Work Study in Our Campus Kitchen

    We invite people with interest in vegan cooking to volunteer in our Visitor Center & Campus kitchen. We invite you to learn about the political backgrounds and the practice of vegan cuisine and food autonomy, study the ideas of Tamera and enter into a communitarian mode of life yourself.

    “Food offers us many opportunities to resist the culture of mass marketing and commodification. Though consumer action can take many creative and powerful forms, we do not have to be reduced to the role of consumers selecting from seductive convenience items. We can merge appetite with activism and choose to involve ourselves in food as co-creators.”
    Sandor Ellix Katz, “The Art of Fermentation“

    In our Visitor Center & Campus kitchen, our cuisine is regional, seasonal and vegan, as this allows us to have direct influence on how food is produced and processed. This is an expression of our decision to step out of the system of exploitation and into a system of cooperation. As healthy nutrition plays a key role in creating a healthy system of life, we also study and practice fermentation and canning.

    What We Offer

    The program consists of 5 working days a week: 2 days of up to 8 hours, 3 days of up to 4 hours, and regular group meetings.In addition to learning skills about nutrition and food processing we also offer training in community consciousness.

    Working in a community kitchen touches social questions of community building that we want to address consciously, such as:

    • What does it mean to work at the “nourishing heart” of a community?
    • How can a team arise that collaborates with coherence and trust, thereby giving positive energy to our food?

    The kitchen of our Visitor Center and Campus works on large scale, serving 150 people on average on a daily basis – in our peak times, even more. That's why we're looking for participants who bring joy, curiosity and commitment – previous cooking experience is not necessary.

    We're looking forward to sharing a creative and communitarian experience.

    The Team

    Ina Voigt has been a Tamera co-worker for 18 years, is a passionate vegan cook and has been working in the realms of food sovereignty, the kitchen, processing and shopping for many years. She led the pilgrim kitchens during our “Grace Pilgrimages” and has been at the heart of our Visitor Center & Campus kitchen for the past couple of years.

    She'll be accompanied by three wonderful chefs:
    Claudia Metschen
    Elinor Ben-Zikri
    Jessica Bomball




    Basic Fee (Board and Lodging) €1460 (€20 per night)


    Vegan full board


    Shared tents or your own tent.

    A space in a shared wooden hut or a room in the Guest House can be booked at an additional cost.


    English & German


    Upcoming Events