Activist Intensive Seminar: Is Global Healing Possible?

    We invite the activists who are joining our event “Defend the Sacred: Conference for Global Change Makers” (August 16–19) to stay on for a 4-day seminar to deepen consciousness and trust. Guided by experienced and renowned leaders in the realms of spiritual activism, we’ll explore how to anchor in authentic spirituality, search for the right balance between inner and outer peace work and access vision for a future worth living.

    As humanity teeters at the edge of global catastrophes – ecological breakdown and fascist resurgence on the outer, and social breakdown and hopelessness on the inner – activism finds itself in a deep crisis, at a turning point. “What about the failure of our imaginations?” asked Arundhati Roy a few years ago. With burnout, overwhelm, infighting and cynicism dominating many groups, achieving lasting change in the world merely by externally fighting “the system” no longer seems credible – though right now revolutionary change is so urgently needed.

    Meanwhile, different forms of activism are emerging and coming together in many places. In particular, a more holistic or “sacred” activism is arising which recognizes that we’re part of the community of life and that this community can only heal when we recognize and dissolve our collective trauma. Genuine system change relies on a profound transformation within and among ourselves as activists. All peace work is healing work.

    We thereby start to sense another power through which we can transform our inner and outer reality. We begin to see another, but very realistic, vision for our collective future: A world without domination and violence in which the community of life reunifies in deep cooperation and trust. We invite you to enter a space of perceiving this actual possibility and collaborating for its realization.

    Program Details

    Through lectures, study spaces, experiential exercises, Forum and ritual, we’ll work on the following 3 key areas and questions:

    • Anchoring in authentic spirituality: What is sacred to us? How can we find orientation from this source? How can we deal with overwhelm and grief?
    • Finding the right balance between inner and outer activism: How can we overcome hostility and fear without making false compromises? Why are community building and healing in sexuality and love crucial to social transformation?
    • Seeing the possibility of a healed Earth: Can we connect to a credible vision for a future worth living? How can global healing become possible? What’s our contribution?



    Participating in “Defend the Sacred: Conference for Global Change Makers” (August 16–19)


    Regular: €360

    Portuguese & youth: €260


    Please bring your own tent. If you have special needs, let us know.


    Vegan full board



    Arrival and Departure

    Please arrive for the conference before Friday, August 16, 3pm, and leave the day after the seminar ends, on Sunday, August 25.


    Please note that it isn’t possible to bring children to this conference.

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