Want to join us?

During the month of June we invite people who want to join the Testfield team either on a short or long-term basis to spend time working with us. We are looking for people who are working on the assumption that evolutionary steps towards solar autonomy, together with joyful creative social structures can offer a way out of the present structures of domination and destruction.

In particular we are looking for:

An experienced Research Machine Shop supervisor

In addition to sound experience of machine shop operation, tools and materials, he or she should have a strong curiosity for the diverse eco-hightech work of the Testfield such as Stirling engines, energy-production greenhouses, thermal storage, PV, biogas, solar concentrators etc. He/she should also be capable of accompanying and training young technicians and engineers in the workshop.

A Testfield Caretaker

He or she should take care of the various installations in and around the Testfield, making small repairs and maintenance self-responsibly and coordinating larger works, installations and upgrades. He/she will need to be in close contact with the Solar Kitchen, continuously improving the installation there.

Aside from these two positions, we need skilled people who dedicate their interest and curiosity to specific issues in development, system integration, measurement and documentation, for example around the Stirling engine(s) and the biogas system.


If you are interested please contact solarvillage(at)tamera.org

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