Jürgen Kleinwächter

Physicist and inventor, Lörrach / Germany

Born in 1944, brought up in France, Germany and Egypt, studied physics and astro-physics in Grenoble and founded together with his father Hans Kleinwächter the institute KLERA: “Kleinwächters Entwicklung und Forschung, Raumfahrt und Atomtechnik” [Kleinwächter’s Development and Research, Space.] They investigated light weight optics, thermo- dynamic and concentrator photovoltaic systems and their application. Wishing to develop a peaceful technology which really helps people to improve their living conditions he has been dedicating himself to the research and application of Solar Technology for 30 years.

In cooperation with the Max-Planck-Institute and the IHK (Chamber of Commerce and Trade) of Stuttgart he developed decentralised solar systems for one-familyhouses, which had been discussed decades ago as a political programme for the Saarland [one of the German federal states] but could never impose against the energy monopolists. Numerous other developments in the solar sector, e.g. a chemical energy storage system, a solarthermal water pump (Sunpulse), electricity production via a solar-thermal driven low temperature Stirling engine followed.

The observation of nature and its functionality has continuously been a source of inspiration for his inventions and patents. On his many trips to countries of the “Third World” he came into contact with people who were migrating from the rural areas because survival had become impossible where they lived. Particularly for them he combined the individual developments he made to the concept of the “Solar Power Village”. Decentralised, predominantly independent of large industry this technology produces energy for cooking and pumping water, for electricity production and water disinfection.

The Solar Power Village is the technological core of the first model of a SolarVillage planned to be built in Tamera. Jürgen Kleinwächter is a consultant of the UNESCO, member of EUROSOLAR and technical director of COMPLES (Mediterranean Solar Energy Society).

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