October 4 – 15, 2022

SD Forum

Transformation Through Artistic Self-Dismantling

This 12-day course is designed for community builders, peace workers, activists, group facilitators and researchers in the fields of inner and outer system change. You’re invited to a creative and experimental space where we’ll get in touch with the power of “inner” transformation and “outer” conflict resolution through radical self-dismantling and performance. We’ll use ourselves as research laboratories to become aware and reveal deep rooted systemic conditioning and liberate some of the suppressed life energies that we all carry within.


Program Description

One of the aims of this program is to collectively step out of our usual thinking patterns and habitual ways of speaking and acting. To do this requires the willingness of each participant to step beyond their “personal identity” and “comfort zone” and step into a conscious space of observation and chaos to allow new insights to enter. The intention is to embody these transforming insights in our minds, hearts and bodies – as individuals and as a group.

By doing so we’ll also get in touch with the resistances of our identified ego that doesn’t want to change its habits and conditioning. We’ll face its forms of resistance as an isolated and fearful form of “body armor” (Wilhelm Reich) within us. And we’ll encounter the socialization and education of modern, western civilization mainly focused on verbal communication (Augusto Boal), which strongly limits our body expression and suppresses often deep emotional life energies. This training space will help us to express ourselves beyond our body armor and the limitations of polite conversation that we’re usually confined by.

SD work does not center individual healing. It rather addresses different aspects of humanity that need attention and are represented through individuals. By revealing them in a communitarian setting we create the potential and possibility of a collective transformation process (which fundamentally also includes the individual).

“Our illnesses and chronic life problems are not private issues. They are signs of our connection to the totality of human civilization. By healing them, we not only heal ourselves, but contribute to the healing of a certain aspect of the world.”

Dieter Duhm

Some Key Elements of Self-Dismantling (SD):

  • Stepping out of our social conditioning, the ego and its body armor
  • Bio-energetic liberation of our bodies, minds and hearts, in the attempt to experience universal forms of existence as people with all our senses and potentials
  • Making different aspects of transformation visible in a non-judgmental, communitarian space of trust
  • Stepping out of “normality” by using humor, exaggeration, distortion and overplaying to observe serious human issues that need transformation and healing

Our program will include:

  • Speeches
  • Theater exercises (background in “Theater of the Oppressed” and “physical theater”)
  • Experiential spaces for perception beyond the verbal and visual
  • Experiential spaces to step out of usual habits and step in to conscious “chaos”
  • SD-Forum

Please note:

We do not offer an official certification as a Forum leader. In our understanding the practice of Forum and SD Forum is not a method that can be generally replicated, but requires a longer path of self-investigation. This course will give you a foundation and basic knowledge about the tool of SD Forum within the context of community, and from this point you can develop your individual approach to Forum.

October 4 – 15, 2022


This course is for people that have visited Tamera in one of our deepening courses, and have gotten to know the way we practice SD-Forum (and in the best case knows the work of Rico Portilho).

If you want to join this course please write an email to
guest-centre(at)tamera.org by August 15. Include your name, age, date of birth, where you’re from, your educational background in Tamera, and your motivation to join this course.

Corona Guidelines

If you have questions or concerns about our guidelines relating to Corona you can sign up for one of our Zoom calls in the registration.


Sliding Scale from
€820 to €1,370
(including seminar fee, board & accommodation)

Why are we using a sliding scale?

Please consider applying for or donating to our solidarity fund if you can’t pay the lower end of the sliding scale or want to support others.

Our invitation to Portuguese nationals.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your participation to a course 2 weeks or less before the start of the program, we ask for a cancellation fee of €100.


Dormitories, Camper Van or tent.
A room in the Guest House can be booked at an additional cost.


Vegan full board



Arrival and Departure

Please arrive the day before the course begins and depart the day after the course finishes.


Please note that it’s not possible to bring children to this course.


Please note that it’s not possible to bring pets to this course.

The Team

October 4 – 15, 2022