Why love and sexuality have a key role in the research work of Tamera

(Excerpt of the Project Declaration Monte Cerro - by Dieter Duhm)

Give us mercy and redeem us.
Us too, we were searching for love -
For the coming together of man and woman
(Words that a dreamer received at night from his deceased father.)

The love between man and woman is one of the most beautiful things possible to experience on our earth. Nobody who is in this state of love can imagine that it will ever be over. All the same almost all love relations fail. Human society lives in a collective heartache. The area where we could experience the most beautiful is, for most, an area of deep disappointment, deep suffering, deep anger and often ultimate resignation.
The issue of love is a global issue. "There can not be peace in the world as long as there is war in love." What is meant is the daily "little war" between the genders - with its bad consequences for the children. It is children who will later go into war as soldiers and devastate the earth. These children were proliferated by parents who were mostly unable to live a very convincing model for love. From generation to generation the earth finds itself in a situation of unfulfilled love that leads from generation to generation to ever worsening pain and devastation. The inner context between unfulfilled love on the one hand and disease or merciless brutality on the other can today be seen in every orphanage and in every biography of violent youngsters. We find it in the life story of all dictators (see the works of Alice Miller), and we also find it in psychosomatic diseases if we know how to correctly interpret the symptoms. "All you need is love." Humankind needs fulfilment in love in order to resurrect.

What kind of love is meant?
Every love. Sensual love, soul love, religious love, loving your neighbour, loving animals, partner love. The focus lies in the reconnection of the two halves of the human being: man and woman. At the core of human co-habitation is the co-habitation between the genders. Their attraction or repulsion, their sexual signals and their cabling, their hope and disappointments go like a secret nerve system through the whole of human society, through every office, every department store, every reunion, every group. The two halves of the human being long for each other, fail to meet each other, fight each other and search for each other until they find each other. They must find each other not only in twos but world-wide, only then can the deepest of all wounds heal. The happiness or misery of the children - and thus of all people - for we were all once children - depends above all on their harmonious connection. In the healing of the love of the genders lies probably the most revolutionary step of current healing work - after thousands of years of suppression and denial during the patriarchal epoch. A new, humane culture has its roots in a new relation between the genders.

We are, therefore, facing the central question of research: How can the (open or latent) war of the genders be ended efficiently and replaced by a durable and reliable solidarity? How can the happiness of two people in love be lastingly protected and maintained without them having to protect it by too tight fences? Is there a realistic model of love where the wishes for partnership are compatible with the wishes for sexual adventure and where the longing for faithfulness and intimacy is not connected with the fear of loss and clinging to the other? Is there a form of living together where the sexual affection of one human being to another no longer provokes fear, anger and revenge in a third? In what kind of inter-human culture, in what structure of trust, in what form of inter-human truth and acceptance would such a love have to be embedded? On which higher order level are partnership love and free sexuality agreeable with one another? Under what social, sexual, ethic, and spiritual conditions is fulfilled love lastingly possible? Is there a relation between religion and Eros that enhances and unites both sides?

We give no ideological answers to these questions but we are looking for new spaces of experience, for truth and insight. The new epoch needs a new image of love and new role models for man and woman. This issue is one core issue of the planetary transformation process to go through. It can only be solved in connection with all other subjects. The solution does not begin with a confession for monogamy, polygamy or celibacy but with an inner truth that is supported by the truth of others. It is a probability field from which healing comes. The inner truth that comes from the source can manifest itself as well in temporary celibacy as in the physical pleasure of polygamy, depending on the state of development that is being passed through by the individual. On the path of truth-finding probably all varieties will be passed through, until here - in the most difficult and most secret area - it comes to a common understanding and enlightenment. From then on a burden will fall from the heart of humanity.

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