GLOBAL GRACE DAY on November 9th 2013

Again, this year we invite you to participate in the Global Grace Day. This year's motto of the 9th November is: "Envisioning the healed world." In times of existential crises and eruptions of violence, we connect activities in many places in the world with the vision of a future without war. Together, we give the world a signal of the existence of a new planetary community.


The Global Grace Day was initiated by Sabine Lichtenfels, co-founder of Tamera and peace ambassador, on her first pilgrimage “in the name of GRACE” through Israel-Palestine in 2005. It is a day of gentle revolution. We celebrate the emergence of a new humaneness.

November 9th is a historic date. On that day in 1938 the genocide of the Jews in Germany began in the so-called “Crystal Night” and on November 9th 1989, the Berlin Wall fell. For Terra Nova – a healed world without violence – all the walls of separation and hostility must fall.

The actions of the Global Grace Day combine the political change in the world with the willingness for inner self-change. Sabine Lichtenfels says, “Grace is the power that can overcome all violence because it lives in the hearts of all human beings.”

We want to use Global Grace Day for building a global Terra Nova movement. We invite you all to organize actions in your towns and cities! This year’s motto of November 9th will be, “Seeing the image of an intact Earth.” In times of existential crises and explosions of violence we connect through actions in many places around the world with a vision of a future without war. Together we will send the world a message of the existence of a new planetary community.

Please think about what kind of action you want you initiate in your surrounding, and write us what you plan to do. Here are some suggestion of actions that have taken place in recent years: political pilgrimages in crisis areas, creative musical parades, theater performances, dance and art activities in city centers, group meditations, cultural evenings, tree planting actions, etc.

As a call for November 9th, we published the following short message at the end of our Summer University, “Revolution for a New Earth”. It serves as a common basis for all actions, but should already be distributed in the preparation.