Pilgrimage through Portugal “TERRA NOVA A DESPERTAR” - 1 - 9 de Novembro


We recognize the need to create a new world.

We come from several parts of the country, we carry different projects and we work on different fronts; but our aim is the same. We want a humane world which stands for life; we work for an alternative. We are moved by a dream still hard to articulate, but which is accompanied by a growing certainty that something much better is possible.

We carry different parts of the solution.

From the ecological to the technological work, from new educational to economical models, from the work with the human being to the new forms of social organization, from animal protection to the protection of ecossystems – we gather in the acknowledgement that the new world can only emerge from the integration of all these aspects.

We recognize the collapse of the human, social, ecological and economical paradigms that currently define the existence of the human being on planet Earth. We are seeing the end of a whole Era, to which something radically different will have to follow. For this reason, we now want to engage in the building of the new – and we want to start by doing it in Portugal. It is possible, if there is convergence in our efforts, to turn Portugal into a birthplace for the transformation which is so needed nowadays. We will use this generalized crisis which has made its way through our lives as the fertile ground for the creation of a new way of inhabiting this planet.

In this sense, we are called to give an answer to the fundamental areas that make possible and give a meaning to human existence: water, food, energy and community. We know it is possible to create a world in which everyone has free and abundant access to these vital elements, without the exploitation of people, animals and nature; a world without war, between human beings, the planet and all co-creatures.

Desertification is not our destiny, but a man-made catastrophe which can be reversed once we start cooperating with nature. Through decentralized and natural water management solutions – like Water Retention Landscapes – rain can replenish landscapes once again and thus have a healing effect on nature. Autonomous self-sufficient settlements can arise everywhere even where there is only eroded ground and destroyed nature today. We are walking to see this vision come true in Portugal: 1000 lakes for the Alentejo. 


A new step emerges in our collective journey: we will move from protest to recreation. Let us come together to build models where the research on the basis for true ecological, technological and social sustainability can take place; models that stand as research centers for new forms of human coexistence.


Under this purpose, we want to invite all the social and transition movements to take part in a pilgrimage – partly decentralized, partly together – happening from the 1st to the 9th of November. We will start on the 1st of November, spread through several areas of the country, in small self-organized groups, carrying in each on of us the new begining that is currently so necessary. We walk for a new world. We want to initiate a movement where, in several points of Portugal, we show the country that there are people working on concrete alternatives for the future. We want to touch the places we go through with a new cultural impulse – we refuse to wait any longer for the political or economic powers to take the decisions for us; the future will be built through our own hands.


The several groups will meet in Sintra, on the 6th of November, to walk together along the final stage of the track, which will end in Lisbon, on the 9th, with the celebration of the Global Grace Day – a day dedicated to the global work currently made in the name of a humane future and in the name of the protection of life. We want to acknowledge each other in this common endeavor, and we want to show Portugal that many of us have already passed from words to actions.


Great transformations begin gentle and shy: a new begining asserts itself gradually.


We warmly invite all interested – let us come together in this local and joint action!


Movement for a Free Earth,



More: http://www.global-grace-day.com/Portugal