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Global Campus has ended

The Global Campus of 2013 is over now, and most of the participants are back in Tamera, or have returned to their homes. Here in Tamera we will give ourselves a lot of time, to calmly evaluate and process all that has been experienced. We continue to work on the vision of Terra Nova, and are grateful that it is shared by more and more people. more

Help to Save the Largest Ecovillage in China

Conglong´s home is being destroyed by vandals, and police does not interact

Earlier this year, Conglong visited Tamera, a brillant young woman representing a Chinese ecovillage with a very special lifestyle. She was looking for cooperation in Europe. We were very surprised that we found so related minds and hearts in China and that they could do their work without being disturbed by the government. This time seems to end now: The Ecovillage "Second Home" is being attacked, coworkers and members are threatened, roads and power lines are being destroyed. The police tolerates the vandals. Please sign this petition to the Chinese president to protect the largest ecovillage of his country. more

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Global Campus 2013 - News and diaries from 5 different places around the world

Creating Models for a Future Without War

Sabahalher! Buenos Dias! Bom Dia! Good Morning! Hello to the Global Campus all around the world, hello Tamera, hello friends and donors! Deep greetings from the Holy Land, from the hills of Tulkarem in Palestine. We are in a very special setting in Palestine. Tulkarem is a city of about 60'000 people in the Westbank, located one hour north from Jerusalem. The separation wall directly touches the city. We are hosted by Fayez Taneeb and his family in an incredibly rich and warm way. Fayez is a communist, farmer, visionary and political activist commmited to non-violence. On a practical level we are here to help the families farm to become a place for education in decentralized energy and permaculture. Read more about our work!
For one month from October 15th to November 15th, small groups of international ‘peace-workers-in-training’ mainly from Tamera, are working and serving in the different centers. You find their reports here. more

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“A new world needs new schools”

Looking back at the 1st International Education Symposium from 3rd to 6th October 2013 in Tamera

An unusual start – more than100 people gather together at the Stone Circle – for a special greeting ritual: At the request of the children, an „impulse“ goes through the crowd reminding us of our own childish core, the big drum calls the supportive universal forces, the three-day educational symposium is now open. more

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1st International Education Symposium: “A New Earth Needs New Schools”

3rd-6th October 2013

Talking about schools must include talking about the future. The children of this Earth are the bearers and designers of our future. What they learn and how, the perspectives we hand down to them, contribute to determine how mankind will develop in the future.  The team from “Escola da Esperança” invites committed teachers, parents and young people to an International Education Symposium. We welcome teachers and participants in innovative school projects from Portugal and other countries to present their projects and experiences. We also welcome all those interested, committed teachers, parents and young people, for an interactive think tank about learning methods relevant for the future. more

The World Needs Peace

Second Open Letter to Obama, Peace message to 21st of September

Ten days ago we initiated the "Obama action" as a military strike against Syria seemed almost inevitable. We are grateful for the positive response and your participation in the action! The military strike against Syria was put on hold for the time being and a treaty for destroying the chemical weapons was signed. What is happening now and in the coming weeks and months will be crucial for the further evolution on this planet. That is why we are continuing the action to activate a global field of power for peace. Until Global Grace Day on November 9th, we want to see clear signs of such development taking place in the world.


Photos from the Summer University in Tamera

Tamera Newsletter
September 2013

Dear friends of Tamera,

Here in Tamera, we have recently been very concerned with the war in Syria. As a planetary community of peaceworkers, how can we help peace to arise?
In a situation where Barack Obama had already decided on a military strike, we in Tamera initiated the "Obama Action". We utilized every means at our disposal: letters, petitions, the internet and our personal contacts. Above all, we engaged in "geistig" (mental/spiritual) influence via prayer and meditation to remind the American president of his original desire for peace.
We are happy and relieved about the presently emerging will for diplomatic resolution. Now we must not let our vigilance falter. When we take part, we have influence. When the political power elite is planning a crime, we must stop them. This process does not take place only through explicit political action, but also through spiritual action within ourselves.
Read the whole newsletter here.

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Second education trainings for the implementation of water retention landscapes

September 16-28, 2013

“Water, energy and food are freely available for the whole of humankind if we learn again to cooperate with nature.” (Bernd Walter Müller) The implementation of decentralized water retention landscapes, within the context of new social life models, offers answers to a new way to manage water and a new way for humans to live in cooperation with nature. We offer an introduction into this issue from 16th- 28th of September. more

Political Art of Tamera and the Terra Nova School

For free Download

As a gift to the participants of the Terra Nova School and all friends of Tamera, a group of our artists has produced a series of post cards and posters, with images and sentences for the spirit of change and a new culture. You can download them for free more

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GLOBAL GRACE DAY on November 9th 2013.

Again, this year we invite you to participate in the Global Grace Day. This year's motto of the 9th November is: "Envisioning the healed world." In times of existential crises and eruptions of violence, we connect activities in many places in the world with the vision of a future without war. Together, we give the world a signal of the existence of a new planetary community. more

Tamera Summer University 2013: On the way to Gift Economy

The Ten Days of the Tamera Summer University have been a gathering of international activists and initiators of study groups of "Terra Nova". Almost 500 people from 36 countries were present, including groups from crisis areas in Africa, the Middle East and South America, as well as from the scenes of uprisings in Turkey, Brazil and Egypt.  The Summer University has for the second time been an experiment in Gift Economy. Participation, accommodation and food were all based on donation, even the bar and the café, the bookstore and the upcycling bazaar.  Like last year, we thereby dealt with the nature of money. Where usually everywhere else on the planet one would automatically pay the specified price, everyone now had to rethink: How much is this worth for me? What do I wish to donate, for what do I want to ask - and what do I dare to accept as a gift? more

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Review of the Summer University

"Terra Nova - Global Revolution and healing of love."

This year's Summer University has been the first annual meeting of the School Terranova with around 300 guests from 36 countries, including groups from crisis areas in Africa, the Middle East and South America, and of the scenes of riots in Turkey, Brazil and Egypt.  more

Summer University 2013


Perspectives for the Global Revolution - Study Materials from the Terra Nova School

This book contains the latest contributions from the Tamera peace research center in Portugal. At a time when the media are full of reports on war and catastrophes, a mental-spiritual gateway to another option for develop- ment is opening up: Our planet, with its people and animals, its landscapes and bodies of water, is curable, if we want and manifest this healing with all our might. more

Current information for the Summer University 2013

Our main motivation for the Summer University in 2013 are the immense ongoing demonstrations that we see worldwide. Millions of people are out on the streets today, looking for new life perspectives. Inspired and moved by this situation, we decided to make the Summer University an international „base-camp for revolution”, connecting the search for perspectives with the deep power and the knowledge of community. more

Water retention landscapes - a sustainable path towards regional sovereignty

A résumé of the third international Water Symposium in Tamera, by Leila Dregger

From 6 - 9 June, experts, activists and those with global knowledge about water met in Tamera and discussed ways to protect and - where destroyed - regenerate the big water cycles of the earth. They worked together on the different aspects of a global strategy: to build regional model projects in various locations on earth, which would combine ecological healing, food production, economic and social sustainability. In addition to the key factor of Water to stop the climate crisis, new related concepts for animal husbandry, agriculture and settlements were also discussed. There are several training courses planned for 2013 set up for applying this overall strategy at a regional level.  more

Con te, Falco

Sending love and appreciation to the Founder of Damanhur

Falco, Oberto Airaudi, founder and inspiration of one of the most fascinating places on earth - Damanhur in Northern Italy - passed away on Sunday, June 23, 2013 at 11:12pm (23.12), in the nucleo community of Aval where he lived together with other Damanhurian citizens since 1980. Falco was 63 years old, and for some months had been suffering from a liver cancer, which he faced without any aggressive treatment, in accordance with the vision of health he always advocated. We greet all Damanhurians and friends with our deepest solidarity and sympathy. Falco will remain to be a source of information, vision and deep joy.  more

„TERRA NOVA - Global Revolution and the Healing of Love“

International Summer University from August 1 – 10 19th, 2013

What goal would awaken humanity's enthusiasm? What vision would inspire humanity to fight for its survival and the survival of the whole planet? For what goal would humanity leave behind all quarrels to manifest it with united powers? We invite for a ten-day period of study together with people from all over the planet to find answers that fill us with the certainty that a global revolution will succeed. We work for Terra Nova - for a world without war and violence. We want to come together to activate the great potential of humanity.  more

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Two professional trainings for the implementation of water retention landscapes

August 01-24 and September 16-28, 2013

“Water, energy and food are freely available for the whole of humankind if we learn again to cooperate with nature.” (Dieter Duhm) The implementation of decentralized water retention landscapes, within the context of new social life models, offers answers to a new way to manage water and a new way for humans to live in cooperation with nature. We offer two professional trainings from 1st- 24th of August and from 16th- 28th of September. more

Water retention landscapes as a sustainable path to regional sovereignity

Third International Water Symposium, June 6 (6 pm) -9 (4 pm), 2013

Water is life. Water is information. If the large water cycle of a landscape is intact, then the land, nature, the economy and the people are flourishing. Desertification, floods, the rising sea level, forest fires and droughts are not fate but the result of a disturbed hydrologic balance. Nowadays water is dammed, deviated, privatized and turned into a commodity. One billion people on the planet are without access to clean drinking water, while others are following their profit motive. It is in our hands to change this.  The large water cycles can be restored, even in extremely damaged landscapes. All around the world, people are working on solutions for the global water crisis.  more

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First Global Love School in Tamera

"There will only be peace on earth when the war in love has ended."

Ten intensive days lay behind us—ten days of the Global Love School in Tamera. The eighty people who took part are leaders and founders of different projects around the world. As holders of knowledge and as peaceworkers, they travel to the crisis areas of the earth. “There are no crisis areas; all of humanity is in crisis,” was one provocative statement made by a participant.  more

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May 1st 2013: Start of the Terra Nova School and a New Season in Tamera

After six months of an intense internal planning and community time, Tamera starts on May 1st into a new time and opens again its doors to students and guests from around the world. The opening of the "season" is marked by the inauguration of the Terra Nova School, a worldwide education platform, intended to become a catalyst for global system-change. more

Excerpt from a speech by Tamera´s founder Dr. Dieter Duhm. With English subtitles.

Tamera Water Landscape as an Example for the European Climate Change Adaptation Strategy

The Water Retention Landscape of Tamera (among other projects included in the  CIRCLE-2 Climate Change Adaptation Inspiration Book) was selected as good Adaptation example by the European Commission. With this the Commission promotes the launch of the European Adaptation Strategy. See the press release here: more

1st of May: Opening of the Terra Nova School

We are currently setting up the TERRA NOVA SCHOOL. The project wants to join together and empower all those who want to work for a new Earth without violence and war, Terra Nova. It's intended to become a catalyst for global system-change. At the heart of the school are the development of global consciousness, the insight into coming healing processes and the implementation of real-life models for future life.  more

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16 Years Peace Community San José de Apartadó Colombia

We send very special greetings this week to Colombia, to our friends of many years, the courageous inhabitants of the peace community of San José de Apartadó. March 23rd is the anniversary of the founding of the community. Sixteen years ago, refugees and farmers in an extremely embattled region of Colombia came together and said: We will not be driven out. We do not want revenge, but neither will we yield to violence. We will follow the way of non-violence. The foundation of our villages, and of our lives, will be the power of solidarity and of community. We can take a moment to get a feeling for the radicality of this decision: No revenge, no violence, but also no fear.  more

A Message from Tamera for World Water Day, 22nd March 2013:


A new global culture needs a new way of water management. "Water is the essence of nature just as love is the essence of the human being." (Dieter Duhm) Both areas have been distorted by false information fields. The healing of water and the healing of love are two basic ways towards a healed earth.
 Viktor Schauberger: “From water everything originates. Therefore, water is the universal natural resource of every culture or the foundation of every physical or mental development. The unveiling of the secret of water will put an end to all manner of speculation or calculation and their excesses, to which belong war, hatred, envy, intolerance and discord of every kind. The thorough investigation of water therefore truly signifies the end of all monopolies, the end of all domination and the beginning of a socialism arising from the development of individualism in its most perfect form.”
 After six years of experience in building a Water Retention Landscape n the Tamera Peace Research Center (Portugal) we see its incredible effects. In a region that has been strongly affected by progressive desertification, a model for water and food autonomy is arising: decentralized water retention spaces keep the rain on the land and let it sink into the ground. The earth-body is filled with water again, all throughout the year. Fertility and biodiversity have been returning. On the shore terraces organic food grows throughout the year. On this basis, self-sufficient communities can arise worldwide ‒ even where there is only destroyed nature and eroded wasteland today. We invite you to join the 3rd International Water Symposium, June 7th - 9th 2013 in Tamera. more

Tamera Newsletter March 2013

sunpulse kunst kinder
Photos: Dieter Duhm, Spring in Tamera, Sabine Lichtenfels

Dear Friends of Tamera, dear co-workers of the world,

We send you our best wishes from Tamera. We greet you with hope that this global insanity will soon come to an end. Many things that are happening in the world are still so bad that we feel forced to develop ever stronger methods for its healing. In Tamera, we are going through a time of intensive planning which will continue until the end of April. On the 1st of May, a "new Tamera" shall start. We hope that we will then be ready to welcome all our guests and students.(...)
Read the full newsletter here: Tamera Newsletter March 2013

Tamera University: Event and Seminar Calendar 2013

The Tamera University and Guest Center welcomes you to many different seminars and possibilities for practical participation.  Please read more in our Event Calendar 2013. more


8th March 2013: International Women's Day

"Over 3000 years of history have been imprinted by the dominance of men, establishing a principle of hard power. The power within male societies lay in breaking resistances, which was expressed in conquests, religious warfare as well as in the methods of education and technologies in treating nature.
By using these methods, modern man has maneuvered himself into a dead end from which he cannot escape without female support.
We do not intend to reestablish ancient matriarchal structures, nor do we want to dominate or patronize men. Feminine power is not targeted at men, nor is it targeted against our love for men – it simply, decisively leaves behind those male structures that have led to the worldwide extinction of life and love. (...)
Unless we women take a public stand, nobody can escape this dead end. It is up to us women to again assume the political and sexual responsibility that has been abandoned for so long. We invite all dedicated men to join our peace work.“
Sabine Lichtenfels

"Once one has seen the worldwide suffering of women, one cannot help but wonder how there can still be women capable of love. This is a deep historical point. At this occasion I would like to thank the entire female gender. There has to be a very stable and faithful heart in the female half, faithful toward the male half by whom it has been suppressed and beaten for several thousand years."
Dieter Duhm

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Support and Friendship with the Peace Community San José de Apartadó

Since 2011, the partnership between Tamera and the Peace Community is evolving towards a deeper and more continuous cooperation. As a result, a small group of community members from Tamera and friends will live and work in Mulatos for several months in order to support the development of the Mulatos Peace Village project. On March 23rd, the Commemoration Day, which marks the 16th anniversary of the founding of the Peace Community of San José de Apartadó. Laure Luciani, Vera Kleinhammes, and Patrick Rudolph, will join the community for two weeks. They will prepare the contunuous presence and technical training program. more

In Tamera, Nature is Awakening

From the "Ring of Power"

The community of human beings in Tamera is making ever more concrete plans for its future structure. Meanwhile, nature is awakening into new life all around us. Everything is freshly green and shining. Powerful storms lay behind us, and heavy rainfall has filled many of the lakes and ponds. The Ecology Team, along with many volunteers, are planting in the terraces and gardens. The water retention landscape is Tamera's most visible expression of cooperation with nature. It gives the water time to collect where it falls, and to soak into the body of the earth. In this way the soil is reinvigorated, the landscape revives, plants and animals flourish, and the large water-cycle can renew itself. more

Order the book "Terra Nova" here