Tamera Manifesto

For a New Generation on Planet Earth

"Behind the global violence, powers of a profound change of era are showing themselves. Those who stand against despotism today could witness a completely changed world tomorrow. We greet those who are preparing the new era on all continents today, often risking their lives. We greet the newly arising planetary community."

A quote from the Gaza Youth's Manifesto for Change from December 2010: “We are scared. Here in Gaza we are scared of being incarcerated, interrogated, hit, tortured, bombed, killed. ... We are youth with heavy hearts. We carry in ourselves a heaviness so immense that it makes it difficult to us to enjoy the sunset. ... There is a revolution growing inside of us, an immense dissatisfaction and frustration that will destroy us unless we find a way of canalizing this energy into something that can challenge the status quo and give us some kind of hope.”

This is the cry of the youth of Gaza. It is the cry for help of a generation without hope. A call from many countries of the earth. Representatives of Tamera Peace Research Centre in Portugal have undertaken several pilgrimages in Israel/Palestine and Colombia. May the following text contribute to a way out of the misery, and to finding a new channel for suppressed energies.

We greet the youth of the world. We greet all peace-activists and helpers in the crisis areas of the earth. We greet those who, often risking death, dedicate their lives to uphold human rights, for the protection of children and indigenous peoples, the protection of animals, the protection of oceans, trees and all co-creatures of the great family of life. We also greet those governments who still have the courage to stand up against worldwide globalisation and its methods. This is a manifesto for a young generation which no longer has a future in existing society, for those who are actively involved in the struggle for liberation, for the relatives of the victims, for the unbearably many people who can no longer see a way out and who have no perspective in the face of daily misery.

The world is in transition towards a new way to live on Earth. The old dictatorships and hierarchies cannot remain much longer. We are experiencing the collapse of the mega-systems. The revolution in the Arab countries, the youth rioting in the Western mega-cities, the world financial crisis and mass unemployment, the rise of wars and man-made natural catastrophes, the moral decline into squalor of most governments, the international plans for states of emergency and the underground bunkers for the wealthy are sure signs of the approaching end of a violent epoch. Behind the global violence, powers of a profound change of era are showing themselves. Those who stand against despotism today could witness a completely changed world tomorrow. We greet those who are preparing the new era on all continents today, often risking their lives. We greet the newly arising planetary community.

Global System-Change

Behind the global massacre of our times stand wrong systems of economy, wrong concepts of love and religion, wrong systems of thought, and the endless abuse of natural resources. A global matrix of fear and violence has developed because of a wrong turn of evolution, and has eaten its way deep into the collective human soul. The new planetary community is making a fundamental system-change from the matrix of fear to the matrix of trust. It is doing so in all areas – from personal relationship issues to the political and ecological issues of the healing of the planet. Most natural catastrophes are the result of wrong human intervention in the cycles of nature. This system-change is a change of power. The new power no longer consists of domination over others but of reunification with the sacred laws of life. Everywhere that destruction is now raging, the first cells of a new world are emerging. The global apocalypse, horrible as it is, means not only downfall but also revelation. The forgotten sanctity of all life is rising from the ruins of the old and now giving birth to a new epoch. The new communities enter the service of life, service in the vineyard of God, and cooperation with those highest powers who have always, from the very beginning, formed our universe. The system-change will happen surprisingly quickly. In a few decades our children and children's children will know the millennia-long age of war only from history books. The Earth can be healed. There is a world that heals our wounds. This is the world of undistorted life. And there is a world that causes the wounds: the world of the human being. These two worlds have to come together to prevent future suffering. The world of the human being has to be reintegrated into the basic structures of universal life. The following four basic areas must be healed: energy, water, nutrition and – love. These four sources of life must be liberated from the dark powers which have destroyed them (energy companies, dictatorships, churches and so on). This is not a private, and not a local fight. It is a global fight. It is a fight between the global powers of life and the global powers of destruction. If life wins, there will be no losers.

A New Planetary Community

Besides the global riots, there is today a global movement to save life on earth. It consists of groups from Indigenous, Buddhist or Christian peace-traditions, especially in Latin America and Tibet. And of those moved peace-activists, environmentalists and seekers of life that has long known that there is no future worth living within the existing systems. We see a new generation of pilgrims from all countries travelling across the earth. They are no longer bound to nation, language, race, culture or religion, nor to wealth or possessions. They help in crisis areas, visit sacred sites, meet at campfires and in hostels, share their bread and develop a new quality of community. A new global citizenship is developing beyond all institutions. A new form of positive 'globalisation'. This process is supported by the development of new centres which slowly spread across the earth. We call them 'healing biotopes' or 'peace-villages'. They serve for the pilgrims as shelter, study centre and workplace. Real research work is done here on the technological, ecological, social, spiritual and intellectual basics of a non-violent world society. These centres follow a common ethic of living together, a charter of human rights and animal rights, a kind of planetary set of 'precepts'. The following eight peace-thoughts are valid at all places on earth:

1. Human Rights and Animal Rights
They recognise basic human rights independent of religious, national or ethnic origin. They do not tolerate the presence of hatred, violence or humiliation. And they recognise basic animal rights: the right of all animals to living space, food, freedom of movement, curiosity and contact. Animals will not be mutilated in the new world. No dogs will have their tails cut off, and no animals will be subject to experiments by the pharmaceutical industry. There will be no fur farms and no slaughter houses. Animals are natural cooperation partners and friends of the human being in the great family of life. Animals need our support and not our persecution.

2. Three Ethical Principles
They follow the basic ethical principles of community, particularly the three principles of truth, mutual support and responsible participation in the whole. In communities which are based on truth and mutual support, a power develops which is stronger than any violence. It is the power of trust: trust between men and women, trust between adults and children, and trust between humans and animals. The re-establishment of an original trust, in a world in which fear no longer exists. Trust is the basis on which life heals. There is no deeper vision than the vision of a world in which trust reigns between all beings.

3. Sexuality, love and partnership
They also follow the principle of truth and mutual support in the areas of sexuality, love and partnership. There cannot be peace on earth as long as there is war in love. The new world has overcome all forms of the fight between the genders. Neither chauvinism nor feminism exist. The genders stand as equals beside each other and work together for the same goal, the reunification of life. Questions of monogamy or polygamy, of couple-love or free-love are not ideological or religious questions, but rather questions of personal development and the decision of those who are involved. Love is a natural process, not a legalistic issue. There is no legal claim on love, or right of ownership of a love-partner, but there is great trust and deep solidarity between the female and the male halves of humankind. Sexuality is liberated from all forms of religious suppression, lies, humiliation and violence. It serves – in addition to reproduction – only mutual love, health and joy of life. In a humane world it can never occur against the will of one partner.

4. No Religious Barriers
There are no religious barriers in the planetary community. The same God, the same heaven and the same cosmic order of the sacred matrix reign over all religions. The sacred authority we serve is not a clerical institution, but life itself, because this is what we love. The Divine no longer reveals itself in old bibles, but in the movements of a stream, or in the construction of a blade of grass, and particularly in love and the mysterious interplay of the powers out of which all life originates. The Creator is not a punishing father-God. It is the I-point of the world, in which all vibrations come together. This I-point exists in all beings. When we meet anew in this understanding, there can be no religious violence.

5. Grace: No Revenge. Reconciliation
The newly forming planetary community has given itself a name. Their posters say “GRACE – Movement for a Free Earth.” They are declaring that the injuries and pain suffered will no longer be answered with hatred and violence. The pain has given birth to a new determination. Hatred has transformed into an absolute decision for life, peace and healing. There is no neutrality any longer, as one has taken a stand for life. This is no ideological or political stance. The tears which are cried by an Israeli mother for her murdered son are the same tears as those cried by a Palestinian mother. For many, the pain is too great for any more tears. Accusations and judgements are of no use any more, because they perpetuate the downward spiral of violence. The young demonstrators in Cairo or Tripoli are the same age as the soldiers and police shooting at them. They could have been friends. The peace-workers in Colombia's San José de Apartadó and the murderous paramilitary who kill them could also be friends if they could step out of the constraints of a vile system. No revenge! This was the appeal of a young Israeli woman (Michal) after her face was destroyed in a suicide bombing by a young Palestinian. She said that she might have acted similarly if she had been in his position. The inner power of this attitude is based on the deepest insight that we humans all come from the same source, have passed through similar suffering and are striving towards a similar goal of peace and healing.

6. Life without Fear
There is no more fear of any enemy, as there are no real enemies any more. The Indian philosopher Sri Aurobindo fought as a revolutionary for India's independence from England. While he was awaiting a death sentence in prison, Vasudeva (God) appeared to him. Vasudeva appeared to him in the form of the guards, the prosecutors and the judges. He had no more fear and was released. This is a very high point in the development of consciousness. When a human being has reached an inner point where he no longer reacts with fear or hatred, his organism changes and he becomes increasingly immune to attack and invulnerable. There are astonishing examples of this miracle. The Jansenists in Paris in the 18th Century could not be killed, as they were no longer afraid. In the times of the Great Plague, those helpers who were not afraid of infection were immune to the disease. There are stories of people in concentration camps who were spared by the executioner because they were not afraid of his power and cruelty. There is an essential key for peacework in our times here. Those who do not project onto evil cannot be reached by evil. Evil does not have power in itself, but gains power from projections of fear. An evil regime cannot remain in power once people stop projecting on it. It depends in the deepest sense on ourselves whether we win or lose this fight. We will win it once we stop reacting in old patterns. This requires a high level of training and a high vision of the common goal. Victory is not a question of collective emotion but a question of collective wisdom. When a new planetary movement takes a stand for life wholeheartedly, without reservation, then it stands on the side of higher justice and is thereby protected by high powers.

7. Water-Healing
Water is not merely the chemical substance H2O, but a living organism. The new world knows the secret of water, as described most deeply by Viktor Schauberger. All the information of life from the cosmos and the earth is taken on by water and given to all beings. Healthy water, full of energy is a key to completely healing the earth. Healthy groundwater and healthy drinking water is the basis of a healthy subsistence economy, for the healing of nature and humans and for a healthy connection of new communities with the core power of life. Thanks to its strong self-cleansing powers, water can be healed relatively quickly as soon as the disruptive factors are removed and its natural forms of movement are restored. The new planetary community has started to develop new systems to heal water at several places on earth. Water can be created in even the most barren regions of the earth. If the possibilities inherent in water are used in an intelligent way, autonomous settlements can develop almost anywhere on earth. Water, energy and food are freely available for the whole of humankind!

8. The Sacred Alliance of all Beings
The new planetary peace-community is accompanied by a host of visible and invisible co-creatures who together form the biosphere. All beings of the biosphere are in resonance with each other. Together they form a unified information system (the noosphere). This information system has been greatly disturbed by the violent interventions of the human being. Whales are losing their orientation, bees are dying out, and many dead birds have been falling from the sky recently. To heal the bisosphere again, the appropriate healing information must be introduced. All co-creatures joyfully accept information that is based on trust and respond to it enthusiastically. We know the moving pictures of the baby playing with the giant snake, of the lions who lovingly embrace their keepers, and many more. A similar co-existence with snakes, rats and wild boars has developed in Tamera. As soon as the human abandons his occult fears of the animal kingdom, the animals completely change their behaviour towards him. A cooperation starts between human and animal that previously only existed in fairytales. As soon as the first communities have developed the global information of peace, the whole animal kingdom will stand at their side. Whales and dolphins, birds, rats, frogs, ants etc. are part of an invisible information system which spreads its frequencies over the whole earth. Peace-communities of the new times will therefore do anything to rebuild the lost friendship with all creatures. This needs a radical renunciation of violence, deceit and abuse. Animals are no longer used for production. Food, cosmetics, medicines, clothes or bags for which animals had to die or suffer, will disappear from human households. The more conscientiously this happens, the stronger will be the healing power which guides the global processes from these centres.

Global Success

How can the new system of global peace spread and prevail worldwide? What gives us the optimism to so strongly believe that the global massacre will soon be over? It is an understanding of the powerful effect of new thoughts which are in resonance with the healing powers of the world. We can compare the earth's information system to a biological internet in which all the information is passed on to all participants. The system has become suffused with dense information of fear and violence, but behind this traumatic web lies a very different pattern, the pattern of healing which we call the 'Sacred Matrix'. If just a few groups on earth succeed in “downloading” the sacred pattern, the information of trust and healing can then be “uploaded” back into the global net, causing the global chain of violence to break. The healing information connects with the life forces of the sacred matrix and enters the body of the earth with great power, immediately causing genetic changes and a global field from which similar groups will arise all over the earth. A planetary process is thereby initiated, which cannot be stopped, as it is coherent with the entelechial powers of life. To illustrate this with an analogy, if we perceive the earth as a unified organism, then the healing information that is introduced has a similar effect to that of medicine introduced into the human organism. A single dose of medicine can effect a healing process in all organs and every cell! In the present case, a single dose of (complex) healing information effects a healing process in the whole organism of the earth. Human beings will no longer be physically or psychically able to torture and kill their co-creatures.

A major contribution to the shift from one age to another is provided by the power of vision. We are actually experiencing the birth of a powerful vision today: the vision of the new earth! The vision of a non-violent planet! The vision of a new planetary community! The vision of solidarity with all co-creatures! The vision of the sacred alliance! Nothing is more powerful than a vision whose time has come. If the revolutionaries of our times can develop a solid vision of peace which prevails against all resistance, then they have an unlimited power of manifestation. The power of thoughts and visions arises from the existence of the 'invisible substance'. Thoughts and visions build invisible fields of energy and information which are not limited by space. The visible world comes from invisible fields of energy and information! Just as a tree comes from the invisible substance of its genetic information. The whole of humankind is in such a process of a new becoming at present. It could be interesting in this regard to point out the famous Mayan date of December 21st 2012. We look at the scientific significance of this date, not the mythological meaning. At this point in time, different astronomical events coincide, such as a maximum of solar activity, changing the magnetic field of the earth. This change causes molecular changes in the genetic and neural structure of the human being, meaning in his consciousness and character. This process needs only relatively small triggers to lead to a genetic peace movement of planetary dimension – if these triggers are coherent with the sacred matrix. The future-trances which have been undertaken in the Peace Research Institute of Tamera, Portugal, show a shining picture. The Mayan date is not the end of humankind but a peak of global transformation and the start of a new epoch.

Tamera and the Global Campus

Over the past years, Tamera Peace Research Centre in Portugal has been developing a research settlement (currently 170 inhabitants) for a future without war. The thoughts of this manifesto were developed here and are being brought into reality. An international university, the so-called Global Campus, has been founded for the global dissemination of these thoughts. It has branches on several continents. The basic thoughts of the project are connected with practical developments in the fields of energy, water and food. A new model is being developed for the basics of human life, without damage to nature and our co-creatures. Energy, water and food are freely available for all of humankind, if we manage the natural resources of our earth wisely. Nobody on earth has to suffer from deprivation, starvation or cold once the tyranny is ended. May the death of so many peaceworkers not have been in vain! The call from Gaza and the earth's cry for help will no longer fade away unheard. The catastrophe in Japan has awakened millions of people. So let us come together worldwide to create a future worth living.

In the name of life.

In the name of all children.

In the name of all creatures.

Dieter Duhm, April 2011


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