Ring of Power from January, 26th, 2013

To all Peace Workers!

The community of human beings in Tamera is making ever more concrete plans for its future structure. Meanwhile, nature is awakening into new life all around us. Everything is freshly green and shining. Powerful storms lay behind us, and heavy rainfall has filled many of the lakes and ponds. The Ecology Team, along with many volunteers, are planting in the terraces and gardens. The water retention landscape is Tamera's most visible expression of cooperation with nature. It gives the water time to collect where it falls, and to soak into the body of the earth. In this way the soil is reinvigorated, the landscape revives, plants and animals flourish, and the large water-cycle can renew itself.

When we honor nature, and communicate and cooperate with her, we are also taking care of our own inner, universal home. Nature is our anchor; for all our efforts, visions, and for love.

Tamera's ecology team, with Bernd Müller at the center, learned the knowledge of water retention landscapes from Sepp Holzer, the ecological visionary from the Austrian alps. On this occasion we have chosen a text by him, as our Power Text.

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 Text of Empowerment: Reading Nature
from Sepp Holzer: Desert or Paradise, 2012, Permanent Publishing

People, having distanced themselves from nature, thinking they know better than nature are a great catastrophe. To me all these so-called natural disasters and their consequences are created by humanity.Any human with some space left in their brain, not stuffed with all sorts of nonsense, will immediately understand this. Anyone having experienced nature´s perfection from childhood onwards will admire her cycles and would never think to improve her. Any such attempt is sheer self-deception, and can only produce short terms or make-believe successes.Reading nature is most important, to observe and to try to experience her: are my actions part of the natural cycle or am I the disturbing element? Have I got it wrong?

Everyone has a purpose in life, humans, animals and plants. We all have to fulfill it. We all need to take responsibility to our actions, at all times. This is the only way to life responsibly. If we do not we go against nature. I am totally convinced of this: whatever I do in life, I need to take responsibility for it. I need to act responsibly towards nature, however she presents herself in a tree, a pig, a stream or a grasshopper and certainly not in the ways the church or political parties might ask us to act.Nature provides all the energy we need to act appropriately. When we do this, we gain power, conviction and joy in life. Only then can we truly understand why we are here on earth and let go of this fear that has been installed in us for so long.

We send warm greetings to you all.

On behalf of the Ring of Power team,
Leila Dregger


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