October 4th is World Animal Day: Participate In The Protection of our Fellow Creatures!
    The “Tarde Aberto” in Tamera on Saturday, October 5th, 3.15pm, is dedicated to the theme of animals.

    “I can imagine a world – because it has always existed! – in which man and beast live together in an alliance, in peace and harmony, a world transformed day by day by the magic of love, a world free from death. It is not a dream. ”
    Henry Miller

    St. Francis of Assisi said that animals are our brothers and sisters. He was a living testimony of loving cooperation between man and animal in the 13th century. World Animal Day is celebrated on October 4th, on his name day, in his honor.

    All life is connected. What we do to animals, we in one way or another do to ourselves. We feel what we inflict on the animals: it returns to us as fear or revulsion towards them. That is the emotional echo of our collective behavior towards the animals. We are creating a world of fear. In a world of mutual respect it would be natural for animals to communicate with people and vice versa. They gladly seek contact with humans whenever they feel trust. Our soul is relieved when we can observe animals without fear. Who does not know the inner joy of listening to nightingales, touching the soft fur of a rabbit, or of playing with young animals? The extended family of Creation is our true home.

    Such thoughts bring up questions: How do the animals live? How do we live together? How can we communicate with animals again? How can we help them? Can we stop destroying their habitats? Do we continue to kill them? Does this food chain exist in a world that is based on the principles of life?

    We will peek into the work of several animal projects within Tamera:
    Horses: Cooperation with these powerful animals, without false domination but with power. Communication in cooperation.
    Dogs: Healing for human and animal. The dog as social animal and as non-judgemental companion to humans: How can we accept their unconditional love?
    Bees: Swarm intelligence. Unconditional cooperation with each other. How can we accompany these animals without exploitation and without using chemical treatments?

    “Send love ahead and touch only then!
    Send blessings ahead and touch only then!
    Send joy ahead and touch only then!
    Send welcome ahead and touch only then!
    Send goodwill ahead and touch only then!
    Send curiousity ahead and touch only then!
    Send the desire to share ahead and touch only then!
    Send the wish to do good ahead and touch only then!”
    Eike Braunroth


    From 3.15pm to approx. 6.30pm


    The tour begins and ends in our Cultural Center.


    English, Portuguese


    Free admission – we’re grateful for donations

    Overnight stay

    Adult: €40
    Portuguese: €30
    Youth: €25


    Own van, or your own tent.

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