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The Global Campus warmly invites friends and sponsors to support this growing global alliance financially.

For this global dream to come true, we need financial support. Many have already formed a circle of support by sending donations. This has allowed the foundations of the Global Campus to form and your help is still needed for its further unfolding. 

In 2013 the Global Campus was able to hold educational gatherings in five of the base stations. This intensive studytime and creation of models was made possible through funding of individuals and institutions in a global network of support. If you want to read more about the 2013 education times or read our full report on activities 2013.

In 2014 we focused on further developing the curriculum of the Global Campus, based on the learning from these education times and the evolution of the network over the past decade. 

The issues we see when we look deeply into the human and ecological conditions in any place are so complex, it can be overwhelming to consider the changes needed to move towards reconciliation, regeneration and health. The study of the Global Campus is also complex and we want to document and make available the insights and knowledge we have gathered in the areas of cross-cultural collaboration and development of regional models.

This year from July 18th to August 15th 2015, 34 members of the Global Campus (GC) met in Tamera Healing Biotope in Portugal. It was an important meeting, a harvest of almost ten years of friendship and cooperation and an evolutionary leap of the GC. This was our second big gathering with all base stations (previously in 2011) with the intention to deepen in our common study, evaluate and envision our collaboration and individual projects, explore new skills and live together in an intimate global community within a functioning living model. We also held the vision to take a next evolutionary step together and form a GC Council. Here is the report.

We write updates about the different stations in the Terra Nova Voice and in their sections here:






Contact: globalcampus(at)tamera.org


You may want to donate by your Credit Card or your PayPal account from your own currency.

Please add the code-word of Global Campus in your donation operation.

To transfer your gift in Euros:

Bank: Caixa Crédito Agrícola S. Teotónio (Portugal)

Account holder: Grace - Stiftung zur Humanisierung des Geldes

Account Number/NIB: 40217203565


IBAN: PT50 0045 6332 40 2172 035 65 11


To transfer your gift in CHF:

Bank: Raiffeisenbank Zürich

Account holder: Grace - Stiftung zur Humanisierung des Geldes, Zürich

Account Number: 92188.56

IBAN: CH6181487000009218856     BIC: RAIFCH22     Clearing: 81487

The bank's PC account: 87-71996-7 

Donation receipts can only be issued to Swiss citizens. Please contact Cornelia Scheidl: Cornelia.Scheidl@tamera.org 


How else YOU Can Be Involved!

This is a global dream, and we are all apart of it. We are all needed in our roles, from those of us who will be working in the field to those who will offer the financial resources to make this work possible. There are many ways to support and become a part of this education. We are looking for supporters for this year’s educational gatherings, please let us know if you would like to donate, host a ‘solidarity event’ to share the message and fundraise, or donate your birthday to the cause!



Another way to stay connected is to join the ‘TERRA NOVA SCHOOL’, a global education platform and network for all who want to join together to work for peace, to become a catalyst for global system-change. At the heart of movement is the development of global consciousness, insights into healing processes and the implementation of models. Join an existing study group or create one yourself! 


During the Global Campus we will celebrate the ‘GLOBAL GRACE DAY’ on November 9th, a date with historical significance (the date the Holocaust began and the Berlin wall fell) and is becoming a day standing for the inner source of true non-violence and the growing global community of peace. You can take part of it by making a local action! info(at)global-grace-day.com


Please stay connected and share the story. If there is someone who you know that may be inspired to learn of this movement, or may be honored to give money and participate in such a project, please pass the information along. In this way, together, we can manifest this big vision and continue to grow in solidarity and co-creation.


 Thank you!

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Solidarity Event for the Global Campus

Organise a social event where you live to support the Global Campus

The principle is simple: to combine joy of coming together with raising awareness and funds for the Global Campus cause, from your home place.


We encourage you to organize a social event, such as a concert, a party, an art exhibition, a world cafe with special guests, a political cafe, a thematic meal. You can sell entrance tickets to your friends so they can join, cook and sell food and drinks, and send the benefits of such event to the Global Campus.


An example of invitation here.


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Support to the Peace education of international peace workers

Each year the amount of peace workers from crisis and impoverished areas of the world who wish to take part in the education programmes offered at Tamera are increasing. For many, the relevant, profound and complex education and training offer the possibility not only of a change in perspective for their own lives, but also very real solutions for their families, neighborhoods, communities and organisations. Knowledge and training are empowerment, and for those who experience the very daily reality of conflict and violence it is also a matter of survival. Building autonomous models that do not destroy, but instead support the regeneration of our planet and us as human beings is an essential element.    

To support more and more peace workers from crisis areas to take part in this education we need financial support. Please contact us directly globalcampus@tamera.org if you are interested in funding the scholarship of one or several international peaceworkers seeking deep and concrete peace education. The costs of one person coming from Togo or Thailand or Bolivia is 1300€ for a 4-week education program. Their transportation and visa application process costs in average 1500€. So in total to fund one person for a month-education in Tamera, it costs 2800€.


Das Buch "Terra Nova" - hier bestellen

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