Bishop of Beja in Tamera

Sunday, 6 of May

The Bishop of Beja, Dom António Vitalino, visited Tamera last Sunday to get to know the research for sustainability. He is known as a man committed to social change and justice. After his visit he wrote an article for Beja newspaper Jornal de Notícias where he mentions his visit: "And I end up pointing an example of international, multicultural, ecological, solidarity and happy community. I'm talking about the community of Tamera, in freguesia of Relíquias, municipality of Odemira, founded about 15 years ago, with more then 200 members, from all ages and from different places, that live from nature resources, enriching it, respecting the biodiversity and creating a sustainable development. I spent a couple of hours with this community on the 6th of May and I got convinced that it's possible to fight the desertification of nature and to have new populated areas with models of social life that respect nature and the dignity of people. In this way Alentejo becomes really a land of bread and peace."