3-Day Seminar: Children in Community

    This course will offer you a basic insight into both the theory and practice of raising children in community. It’s designed for parents and anyone interested in working with our future generations. You’ll be accompanied by members of our Parents’ School. 

    Program Details

    What does it mean when we say, “We are spiritual beings having a physical experience”? How does a “children’s community” influence children and their growth? How can we accompany these children? Over 3 days, we’ll lay out the theoretical basis of our work with children, with plenty of opportunity for exchange and dialog.

    We’ll also visit the school and the places where the children live, giving you the chance to ask questions to parents and teachers.

    The seminar will be guided by 2 members of the Tamera community, accompanied by the Parents’ School.

    The Parents’ School is a regular meeting point for parents in Tamera where they deal with the questions that arise through contact with their children. It’s the vessel for their own inner work as adults, which we see as the basis for accompanying children.

    Be aware that this 3-day seminar will give a first insight into our work with children, but it will be impossible to get a full understanding in such a short time. This course is the first step for taking part in our regional Parents’ School.

    You will explore:

    • the theoretical background of raising children in community (topics: children are cosmic beings, children in community – children’s community, giving orientation)
    • how our children live together
    • the Escola da Esperança
    • the meaning of Parents’ School.

    The program will be composed of:

    • presentations on how children are raised in Tamera
    • question and answer sessions
    • visits to the Escola da Esperança and the children’s living places
    • different forms of exchange.

    If you plan to bring your own children:


    • During the sessions, children from 6 years on will be accompanied and have their own program (the age limit can vary depending on the age range of the participants).
    • Younger children should only join the children’s program if they are ready for it or have the wish to join.
    • We will have some playing possibilities for younger children in and close to the seminar room, accompanied by an adult from the team. If necessary, the parents can go out and take care of their children.

    Please register each child you’d like to bring with a separate registration form.


    Introduction Week – Open for Parents with Children


    Total cost of 3 additional days (including board and accommodation): €285

    Children (6 years and up): €60

    Portuguese Scholarship Fund

    For Portuguese nationals living in Portugal, we offer a sliding scale from €160 to €285. When you sign up online, please let us know how much you can pay within this range.



    Family dormitory or your own tent

    A space in a shared wooden hut or a room in the Guest House can be booked at an additional cost.


    Vegan full board


    For the accompaniment of the children: English, German

    Arrival and Departure

    Please depart the day after the course finishes

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