Orchestration of Renewable Integrated Generation In Neighborhoods

ORIGIN Meeting in Tamera

Representatives of the research group of ORIGIN visited the community of Tamera, one of the test users  of Origin, in December, to present ORIGIN and launch the user interfaces, also informing about the development of the system. The EU-funded project  “is a collaboration of eight organizations from five different European Union member states. The developed solutions are from now on being validated in three communities in three different climatic settings in northern Scotland – Findhorn, southern Portugal – Tamera and the Italian alpine foothills – Damanhur.”  more

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The Global Campus calendar 2015 is still available

Like last year, the Global Campus has published a calendar with impressive photos from the base stations, quotes from participants and basic thoughts of the project for each month. The calendar expresses the beauty of the work and our gratitude for what we can learn from it – a reminder that we can obtain more and more peace, within the world and ourselves. Our wish is that in many hundreds of homes and centers a piece of the Global Campus is alive during each month of the year. You can order it at: globalcampus(at)tamera.org. It costs 15 € plus shipping costs (4 € within Europe). The texts are in English with a Portuguese translation of the most important quotes on the last page. The proceeds from this calendar will go toward our travel fund for the work in the various base stations of the Global Campus. The next journey is planned for March to the Peace Community San José de Apartadó in Colombia. We thank you for your faithfulness to this dream and for your support.  more

On the Path to Construction: Tamera Applies to Change Local Land Use Classification.

The PIER Process

Tamera's goal is to create an innovative human settlement, as a model for the future. We are planning buildings and facilities to accommodate several hundred residents; as well for hosting conferences, meetings, and educational seminars of the global peace movement. In every aspect of its work, the Healing Biotope is becoming more and more ecologically and socially sustainable; it enables human beings and nature to coexist in trust and contact.  more

"Blueprint" Meeting in Tamera:

For Sustainable Aid in Areas of Crisis

In September, a group of specialists, entrepreneurs, and representatives of aid organizations came together for the "Blueprint" meeting at Tamera to speak about coordinated aid measures in crisis and disaster areas. They had been invited by Ruth Andrade who had called on all the friends and cooperation partners of her late husband, the environmental activist and visionary Paulo Mellett, to form a team that would continue his work. more

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Water is Life. Water Retention Landscape Training.

in August and October

“Water, energy, and food are freely available to all people, when we follow the logic of nature and not the laws of capital.” (Dieter Duhm). In the seminar in August, we learned how to follow the logic of nature in relation to water in the two-week course with Christoph Ulbig and Bernd Müller. Over 30 participants from many countries studied the knowledge of natural water management both in theory and practice through different techniques used in Tamera, from natural waterways in the region and case studies from around the world, which the participants themselves presented. Joshua Konkankoh from Cameroon said, “This is precisely the knowledge that we need to build eco-villages in Africa. What we learned expanded my consciousness and gave me a whole new mindset in relation to water.” In October, another seminar on this topic will be held. A few places are still available. more

Ten Years Stone Circle in Tamera

Interview with Sabine Lichtenfels

On October 12th, 2004, the first stones of the Tamera Stone Circle were erected, and with this, the work of community art was inaugurated. The initiators were Sabine Lichtenfels and Geomancers Marko Pogacnik and Peter Frank. They selected granite and marble stones from pits, and during the following years, placed 96 of them in a meandering oval configuration in the heart center of Tamera. Every stone and its cosmogram represents an archetype; the stone circle, as a whole, stands for complementation and cooperation in a universal peace community. Sabine Lichtenfels, who is presently on a healing trip with Dieter Duhm, gave us a short skype interview about the stone circle more

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Solar Electricity for Tamera

In 2011, with the help of loans and donations from our network, we were able to build a “Grid-Connected Island System.” For this we want to say a very warm Thank You to everyone, in the name of the whole Tamera Community! Our next step is to produce 60% of our average electricity use. To achieve this, we plan to equip the roof of our workshop with a 12kW photovoltaic system. This would also mean that the whole workshop—carpentry shop, metal shop, machine shop, and research department—would be mostly solar-driven. We hope to make this a reality this fall, 2014. The whole of Tamera would be an important step closer to energy autonomy, for the coming winter. To realize these plans we need a total amount of 25,000 €. more

We Refuse to be Enemies

Continuation of the Vision Camp for Peace - Crowdfunding Campaign

As an immediate response to the war in Israel-Palestine, Sabine Lichtenfels initiated a Vision Camp in the West-bank, July 23rd – 29th, which hosted around 50 participants from Israel, Palestine and beyond. It is imperative that this work continues. In support of this we, the Grace Foundation, have invited 8 peace activists [update Aug. 21st: 7 peace activists] from Israel and Palestine to come to the Tamera Peace Research Center in Portugal and to stay for a further period of reflection, envisioning and the creation of a strategy for a sustainable peace project in Israel-Palestine. more

Amazing aerial art for Gaza - with John Quigley in Tamera, Portugal

Aerial art with 300 participants from over thirty countries

at the International Summer University on August 5th.

With numerous activists from Israel and Palestine present in Tamera, the Summer University continues the work of the Vision Camp that took place in the West-bank July 23rd - 29th, which opened a space of mutual understanding and reconciliation in the middle of the war. Here's a report from the camp: tinyurl.com/report-vision-camp. 

Please support our crowd-funding campaign to get more activists from the Middle East to Tamera: https://dana.io/we-refuse-to-be-enemies  

We are working for the foundations of a future without war - in the Middle East and worldwide. 

Thanks to our friend and activist John Quigley for facilitating this wonderful action!

Sabine Lichtenfels: "We refuse to be enemies - Gaza is the emergency call of the Earth"

News from the Summer University

Tamera, August 5th

Sabine Lichtenfels and her team arrived back from Israel-Palestine into the Summer University, and she immediately shared from the vision camp in the Westbank. She said: "Gaza is the emergency call of the earth. Peace is not about staying calm. Peace is about awakening. As long as we still fall back into normality after such a suffering, I cannot believe that humanity will survive. We need to be the change that we want to see, we need to become radical, and this means to go to the source - to the roots of the conflict. Now many people are awakening. When enough people step out of the system of war, then this is the revolution." 
In the evening we listened to four 17 and 18 years old conscientious objectors from Israel. Three of them will go to prison when they have come of age. One said: "I knew in the age of 12 that I did not want to go the army. But only later I realized what this means. I don´t want to be involved in all kind of violence that is connected to war and occupation. The system begins in the school." Another said: "It was the best decision I ever took." 
Read more on our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/aVisionCampinIsraelPalestine?fref=ts Please click on "more" if you want to learn about our Crowd funding Campaign to continue the Vision Camp. more

Summer University has started

Tamera, August 1st

280 guests have come to the Tamera Summer University with the title: "Terra Nova - Creating Alliances for a Future without War". In the introduction speech, Mara Vollmer gave insights and basic thoughts on community building: "7 billion people in the world try to solve problems on their own, which they cannot solve alone, as the problems were created through the separation among people. Once the veil of separation will fall, we will make a huge discovery: we are all part of the same whole." 
The Summer University serves also as a continuation of the Vision Camp in the Westbank, which was initiated by Sabine Lichtenfels, the co-founder of Tamera. She has invited more people from the region to continue the talks about a longterm strategy for peace - and the vision of a Peace Research Village (PRV).
See more on the Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/aVisionCampinIsraelPalestine




Statement of the 50 participants of the Vision Camp for Israel-Palestine

July 26th, 2014 As peaceworkers from Israel, Palestine and various other parts of the world, we have been holding a peace vigil in the middle of a war in the West Bank over the last several days. We are gathering here under very simple conditions, creating community life,  sharing from our hearts, in silence and in tears, in the midst of shootings and bombings. We are bearing witness and trying to stay in Grace. We have been faced with this senseless killing every day. There have been more than 1000 human victims during the last three weeks. In the last days three Palestinians were shot in the village near the place where we are staying. In these days, we have been faced with untold pain, suffering, desperation and speechlessness; we are also coming face to face with many different opinions and inner and outer struggles.

What we all agree on is: Enough! Stop this killing. (…)


We refuse to be enemies -

Vision Camp in Israel-Palestine with Sabine Lichtenfels

The Middle East is exploding in violence. In the last two weeks the war has killed more than 700 people, the vast majority of them in Gaza, with more than 100 children amongst them. Due to the extensive bombing of even schools, mosques, hospitals and private homes people can no longer find protection or shelter. Hatred, fear and anger are at a peak in the whole region. Today, in this turbulence, peace workers from Israel, Palestine and other countries are begining a five-day vision camp in the Westbank. In the middle of the war they hold a peace vigil and create a frequency of calmness in which mutual perception, sharing, deep listening, clear thinking and vision building is possible. They say, "We refuse to be enemies." And, "Together we can give a clear sign to end the war."


Obituary for Pia Gyger

Dear Pia, On July 14th you left this Earth. For us in Tamera you were and are an important person accompanying on our path. Again and again you have called out to us, “Listen to the voice of the heart! Become priests and priestesses of cosmic transformation.” You have stayed faithful to this call and were an exemplary priestess in these modern times. Wherever people had lost their faith you were a helping power in order to again open the heart for the cosmic dimension of universal love. We thank you for your untiring commitment for global peace. We thank you for your visionary power. We thank you for recognizing and walking the path of cosmic partnership together with Niklaus Brantschen. We thank you who have lived in celibacy for seeing and honoring the erotic dimension of life and the sacred dimension of Eros, similar to your “master” and beloved teacher Teilhard de Chardin. more

Special Education for building Water Retention Landscapes

August 18 - 30

Floods, droughts, desertification: The implementation of decentralized water retention landscapes offers answers. It is a new way to manage water, a new way for humans to live in cooperation with nature. The ecology team of Tamera is offering a 2- week professional education around this issue. During this seminar we will not only learn the basic principles and the concrete implementation of water retention landscapes in theory; we will clarify and deepen our knowledge by doing practical work. more

Wanted: Professionals in the field of crafts, technology and IT

Seminar about Love, Sexuality and Partnership for Professionals in September

Tamera needs help of professionals in the field of crafts, technology and IT. If you are skilled in one of these fields and can imagine to become part of a support network - this might mean to come for some weeks every year and help or it might mean to find your way to live and work fully in Tamera one day - then we would love you to attend either the Summer University or the seminar about love, sexuality and partnership in September, as this is the base of our work. One of the groups of the seminar will connect possible co-workers of these areas.  more

José Pacheco in Tamera

New Schools are Possible

On June 1st, we celebrated International Children's Day. It was fitting that last week, José Pacheco was our guest in Tamera. He is a visionary, and the founder of free schools. He was invited by the local government to speak with teachers, parents, and politicians, about solutions to address the difficult situation in education. His words were radical, and moving: “A child who doesn't want to learn is sick – or the child's school is sick. Today, 21st century students are being taught by 20th century teachers, according to 19th century rules.” more

Israel-Palestine: 'Tent of Nations' Partially Destroyed

Many peace activists worldwide know the 'Tent of Nations,' a meeting point for peace camps, people of all different faiths and world views, one of the few places in the West Bank where the children from Bethlehem or refugee camps can experience nature. And it's one of the few farms in the region that still belongs to a Palestinian family. more

Escola da Esperanca:

The new web page is online

"Every child carries an intuitive and authentic power for peace within them. Nurturing this power is the most important goal of the Escola da Esperança, the School of Hope." - Another step towards the official start of Escola da Esperança, in September 2014, has been taken: The Escola da Esperança has its own web page. We are now able to inform you, in real time, about our work, the Escola da Esperança’s stage of construction, and ongoing school projects. Please help us by passing on this information to friends and networks of educators, parents and school reformers. May the network of schools grow, which strengthen the unconditional will to learn and the sparkling in the eyes of the children. The Team Escola da Esperança wants to express its heartfelt gratitude for the generous support they receive from all around the world. more


Portugal as a Model for a New Socialism?

On April 25, 1974 left-leaning troops move into Lisbon and within hours take over all key strategic places in the country. The head of state and secret service give up after a short resistance. Forty-eight years of dictatorship are over. The dream of socialism awakens.

Today Portugal suffers under a dictatorship again – the dictatorship of capital, as countless graffiti on the walls attest. But the country and its people have not fully forgotten the dream of freedom, equality and socialism. After the big demonstrations against the Troika in recent years, some pioneer groups moved to the countryside to build alternatives – cooperatives for regional subsistence and neighborly assistance; “Ajudadas” (actions of mutual help); legal and illegal local markets for exchanging goods outside of the monetary system; “Land Banks” for transferring property between landowners and landless people; citizenship academies for conveying knowledge. As small and cautious as these attempts often are they carry great potential. Visionary thinkers already see a new map of Portugal arising – a map of regional economic cycles, modern subsistence, self-confident eco-regions and model villages, which counter the globalized world with another reality. 

Read the full text and spread it with all those interested in justice, solidarity and freedom.  more

open letter about the internal community-time

Since April 12th Tamera is open to receiving guests students for a variety of seminars.

We are comeing from a long wintertime focused around intense work on the master plan of Tamera,  a months-long internal Love School, as well as with a training program for projectleaders. The various project groups took the time to meet again and again for vision and planning work.
Through all these various events and activities in this, as well as in recent years, something very precious has emerged in the community of Tamera: coherence.

An open letter to the Support Circle describes this internal communitytime:


Money for Tamera

We ask for financial support for Tamera. At the heart of our work is the healing of love, the healing of water, the creation of a replicable model for self-sufficiency in energy, water and food, and non-violent cooperation with all fellow creatures. A global network is associated with the project in the forms of the “Terra Nova School” and the “Global Campus,” which absorb and implement the basic ideas of Tamera. For the tasks that now lie before us we urgently need financial support. In the following description we want to introduce some basic ideas and objectives of the project. more

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Tamera Events and Seminars in 2014

Here you find our calendar of events and seminars in Tamera during this year. Please contact us if you have any questions.  more

February 14th: Greetings from Tamera founder Dieter Duhm for "One Billion Rising"

February 14th: Greetings from Tamera founder Dieter Duhm for "One Billion Rising"

Support the Next Steps of Tamera

In our wintertime we continue as a community to work on a concept for a global model settlement. In 2014 two specific projects get priority: The inauguration of the Escola da Esperança, as an officially recognized international school, and the PIER: an 18 months project to change the land use zoning for our property, which will make further growth of Tamera as a model village and research centre legally possible. We ask you to support us with our plans by a onetime donation or by making a monthly contribution to our Support Circle. To all those who wish and donate 100 Euros or more until March 21 we will send a Global Campus Calendar as a symbol of our gratitude. It shows part of our work in the world that you enable with your support. more

Happy New Year

We send you warm, New Year's greetings, from the whole Tamera community. Thank you for your active part in making possible the emergence of a worldwide network, supporting real transformation on every level. Despite hearing news of many challenges and dangers, we are experiencing a time of breakthroughs and new beginnings. Hardly noticed in the shadow of major events, on every continent people are finding one another; overcoming their differences; and taking on responsibility for the places they live, for the ways they are living, and for nature. More and more people are taking inspiration from the great role-models of our time, and making the choice to take an unconditional stand for life. It still often goes unnoticed, but this power is becoming more and more confident, and growing and spreading widely, throughout all our daily activities and beyond. Together, we are a part of a worldwide movement. Engaged compassion for the destiny of all beings, and readiness for self change, are the keys.

We wish you all a powerful transition into the New Year! more

Order the book "Terra Nova" here