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    “Healing Biotopes Plan”

    Our 4 week course on the “Healing Biotopes Plan” offers you an in-depth introduction to a vision for global system change. Our online courses are profound interactive learning adventures which you can join from wherever you are in the world. We recommend this course to all those who are interested in our work, as it provides an ideal foundation for further studies in Tamera.

    Join a Vision for Global System Change

    The Healing Biotopes project aims to contribute to the healing of humankind and the Earth. To enable a post-capitalist future without war, we need convincing models. It’s in this context that we work on Healing Biotopes: places to research solutions for both the outer global crises and the crises of the inner human world. It’s the inner human processes that determine the success or failure of our peace work.

    A Healing Biotope is a community in which all beings involved – humans, animals and plants – live together in a way that serves their mutual healing and development. It is crucial that there is trust created among all those involved, for trust is the basis of healing.

    Our introduction video gives you an overview of the course:

    Registration Deadline

    March 8




    Standard Price (including the e-book): €290

    Abundance Price (to support people who cannot afford the standard price): €400

    Supported Price (for those who cannot afford the standard price): €200

    To enquire about further reductions, especially Portuguese nationals and people from the Global South, please send an email to onlinecourse (at)


    Payment can be made via PayPal, bank transfer or TransferWise.

    Time Commitment

    Please read event description for detailed information.

    Program Details

    During 4 weeks, you’ll study as part of an online community with people from all over the world. Our online education platform will provide you with study units that allow you to dive into the findings of our decades-long research, focusing on the following key questions:

    • What are Healing Biotopes?
    • What is the role of community building in a post-capitalist future?
    • Why is the healing of sex, love and partnership crucial for system change?
    • How can Healing Biotopes have an impact on global consciousness?
    • What is your contribution to global healing?

    Our study units include videos, essays and inspiring assignments as well as an interactive online discussion forum and a weekly video call where you can engage with other students and experienced facilitators from Tamera.

    We’ll offer webinars in which you can ask questions to our teachers at Tamera. The e-book “The Sacred Matrix,” by Dieter Duhm, will be available to download as soon as you register. This is included in the course fee.

    Time Commitment

    Every week you will receive study material including texts, images and videos with proposed tasks. You can distribute your study time as you want. We recommend 6 hours a week to take part in the course in an active way, with enough time to write your contributions and to interact with other students.

    The minimum amount of time you’ll need to go through the course content without interacting and contributing is 2 to 3 hours per week.

    In addition to this we will have 2 elements with fixed times:

    Webinars – questions and answers with teachers from the Tamera community. This will take place 3 times:

    • Tuesday March 23, 18:00 UTC
    • Tuesday March 30, 18:00 UTC+1
    • Tuesday April 6, 18:00 UTC+1

    The webinars will be recorded and available on the study platform to watch after the live stream has finished.

    Video Calls – a space for interaction and exchange between the students and the facilitators.

    This will take place: Tuesday March 16, 18:00 UTC and after every webinar at 19:15 (Portuguese time).

    The video calls will not be recorded.


    Uri Ayalon

    Uri Ayalon was born in Israel-Palestine, is a father of 3 children & a committed activist. Since 2005, he’s been a carrier of the Peace Research Village Middle-East project – intending to establish a model for peace culture in Israel-Palestine. He used to work as a journalist and a history teacher. He has lived in Tamera for more than 10 years, with a big passion for food autonomy & education work.