European Voluntary Service

Our “Associação para um Mundo Humanitário” is a registered organization for European Voluntary Service (EVS). This means we offer EU citizens between 18 and 25 years old (and under certain conditions for people up to 30 years old) the possibility to volunteer in Tamera for up to 12 months. As our positions are occupied for this year already, we can’t accept any new volunteers for the time being.

What’s the EVS?

The aim of the European Voluntary Service is to support young people participating in various forms of voluntary activities, both within and outside the European Union. Young people can take part in non-profit, unpaid activities – individually or in groups. The registry number in the EU for Tamera is: EI REF: 2009-pt-19 Portugal.

The European database on registered organizations of the EVS says about us:

“The Associação para um Mundo Humanitário (Tamera) developed an extracurricular training module for youth and young adults in order to realize the concept of a European community with people from different national, cultural, religious and general backgrounds.

The association has committed itself to creating a model system which researches our current challenges on the ecological, social, technological and cultural level. This model is currently being created in Portugal and will develop generalizable communitarian knowledge about:

  • communitarian living
  • responsible actions with humans, animals and nature
  • truthful communication
  • a free and protected growing up of children
  • an alive and fair relationship between the genders
  • cooperation and exchange between the younger and older generations

This knowledge about community can then later be passed on to interested people in Europe and partnering countries.

The association wants to create an opportunity for youth and young adults to intensely get to know an autonomous technology, a communitarian, humane and social contact and common learning.

The youth is the carrier of the future. Therefore it is important for the association to convey sufficient knowledge and competence to the youth in the named areas in order to enable them to actively co-create their future.
The motivation of the association lies in making it possible for young people to follow their impulses in creating contacts, which creates a feeling of belonging together. Young people shall actively take part in the process of the realization of the European Communitarian idea.

How to apply

All EVS spots for this year are filled, please check back next year to see whether there’s a possibility for you to apply. Thank you for your interest!