Research Cooperation



Tamera cooperates with several universities. Our most important partner among the Portuguese universities is the Fundação da Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa (FFCUL),

Case Study of the European Climate Adaptation Platform: "Tamera water retention landscape to restore the water cycle and reduce vulnerability to droughts (2015)":


BASE - Bottom up Climate Adaptation Strategies Towards a Sustainable Europe

The Water Retention Landscape in Tamera serves as a case study for sustainable strategies of climate change adaptation in the frame of the EU-project BASE. It focuses on a cost-benefit analysis for our ecological work.

Circle 2: Climate Impact Research & Response Coordination for a Larger Europe

Research about climate change: Tamera is described as one of 22 exemplary projects for climate change adaptation in the following book:

CIRCLE-2 Adaptation Inspiration Book: 22 implemented cases of local climate change adaptation to inspire European citizens.

Free download:$clientServletPath%7D/?newsId=432&fileName=BOOK_150_dpi.pdf

Scientific papers:

In the last years various thesis papers have been written about the Water Retention Landscape and the ecological work of Tamera. Two of them can be found here:

Sarah Daum, Master-thesis (2014):

Water quality and sustainability of the Water Retention Landscape at Tamera ecovillage, south Portugal 

Jochen Baumgärtner, Bachelor Thesis (2012):

Reforestation techniques in the Mediterranean - woody plant propagation and establishmen

Internships for university students

Every year university students finish their internship in one of the projects of the ecology group. They work in the ecological branch of the “A votre service” program or in one of the research areas of the Global Ecology Institute. If you are interested to start an internship, to write a scientific paper, or to enter into an extensive research cooperation please send a mail to

Your contact person is Christoph Ulbig (B.Sc. Forest Management)



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