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                                                                                                     Community in the Stonecircle

We in Tamera send you all heartfelt greetings at the end of the year. In this year, full of frightening news, we probably all feel the culmination of a global crisis. But there are also many encouraging messages. More and more people around the world are looking for solutions, working on alternatives, wanting to step out of the existing system, and connecting and networking with each other. Gradually, an overarching alternative is becoming visible. We can better see this alternative, the more we, in own environment, come together with people to exchange and create coherence. This creates communities that have a common vision – and therefore a power grows which can much better cope with the imminent threats than isolated individuals.

In our friends and partners in crisis areas we can see that the determination grows especially in these times of escalating threat. People stop deluding themselves and waiting for salvation from outside. They unite and join forces. They work and study, with receptivity for the “knowledge of people with open hearts,” as expressed by our friends at OTEPIC in Kenya.

Several community members of Tamera are traveling during the winter. They are in Palestine, Togo, Kenya, Australia, supporting and providing direct assistance in refugee camps in Germany and Lesbos. Parallel to this, the carriers of Tamera take this time during winter to plan. How do we join forces? How does coherence arise? And how, with all the tasks among us, will we deepen the cohesion in the community so that we can meet the great task to build a real Healing Biotope, a model for the future, in Tamera?

Guest Season 2016

First of all we would like to thank all new and old friends, guests and participants. We had more participants and students this year than ever before. The great demand, increasingly coming to us from the United States, Europe and also from crisis areas, challenges us to develop an education plan that allows more and more participants to study and experience the essential areas necessary for setting up a Healing Biotope in evermore places. This takes time. We plan to be able to publish more information, dates, and a basic framework of the education structure offers on our website by the end of January.

What we can say now is that we think of continuing and deepening our courses in our core areas of water and permaculture, energy, community-building, Love School and feminine peace-knowledge. There will certainly be “Open Days,” Introduction Weeks and a Community Course, horse courses, as well as the opportunity to participate in the permaculture work on Tamera’s land.

So far, the following dates are set:
April  18-24th:    First Introduction Week of the season
May    1-10th:    Global Love School (for a previously-established group)
July     2- 5th:    Conference of the International Community Study Association (ICSA)
August:              In the context of our political summer, there will be a youth camp for ages 13-18 in the first half of August.

For registration and information contact:

Holiday Gifts from Tamera

We have some suggestions that can serve as gifts and simultaneously spread new prospects for the future – during the holidays or throughout the entire year:

Terra Nova: Global Revolution and the Healing of Love by Dieter Duhm. Especially after our U.S. tour, the book is being discovered and recommended by a growing number of people around the world. “I have read all of Dieter Duhm's books and this is his best yet," says Jacqueline Sa, author of Exultation: Erotic Tales of Divine Union, "culminating over 40 years of Tamera's experimentations and tenets for a loving, peaceful and emancipated future of humanity (...) For me, there is no better gift of Love during this Holiday Season of giving, to spread the word for a united dream of a kinder future toward one another, globally and for our beloved Earth.” Alnoor Ladha, executive director of The Rules, writes in a review for Kosmos Journal, "According to Duhm, if we dare to hope for achieving an anarchist utopia with strong local and bio-regional economies, direct democracy and symbiosis with the natural world, we need women and men to be sovereign, to understand how power works, to consent to rules they themselves have legitimized, and to consciously choose to live according to their shared principles and values. In other words, his argument is that in order to know what we want, we must first know who we are. What are our deepest desires? Why do we think we are here? Where do we think we are going, as individuals and as a civilization?" Read the entire review at:

Order the book here as hard cover or eBook:

Tamera: A Model for the Future by Leila Dregger. Revised edition, published in fall 2015. Through reports and beautiful photos the book opens up an alternative for another life, as it is being created in Tamera, Portugal. It is a source of inspiration and knowledge for establishing similar places around the world. Order the book at



Tamera’s Travelling School: February 2016 - Political Journey into the Favelas of São Paulo, Brazil

For many years the Escola da Esperança’s “travelling school” project has been accompanying teenagers on journeys through various crisis areas. Time and again, this has allowed them to have experiences that shaped their life paths. For some, these were real initiations, and the direct experience and understanding of the situations in other countries gave rise to authentic projects. In mid-February 2016 a group of eight teenagers and chaperones from Tamera will again assume a political trip, this time to Brazil. They want to go to São Paulo for one month to do a student-exchange with the education project Âncora and visit Favela da Paz. The preparations have already been in the works for three months. The youth have produced a short film about the project with the help of a filmmaker, had political education, and there is already an intense mail correspondence with the young people from the favelas, who are very much looking forward to the visit.
Learn more about their journey and the projects they want to visit here:

We invite you to support us in this adventure! On January 11th, we will start a crowdfunding campaign to finance the trip; find this soon on our website:

News from our network

Tour through Germany, Austria, Switzerland
In November Leila Dregger, Nora Czajkowski, and Michael Berghoff, were on tour for three weeks in order to present the new books Tamera: A Model for the Future and Ecovillage: 1001 Ways to Heal the Planet. They were invited by friends and Terra Nova groups and gave around 20 presentations in cafes and warehouses, in theaters, schools, on TV and radio. It was both surprising and moving to witness how big and positive the resonance was from the people. You can feel that more and more people are searching for alternatives. In some places new groups came into being. We want to support that many possibilities for community, inspiration, and cooperation will arise outside of Tamera in the future. We once again want to express great gratitude to all those that organized an event and all who joined our presentations!
Tamera: A Model for the Future:
Ecovillage: 1001 Ways to Heal the Planet:

Water: The Missing Link for Solving Climate Change?
On the occasion of the Climate Summit in Paris, Terra Nova Voice published Martin Winiecki and Leila Dregger’s article on Michal Kravcik’s global action plan for water:

Official Recognition of Tamera’s Water Research
The European Climate Adaption Platform highlighted Tamera’s Water Retention Landscape as a positive example for restoring natural water cycles and for being less susceptible to drought:

RefuGEN: Immediate Help for Refugees in Lesbos
Members of Tamera are participating in the “RefuGEN” initiative. The Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) will be providing immediate aid for refugees arriving Lesbos, Greece for the next half year. They are looking for people who can lend a hand, who have medical knowledge, and/or speak Arabic and are able to be there for at least one week. They are also looking for other contributions (warm clothes especially for men, sleeping bags, and tents). They also need financial support. Read the whole letter:
The volunteers need to cover the costs on their own. Many Tamera members have stepped out of the monetary system. However, in spite of their experiences in crisis areas and in building community, they are able to contribute in a valuable way in Lesbos. Whoever can support us to do this work may transfer a donation with the keyword ‘RefuGEN’ to: Crédito Agrícola S.Teotónio, Manfred Mildner, NIB: 0045 6332 40142265979 40, IBAN: PT50 0045 6332 4014 2265 9794 0, BIC: CCCMPTPL

EDE Course in Palestine
In November, the first two-week Ecovillage Design Education course took place in Palestine. Thirty Palestinians participated, hosted by the village Farkha. Both the Global Ecovillage Network and Tamera’s Global Campus had convened the event. Aida Shibli and Bernd Mueller were some of the main carriers. More:

We wish you all a blessed New Year,
the Community of Tamera

P.S.1: The campaign goes on: 1000 supporters for Tamera! With a monthly contribution in the amount of your choice you become part of the realisation of the vision of Tamera and part of the ever growing planetary community, which brings peace models into being worldwide. More:

Order the book "Terra Nova" here