Work Study in our Solar Test Field

    Between June 11 and July 7 2018, we invite engineers, craftspeople, project managers, people with a background in finance and all those interested in decentralized energy technology to join us in our Solar Test Field. Within a community experience, we will continue our research with the Tamera Ultralight Membrane Mirror.” We will specifically focus on its applications in cooking, lime burning, and other experiments with materials like metal, glass, and ceramics; and on its potential as a concentrated light and thermal energy source.

    What We Offer

    The month will include exchange with other groups in Tamera and with the diverse research directions of the project; through tours, visits, and Forum. There will be community life and we will help care for Tamera’s spaces and infrastructure. We will work directly with the solar cooking technology already present in the “Solar Kitchen,” devoting at least 1 week to exploring all the technology and techniques available here, from simple box cookers, the Scheffler mirror and biogas digester in the Solar Kitchen, and demonstrating our new “Tolokatsin” solar cooker, as well as cooking on stored heat from the Ultralight Membrane Mirror.

    Who Should Apply

    Join us! If you fit any of the following criteria, please reach out to us. We are looking for:

    • people who are interested in decentralized energy technology
    • craftspeople
    • specialists wanting to support our infrastructure and/or our Energy Autonomy project
    • people with a background in engineering, project management or finances
    • Portuguese speakers interested in helping us out with fundraising work in Portugal.

    Please note that participating in an Introduction Week is a prerequisite for joining this program. If you haven’t already completed an Introduction Week, please plan on doing so before the Work Study group begins, e.g. by joining the Introduction Week from June 2–8 2018.

    The Team

    You will be hosted and accompanied by our Solar Test Field team:

    If you are interested in participating, or have questions about the content of the month, please contact

    Frederick Weihe at frederick (at)

    For general questions about how to get here or what you need for your stay, please send an email to the guest team at office (at)


    Introduction Week


    Basic fee (board & lodging):
    €20 per night


    Vegan full board


    Shared tents or your own tent.

    A space in a shared wooden hut or a room in the Guest House can be booked at an additional cost.