“Cooperation with All Beings:
Contact with Animals, Nature and Spirit”

In this rich new study program we welcome you to join us in exploring answers to these questions:

  • How can we build a culture of peace that redefines our interaction with the forces of nature?
  • How can we connect and cooperate with animals?
  • What is the gift of ancient peace knowledge for us today?
  • How can nature help us to find the path toward unification and higher consciousness?
  • How can we affirm our wild sexual nature and what is the global significance of cooperation and compassion with all beings?

We will inquire into the nature of horses, pigs, dogs, rats, water and invisible beings. Remaining curious as to who is looking at us and who is looking when we look, we will seek to connect with nature, understand its language and collaborate with its beings.

The course is designed for all spiritual pioneers who want to work on the foundation for a profound system change from fear to trust. We would like to inspire you with examples from Tamera’s research and offer ideas as to how you can engage in your own projects.


Our introduction video provides an overview of the course:


Mainly English or German with translation.


Sliding scale from €120–€300

Why are we using a sliding scale?

To enquire about further reductions, especially for Portuguese nationals and people from the Global South, please fill out our application form and wait for our reply.

Time Commitment

Start date: Octoberber 6.
More information in the event description below.

Program Details

The course is made up of 11 study units, each containing texts, images and videos of interviews with knowledge carriers from Tamera and elsewhere. The course also contains many exercises to support you in deepening your understanding and in experiencing cooperation and communication between humans, animals and nature. Here is a list of the contributors and topics:

  • Sabine Lichtenfels – Tamera’s stone circle and the work on inner shadows in contact with rats
  • Heike Kessler – Wild boars and pigs; the liberation of the eros and healing the of separation of flesh and spirit
  • Barbara Kovats – Activism for animal rights, healing the contact between humans and animals
  • Katharina Müller – Chickens as co-workers on the land; and cooperation with the wildlife
  • Freya Vogt – Non-violent training with horses
  • Joerg Matthes – Cooperative gardening, animals and nature as helping forces
  • Blanca van der Heijden – Dog sanctuary, active help and healing work for animals in need
  • Markus Dittrich – What happens when rain touches the ground?
  • Eike Braunroth – Cooperation with nature and animal communication

Although this self-paced course is available at any time, we’ll offer 5 webinars where you can ask questions and interact directly with our specialists. You can join the webinars live on:

  • Monday 9th of October, 18:00 (UTC+1/WEST – Lisbon/London time)
  • Friday 20th of October, 18:00 (UTC+1/WEST – Lisbon/London time)
  • Thursday 9th of November, 18:00 (UTC/WET – Lisbon/London time)
  • Tuesday 28th of November, 18:00 (UTC/WET – Lisbon/London time)
  • Wednesday 20th of December, 18:00 (UTC/WET – Lisbon/London time)


The recording of each webinar will be available on the study platform after they take place.

The e-book “Temple of Love” by Sabine Lichtenfels is included in the course fee and will be available as soon as you register.


Time Commitment

We recommend you invest between 1 – 2 hours for each of the 11 study units. This will allow you to review all the content, write your contributions, interact with other participants and join (or watch) the webinars. You can decide on the pace and depth of your participation.