GRACE: Ethical Guidelines for Peace Workers

By Sabine Lichtenfels


What is Grace?

GRACE is not man made.

GRACE catapults us to a higher level of order in life itself.


It is not me that will judge, but life itself.

No matter where I happen to be and where I am coming from, I put aside all prejudice and judgement.

I do not arrive with preconceived ideas of who the other one might be or might not be and I do not make my opinion the yardstick for my actions.

I practised and learnt to see the Christ in every human being wherever I was and during all of the pilgrimage.

At first I turn to the human being who happens to be my counterpart and let myself be touched by his or her history. To do this, I anchor myself as far as possible in the present moment. Again and

again I imagine that the person sitting in front of me could just as well be me. I could be a woman settler, a Palestinian woman or a young Israeli woman about to enter the military. I could be the soldier that is about to shoot at Palestinian kids with tear gas.


GRACE comes from the strength and the connectedness with the source of life.

This must not be confused with a timid attitude where I dare not speak up against injustice when I see it. I do not condemn anyone or anything when I am in the state of GRACE, rather, I gather up the courage to speak the truth. I want to speak the truth in such a way as to reach out to others and to change them. It is not done in a way that I am the only one who has the point, as this would only further worsen the war situation.


You look at the same patterns of fear, anger, powerlessness and trauma which are everywhere and at

the resulting war with its destructive acts of revenge. It is the suppressed life itself that chooses revenge in order to survive.

At this point appeals to morality are useless. Just imagine, your child is killed in front of your own eyes. Is it not revenge that is your foremost and strongest impulse?

You see it everywhere sometimes in lesser sometimes in worse forms, but the basic pattern remains identical everywhere. It can be found behind every ideology, behind all religions, behind all views of the world. We have, in equal measure, all become victims of an imperialistic culture. Behind this avalanche that rolls across the regions of war on this planet writing its painful history of victims and perpetrators, behind all this, you come across the same hunger everywhere – a hunger for life, a hunger for love, a hunger for trust and belonging, a hunger for acknowledgement and a hunger for wanting to be seen and understood. This hunger is independent of race and creed. It simply exists, in every human being for as long as he or she still deserves this name.

When I am out there in the name of GRACE, I try to meet the human being and let myself be touched by them rather than by the world views they represent.

There are no Enemies

Healing only occurs if you accept love.

You will only be able to bring about peace once you have found peace in yourself.

Peace is inherent within you and within all beings. Like a seed, it is waiting for you to discover and develop it. Do whatever you do, with this seed in you.


There are no enemies, only potential friends.

Hostility comes from the illusion of separation. If you have a hostile attitude, then you are separated from yourself and separated from the one existence. You have not yet been able to truly see and understand you own negative aspects. You therefore judge them in yourself and others.


Know that you have all been both victim and perpetrator. What you judge in others today you may have been yourself in the past.

The request that you think differently about your enemies only seems moralistic as long as you seek an external God, who stands in judgment over you. For inside of you, you also have a judge, who stands in judgment over you and others.

That is the God of the Old Testament.

It is your own judging eyes that come from separation.

When you are connected with ME, you can free others from judgment by freeing yourself from it.

If this peace can manifest fully in the souls, the power of change is enormous, for the power of peace is a divine power.

From the books: "Grace - Pilgrimage for a Future without War"
"Sources of Love and Peace - Morning Attunements"

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