Building Water Retention Landscapes

Deepen your skills in building rainwater retention measures through practical hands-on learning on our land.



At a time of growing ecological emergence, natural and decentralized water management is essential for reversing desertification, restoring ecosystems and rebalancing our climate. Since 2007, we’ve built a Water Retention Landscape in Tamera as an example for this much needed regenerative shift.

After learning the basic principles and practices in “Designing and implementing water retention landscapes” (or other previous Tamera water retention courses), this course is for those who want to put the theory into practice!

You’ll be out on the land most of the day and learn practical skills for building rainwater retention measures through hands-on learning. You’ll be part of a small group of up to 15 fellow students working on a practical project with our ecology team (like building swales, check dams or building roads in alignment with water retention principles). Through the experience of putting principles into action, you’ll realize where you’ll need to deepen your knowledge to apply it practically at home. You’ll get counsel and advice from our experts who’ll accompany you and be happy to answer your questions.

As you know, our approach to ecological intervention involves restoring our relations and communicating with the beings of nature. You’ll deepen your learning on how to become an Earth steward who is in contact and reciprocity with our more-than-human relatives.

Who is the course for?

  • People who are interested in practically implementing water retention landscapes

What you’ll learn

  • How to observe the landscape
  • How to practically design and build various water retention measures (such as swales and check dams)
  • How to be in contact with the land and care for the Earth
  • The shifts within our hearts and minds that are necessary to care for Earth and to regenerate

Course content

  • Building water retention measures
  • Q&A with, mentoring and counsel from the teachers
  • Deep ecology exercises
  • Group times for getting to know each other and contextualizing ourselves in our broader ecological situation.


Research area: Ecology

Type of learning: Learn skills

Location: In Tamera

Language: English


Having completed one of our water retention landscape courses in the last 10 years.


Sliding scale from €690 to €1140 (including seminar fee, board & accommodation).

You find the cost too high? Explore our Solidarity Fund.

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Why are we using a sliding scale?

Our invitation to Portuguese nationals.

Payment Policy

Once you have filled out the registration form, we will send you an email with instructions on how to pay.

Please note that in order to confirm your registration, you must pay a non-refundable registration fee of €150.


Shared dormitories/group tents, Guest House, own tent, or own van.


Vegan full board.

Arrival and Departure

Please arrive the day before the program begins and depart the day after the program finishes.


We regret that children cannot be accommodated in this course.


We regret that pets cannot be accommodated in this course.