Seed Freedom

Tamera Joins Vandana Shiva´s Seed Freedom Fortnight of Action 2-16 October 2012

Seed sovereignty is the basis for sustainable agriculture; patented seeds threaten severly life, diversity and freedom. Dr. Shiva from India started a global campaign to “Occupy the Seed”.


For years Tamera is on the way to become self-sustainable in seeds, with the aim to grow food for 200 and more people from our land with our own seeds. In the Seed Garden and the newly built Seed House we are also teaching seed knowledge in the frame of the “Global Campus”. To contribute to Dr. Shiva´s Fortnight of Action, Tamera includes this topic in the next Open Day on October 6th: In the morning, we will have a guided tour through the Water Retention Landscape, and in the afternoon we present the Seed House and our work around the seeds, with time for knowledge and seed exchange.  

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