The Grace Foundation gives the opportunity to people with money and other resources to support a global system change by investing in a new planetary culture.

It works to establish a circle of friends who operate on a strategic and planetary level for the implementation of the Healing Biotopes Plan. It calls especially to people who have acquired money or influence in the existing system and now want these resources to contribute efficiently to the development of a fundamentally new system.

The Healing Biotopes Plan counters today's globalization with the building of a new humane culture. The basis for this is the establishment of complex social and ecological systems – Healing Biotopes – that foster the healing of their participants, the healing of the Earth and the whole of life. The fertile ground for this new humane culture is the planetary community: people who work with a lot of courage, commitment and love for a positive transformation.

Within each transformation there are pivotal points in the transition to a new system: in this case these are people who have a greater influence on society by virtue of money, public image or position. Alarmed by the various crises of our time the first of these people begin to open up for new, system-changing ideas. The Grace Foundation's task is to bring these people into contact with the Plan of the Healing Biotopes and its underlying dream so deeply, that they commit to its implementation with all their strength, thus putting their social power in the service of life.

The Grace Foundation seeks to form a vessel and a channel for this revolution.




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