IGP - The Institute for Global Peacework

Global Networking

The IGP - Institute for Global Peace Work - is working to weave an international peace network to establish a global force for peace. Representatives of indigenous peoples, scientists, peace initiatives and individual peace activists from all over the world take part in it on the base of the “Plan of Peace Research Villages and Healing Biotopes”. The main aim of the IGP is to develop a global cooperation for the building up peace research villages in order to create alternatives for the global system of violence.

The “Plan of Peace Research Villages and Healing Biotopes” – formulated by Dieter Duhm – describes the effect of micro-solutions for the global situation. It is based on two fundamental ideas: 'everything is one being' and 'all life reacts to information'. Today's science is providing evidence for the truth of both of these ideas. Since the world is one system which reacts to information, it can be changed by information. An information for peace, if lived out in just a few places on Earth, will enter the whole organism Earth. This information will then support a global power for peace, which can be called upon in other places on Earth: A local action has a global effect.

The IGP raises its voice against worldwide violence. Using words, music and art it disseminates peace news. The IGP helps existing peace initiatives to come together and developing a common perspective. It takes part in peace marches, political actions and peace projects in crisis areas. In particular, the IGP is co-operating with peace workers from Israel/ Palestine, Colombia, and India. New career perspectives as peace workers are being developed for young people.

In the annual Tamera Summer University, you can come into contact with current projects, basic ideas and participants of the global network.