Verlag Meiga

There is hardly an area that is more controlled by the power centers of our time than the field of information and media. Wars and acts of terrorism are directly related to the control of information. Noam Chomsky once said, "Propaganda is to democracy what violence is to dictatorship."  Propaganda is information.

Whether it is possible to free humanity from the stranglehold of destructive patterns of thought and action is a question of which information spreads.  It is information that activates the powers of survival.  Therefore, the dissemination of healing, liberating information is a requirement of compassion, a service to humanity and to life. Read more: The Earth Needs New Information

Verlag Meiga is a vessel for, and a public representative of, healing information from the areas of water, food and energy autonomy to new thoughts on illness and healing, all the way to a global peace plan and a new way of life based on free love and autonomous thinking.

The publishing house adds a positive perspective into the destructive information patterns of our time and is exposed to challenging headwind. We are grateful for all support!



New publication:

 “Setting Foundations for a New Civilization"  Ed. by Martin Winiecki




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