Eduar Lanchero (2nd from right) with Benjamin von Mendelssohn, Andrea Regelmann and Sabine Lichtenfels

Eduar Lanchero

In the early morning of Wednesday, June 27th, Eduar Lanchero died after a long illness. He had been one of the leading figures in the peace community San José de Apartadó in Colombia. We are very sad and send the Peace Community and Eduar´s family our greetings and deepest sympathy. Eduar´s inspiration will always be with us.

Eduar Lanchero accompanied the Jesuit and human right activist, Javier Giraldo, when the Padre helped found the peace community 15 years ago. Eduar committed himself more and more to the community of peasants and refugees who meet violence and displacement with non-violent resistance. He found the mission of his life in taking a stand for human dignity and justice and sharing the life of the threatened peace community. With his visionary power, he was able to greatly inspire the people around him, giving them courage and the perspective of a globally embedded future community. For years, he has been defamed, accused, and persecuted and was on the death lists of the paramilitaries. His whereabouts and his family had to be kept secret in order to protect them. Eventually, it was not murder, but cancer which took his life.

Sabine Lichtenfels: "Eduar stands for the living power of Christ, he will live and rise again in many people, never giving up as long as violence and injustice reign, always looking for the power that is higher than all the violence, in the name of love and compassion, on behalf of all creatures. "

In this context, we want to start a fundraising campaign. During Eduar´s illness, the Peace Community had to borrow much money to pay the hospital bills and treatment costs. We want to make it easier for them, in these difficult times, to repay the sums. All those who can donate, please use the account below with the word "peace community San José."

„GRACE – Foundation of the Humanization of Money“
Raiffeisenbank Zürich
Clearing 81487
(PC-Konto der Bank: 87-71996-7)
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