Introduction Week – Open for Parents with Children

    Our 7-day Introduction Weeks offer an insight into the foundational ideas and the different areas of our work – from technology to spirituality, from global peacework to sexuality and love. You’ll also get an introduction to the Healing Biotopes Plan, the global peace plan at the heart of our growing international network. We invite you to get to know this vision and lived reality and engage with it. We’re happy for everyone who wants to collaborate towards humane system change.

    As we get many requests from parents living in community or wanting to establish their own projects, this Introduction Week is especially designed for parents or any other people interested in the issue of children and Tamera’s work with it. The content will be the same as in other Introduction Weeks, but adapted to the needs of families, including the children in some activities, or offering a parallel program for the kids.

    Program Details

    The seminar will be guided by a team of 2 or 3 community members, and additionally a team for the accompaniment of the kids. For many participants, our Introduction Week is a first, and sometimes life-changing, community experience. You’ll get to know some of the essential prospects for a possible new culture of trust and cooperation that have emerged in our decades-long research.

    You will explore:

    • The “Healing Biotopes Plan,” or why, despite global catastrophes unfolding, we still see a possibility for global healing.
    • What a “Healing Biotope” is.
    • The history and evolution of the Tamera community.
    • Our research findings in community, sexuality, love and partnership, in spirituality, art and healing, in cooperation with all beings, as well as in ecosystem restoration, regenerative autonomy and economy.
    • Our education program – from raising children and the “School of Hope” to peaceworker training for adults.
    • Our outreach work – in media and publishing, in global peacework and in building a planetary community.

    The program will be composed of:

    • presentations and Q&A sessions with different leaders of the community
    • guided tours and visits to special departments, e.g. our Children’s Place, the Solar Test Field and the Water Retention Landscape
    • spaces for deeper conversation and community building among the participants, e.g. sharing circles or men and women’s circles
    • moments of singing and playing together with the children
    • morning offers, such as gardening, Yoga or Qi Gong
    • participating in events for the whole community, e.g. our Sunday matinée, the Ring of Power and Political Cafés.

    What we plan to do with the children

    • At the beginning, we will explore Tamera together, have a guided tour and be outside together, for example, harvesting in the garden.
    • During the presentations and Q&A sessions and other adult-focused programs, children from 6 years on will be accompanied and have their own program to get to know each other, to have adventures and get some insight in Tamera on their level (the age limit can vary depending the constellation/age range of the participants).
    • Younger children should only join the children’s program if they are ready for it or have the wish to join.
    • We will have some playing possibilities for younger children in and close to the seminar room, accompanied by an adult from the team. If necessary, the parents can go out and take care of their children.
    • We highly recommend you not to come alone as a parent with young children, as of course, you will remain as the main person responsible for them, and especially younger children might need your full attention after (and sometimes even during) the course program. If you still want to come alone, please email us before registering. From our experience, we know that it is very helpful to bring along a friend, in order to share the childcare and be able to participate more.
    • If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask them in your first contact email to us.

    We’re offering additional deepening days about children in community from October 14 through 16.
    For more Information and to register.

    The Team

    Please register each child you’d like to bring with a separate registration form.



    Registration Deadline

    September 16
    Limited places


    Total Cost of Introduction Week (including board and accommodation): €680

    Youth price: €480

    Children (6 years and up): €135

    Portuguese Scholarship Fund

    For Portuguese nationals living in Portugal, we offer a sliding scale from €365 to €650 for the total cost of the Introduction Week (find out more). When you sign up online, please let us know how much you can pay within this range.


    Dormitory, own van, or your own tent.

    A space in a shared wooden hut or a room in the Guest House can be booked at an additional cost.


    Vegan full board


    For the accompaniment of the children: English, German

    Arrival and Departure

    Please arrive the day before the course begins, between 2pm and 5pm. We’d like to gather together to get to know each other before the course starts.
    Please depart the day after the course finishes

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