Online Course

“Global Revolution and the Healing of Love”

Our 5-week online course allows you to explore the inner system change in community, love and sexuality, and offers an introduction to our vision of “Terra Nova” – a world in which love can naturally be free of fear. We will study why working on a holistic new model for love is not just a personal topic but a political one – how the ability to love is the fuel for a deep form of activism, and how love requires a whole new culture to blossom and endure.

What We Offer

Join us for an interactive learning adventure, drawing on our research experience in the following fields:

  • Community Building: A necessary basis for healing love
  • Free Sexuality and Partnership: Complementary, not contradictory
  • Freeing Love from Fear: A key element in system change
  • Reuniting Religion and Eros: Redefining the sacred

The course incorporates study material and videos of interviews from Tamera’s Global Love School, inspiring essays, interactive study assignments, spiritual exercises and an online platform to share insights and engage with fellow students. Through study, you’ll be guided to find – or deepen – your role in the revolution of love. You’ll be facilitated by an experienced team from Tamera. We’ll offer regular webinars in which you can ask questions to our community members at Tamera and interact directly with the facilitators. Your course fee includes the e-book: “Terra Nova: Global Revolution and the Healing of Love” by Dieter Duhm. It’ll be available to download as soon as you register.

Registration Deadline

May 27, 2022




Sliding Scale from €230–€550

Why are we using a sliding scale?

​​The course is designed for individual participation. We ask couples and groups to register separately. We offer them a 25% discount.

To enquire about further reductions, especially Portuguese nationals and people from the Global South, please fill out our application form.


Payment can be made via PayPal, bank transfer or Wise.

Time Commitment

Please read event description for detailed information.

Time Commitment

Every week you’ll receive study material including texts, images and videos with proposed tasks. You can distribute your study time as you want. We recommend at least 6 hours a week to take part in the course in an active way, with enough time to write your contributions and to interact with other students.

The minimum amount of time you’ll need to go through the course content without interacting and contributing is 2 to 3 hours per week.

In addition to this we’ll have video calls with fixed times:

Webinars – these are live Q&A sessions with community members from Tamera on the following dates:

  • Wednesday June 8, 18:00 UTC+1
  • Wednesday June 15, 18:00 UTC+1
  • Wednesday June 22, 18:00 UTC+1
  • Wednesday June 29, 18:00 UTC+1

The webinars will be recorded and available on the study platform.

Video Calls – these are spaces for interaction and exchange between the participants and the facilitators.

The first will take place on Wednesday June 1, 18:00 UTC+1 and the following ones after every webinar at 19:30 UTC+1

These calls will not be recorded so as to respect the intimacy of the sharings.