2008 – ”Be the Change: Youth for a Future without War“ – is over. Around 400 people from 26 countries came together for ten days for the vision of a future worth living; and we saw that the world can be still saved if more and more committed people take responsibility for the whole. more

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Don José Carmen - and the plan to stop famine on earth

Don José Carmen Garcia Martinez from Mexiko has arrived in Tamera to speak during the Summer University 2008. The 78 year old farmer from Valle de Santiago became famous by his ability to grow giant vegetables. Many reports in media, a book and a film have covered his work. In June, two coworkers of Tamera visited him at his home to prepare his visit here. Here on of the interviews. more

New plans and visions for the Permaculture

After the visit of Sepp Holzer

After the last visit of Sepp Holzer, the ecologists of Tamera have new plans and visions for the further development of the Permaculture and the water landscape and of Tamera becoming an ecological future model. In the same time several hundreds of water lillies were planted and fish released into the "Lake 1." more

Water is Life! Water is Capital!

Development of a lake landscape as a model for the ecological regeneration of the Alentejo

On 21st February, the ecologist team of the Tamera peace research center near Colos invited ecologists and specialists from the region as well as from the universities in Lisbon and Evora to show them the state of the renaturalisation project in the middle of the dry Alentejo region: a model for the ecological healing of the landscape applying the concept of “Holzer´s Permaculture“. more

Globalization of Peace and Healing of the Earth

The Concept of the Healing Biotopes

There is a new text by Dieter Duhm, founder of Tamera and the Project of the Healing Biotopes. It is a short overview of the general idea of the project, written in May 2008. (Photo: Nigel Dickinson) more

The path of the Anakonda: When buildings learn to dance.

Tamera designer Martin Pietsch combines music and architecture – this year (2008) also at the Boom-Festival in Portugal.

Boom gets a new wrapping. Like every two years, music and art festival “Boom” will attract thousands of goa and trance lovers to Idanha-a-Nova in Portugal - this year from 11th-18th of August, 2008. “Trail of the anaconda”, “Oscillating plate” or “Quo Vadis” are names of the floating drafts of Martin Pietsch, who designed a shade roof compositions along 1.5 km of lakeside promenade, a ferry port, a speakers tent and a common eating site. more

30th Anniversary

An idea´s birthday

In May 1978 a small group of young people met in Herrenberg near Tübingen (Germany) and decided to create a research community for new technologies. Thirty years later some of them, along with about two hundred other people, celebrated the anniversary of the project, honoring the past ... and the future. It was – in spite of the frequent rich rains – a very successful celebration and reconciliation that also integrated the more difficult passages of the past and the hope for new possibilities of cooperation.


Living in Peace with Animals

World Forum in Barcelona

From April 30th to May 3rd, Tamera-coworkers Barbara Kovats and Almut Schmitz were speakers at the "Foro Mundial de Los Animales", the "World Forum for Animals" in Barcelona. The variety of themes of this international symposium included not only current topics of animal protection but also positive alternatives of coexistence with animals. more

Scheffler Reflector inaugurated

Solar Cooking in Tamera

This summer, guests of Tamera eat meals that have been heated by the sun. "I am enthusiastic", Chryssa, one of the cooks states. "It works overwhelmingly well." On May 19th, Tamera´s first Scheffler reflector was inaugurated. Ten square meters in size it´s place is in the meeting place "Aonda" at the Campus, directly by the grey pond. Pictures and texts here: more

Global Campus 2008

Start in October

The year 2008 represents the establishment by Tamera of the Global Campus Initiative. more

Network trip to the USA

February 2nd

Three of the founders and leading team of Tamera, Sabine Lichtenfels, Benjamin von Mendelssohn and Charly Rainer Ehrenpreis, left this morning for a three weeks trip to the USA to meet possible cooperation partners and sponsors. (photo: Nigel Dickinson) Here you can read Sabine´s letter to all friends of Tamera.

See Tamera from the Sky

In winter, the south of Portugal is very green. On these pictures made in January by Silke Paulick you can see some of the new buildings of the Healing Biotope 1 Tamera. more

GRACE Foundation: New Website

The ´GRACE Foundation - for the humanization of money´ founded by Sabine Lichtenfels and others has its website. more

Dear friends of Tamera,

New Year´s Letter from Sabine Lichtenfels

The year has come to an end. We are now in a time for contemplation, for evaluation and a time to prepare for the new. During our pilgrimage in 2007 we had the opportunity to experience an ongoing miracle. We can step out of powerlessness. We can have a global effect. We can be the change we hope will happen in the world. (Photo: Nigel Dickinson) more

Political Network
deutsche Version 

GRACE Pilgrimage 2007

The GRACE pilgrims returned to Tamera. For four weeks a group (which numbered 168 people at the end) walked through Israel and Palestine, led by Sabine Lichtenfels and Benjamin von Mendelssohn. There were unusual encounters, insights and deep decisions. New collaborations developed and concrete next steps were taken for the planned Peace Research Village in the Middle East. more

Order the book "Terra Nova" here