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"Escola da Esperança" - Vision for a School of Hope

"Escola da Esperança" - School of Hope

Children and young people are the bearers of our planet’s future. Every child carries an intuitive and authentic power for peace within them. Children need to be protected from the madness and violence of today’s world and they need adults who will stand up for life, and against war with all their strength and determination. They need to live and learn in a space full of human truth, trust and a sense of home. They possess immense abilities to help protect animals, plants, and human beings. One of the most important tasks of the “Escola da Esperança” in Tamera is to protect and strengthen these powers of protection and peace.



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Our schools must be transformed into biotopes of learning where young people, inspired and excited, develop curiosity and take on the responsibility of shaping their own worlds. Learning must become a creative exchange of ideas among learners, free from hierarchical instruction. Independently acquired knowledge and skills, and not learning by rote, is what matters for those who are designing the 21st century." (Professor Dr Gerald Hüther, Neuroscientist)


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