EPG (Energy Power Greenhouse) and SunPulse Electric


This system offers answers to the fundamental questions of human life and activity—such as energy, food, protection from weather, protection from excessive sun for human beings and plants, even water-recovery for cultivation in desert-like regions, support for plant growth via separation of light frequencies, etc. — in such a way that these individual areas support one another. In the future, synergies can arise, for example reducing the amount of land used for growing food, since the space for cultivating plants can also be used for habitation and energy generation.

From these interactions, an idea takes shape for human habitation that is more closely connected with nature, which is no longer based on limits and borders, and which therefore fundamentally raises the quality of life. 

In an Energy Power Greenhouse (EPG), the sun’s radiation is focused with Fresnel lenses, and then directly heats vegetable oil, which circulates in a closed system and is stored in a tank. The energy storage question is answered here in a fundamentally different way than in established solar technologies, which often work with ecologically problematic storage media. The EPG further functions as a greenhouse (it’s covered with UV-transparent ETFE plastic sheeting) for a particularly efficient and water-saving cultivation of quality organic food. In the future, it will be possible to build it as an envelope around an inner building (the ‘house in house’ concept): Multifunctionality as a concept, which nature demonstrates for us.

On the one hand, the heated vegetable oil can power a kitchen for ca. 50 people: The hot oil flows through double-walled cooking pots, so that the heat can be directly used for cooking. This can be complemented with steam generated by the hot oil and a heat exchanger: cooking with steam, sterilization of medical instruments, desalination of water, and much else, is possible. (see “Testfield Kitchen”)

In addition, the hot oil from the EPG drives a low-temperature Stirling motor, the SunPulse Electric. Thanks to the simple possibility to store the oil, day and night it can produce electrical current (1.5 kW); power for refrigeration; or mechanical energy, for example for a grain mill or saw. A core element of energy production for a future human settlement is taking shape here.

The diverse applications of the SunPulse Electric are:

  • Mechanical Energy, for example to drive a grain mill, saw, or other tools 

  • Electrical Energy up to 1,5 kW, for example for lighting, computers, hospitals, schools 

  • Refrigeration and cooling, via combination with a standard compressor (direct mechanical coupling) or via combination with a Stirling Cryocooler 

  • “Stand Alone System”: The SunPulse Electric can also be used with high-efficiency hot water collectors, such as evacuated-tube collectors. In a closed, pressurized system, water at 5 bar can be heated to above 150° Celsius. This is the optimal working temperature for the SunPulse Electric which—in combination with a storage tank— thus can be a “Stand Alone System,” in operation around the clock.   


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