Supreme court ratifies sentence for the death of farmer in Apartadó

Sentence was set in firm for 30 years of imposed prision for several members of the army.

"El Tiempo" - June 8, 2011

The Penal Room of the Supreme Court of Justice had condemed two subofficials and five professional soldiers as responsable in the murder of farmworker Edilberto Vasquez Cardona, prepetrated in the peace community of San Jose de Apartado (Antioquia).

Such sentence was derived from the facts occured January 12 2006 when troops from the Voltigeros Batallion of the XVII brigade of the National army reported the death during combat with FARC of Vasquez Cardona, whom they had seized a fragmentation grenade from, two rifle magazines and 86 5.56 cartridges.

After gathering abundant testimonial and expert proofs, the public prosecutors Office established that such an encounter did not occur and found that the versions delivered by the members of the military patrol contradicted themselves.

The decision of the Court of First Instance, stated by the Jury of Second Penal of the Circuit of Apartadó, was appealed, but the Supreme Tribunal of Antioquia confirmed the decision of that judge, in the sense that there existed proof of the responsibility of the processed in the involvememnt of the punishable of the murder of the protected person.

By not admitting the extraordinary appeal of annulment interposed by the defense, the Supreme Court of Justice firmly set the sentence against Fredy Torres Botero and Regino Ceren Paz, second sargents; Cesar Duvan, Ciro Martinez, German Manuel Martinez Gomez, Adelso Padilla Ramos, Nelson  Viloria Avendaño and Fernando Hinostroza, professional soldiers, who are confined to a military garrison.


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