Tamera at Rio+20 and the People's Summit

Support us bring the idea of new models for human existence to Rio de Janeiro this June

Some days ago, Tamera has been recommended by the UN General Assembly to be specially accredited to the "United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development" (Rio+20) taking place in Rio de Janeiro, 20th - 22nd June.

 Martin Winiecki of Tamera's Institute for Global Peace Work: "In times of an approaching breakdown of the big political and economic systems, a perspective for a future worth living is today probably more crucial than ever before. As a world summit intended to tackle central issues of poverty, hunger and environmental destruction, Rio+20 represents the crossroads of today's civilisation. We can't deceive ourselves looking for solutions within the existing political structures anymore. Now there are only two options left: Will we continue to follow the current direction of worldwide war and destruction? Or are we going to make a fresh start as mankind towards a future without war on Earth? - In this existential situation of global transformation, I feel the greatest urgency to make the knowledge for a new global culture that has been developed in Tamera and other places accessible and known worldwide. That is why we are going to Rio."

At the same time, Tamera will participate in the alternative "People’s Summit for Social and Environmental Justice", organized by a worldwide coalition of social and environmental movements that oppose the commercial policies set forth by governments and corporations. 

On their website, the People's Summit states: "Rio+20 officially marks the twentieth anniversary of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (Rio 92 or Eco 92). In these two decades, the lack of action to overcome social and environmental injustice has frustrated expectations and discredited the UN. The planned agenda for Rio+20 official – the so-called “green economy” and global governance – is regarded as unsatisfactory for us to deal with the crisis of the planet, caused by the models of capitalist production and consumption. (...) We want to transform Rio+20 in a moment of opportunity to address the serious problems that humanity is facing and demonstrate the political power of organized people. ”Come reinvent the world” is our call and our invitation for the participation of the organizations and social movements in Brazil and in the world."

We are happy to announce that we will joined by some protagonists of the Portuguese "Movimento 12 de Março" (Movement 12th March) that sparked the European social uprisings over a year ago. Our goal is to introduce the concept of the Global Campus, a growing worldwide network of autonomous model centers for setting the precedents of a free Earth. 

An excerpt of our common statement: 
"The world is in transition towards a new way of life on Earth. The old dictatorships and hierarchies cannot remain much longer. We are experiencing the collapse of the mega-systems. Through a multi-millenial history of war and the measures of capitalist globalization, ecological and social life conditions for an increasing part of the world's population have been destroyed. (...) 
We can overcome this crisis by giving the further development a new direction. It doesn't consist in fighting the existing systems for they are destroying themselves. It is rather about developing a new global perspective and creating models that support it. (...) 
Never before has mankind had access to such a vast amount of knowledge and possible alternatives as we do now. Nobody on this planet has to starve, if we learn to harness the Earth's richness sensibly. Water, energy and food will be freely available to all of humankind if we create the appropriate structures.Those are not structures oriented towards power and profit, but structures of cooperation serving the common life interest of all of the Earth's inhabitants, including the animals."

In order to realize this journey, financial support is still needed. To know more and how you can support it, please go to: http://www.indiegogo.com/globalcampus