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Many Visions for Uniting Within the Watershed

Sado watershed, October 2016

Walking Water is a movement and action platform to bring communities together around their local watersheds in order to learn from each other and build and support ongoing cooperative relationships within bioregions by listening to the challenges and ideas regarding water quality and supply. Walking Water Portugal recently gathered in Southern Portugal for its pilgrimage: Caminhada pela Agua. You can read a report here.


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Watch our 2015 song of the Global Campus!

Tamera, August 2015

This song was written and composed by T.H. Culhane and interpreted together with Tabea and the Global Campus & Terra Nova School choir in Tamera during the summer 2015. Many cultures came together from Mexico, Kenya, Ethiopia, the US, Germany, Brazil, Palestine, Israel, Togo, Benin, Colombia, France, Portugal etc. Production and Edition: Global Campus members and especially Raphael Poesia from Favela da Paz, Brasil.


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Read our 2015 Global Campus report!

Exactly 2 months after the end of our Global Campus summer, we are excited to publish the condensed harvest of this time together! It is the fruit of our reflection as a coordination team but also the fruit of each base-stations who shared their own evaluation of this project. We publish our pedagogy, curriculum, the financial summary, many pictures, a summary for each base-station, a gratitude to all supporters of this project and the next exciting steps of our network! We send our sincere gratitude to all of you who made our meeting possible by responding on our crowdfunding campaign so generously. Looking forward for next meeting point!


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Global Campus Gathering 2015

Crowdfunding Campaign

For this summer the Global Campus Project has planned an education and strategy gathering of 24 core leaders from its network, for one month, at Tamera. The last Global Campus gathering happened in 2011, and now it is time to again unite the core leaders. This month shall serve to establish an international Global Campus Council, a leadership circle which will work out a refined curriculum for the coming years and also explore a possible expansion of the project as a whole.  To fund this education and strategy time, the team launched a crowdfunding campaign with a funding goal of 58'000€ until June 18th! So we invite you to watch the beautiful campaign-video below, read about the plans for this year, and most importantly to contribute yourself if you're inspired!  more

July 18th-August 15th: Global Campus 2015 - Gathering the Planetary Community

For one month, we will hold an education and strategy time in Tamera with small teams from all base stations of the Global Campus. The last time we all came together was 2011. And in 2013 we held simultaneous month long education times in five base stations: Colombia, Brazil, Kenya, Israel-Palestine and Portugal. In the years of our collaboration each project has taken big steps in community, manifestation, and development of their visions, our network and education has grown through their developments. Our common education times serve as a breeding ground for planetary consciousness and local ‘survival knowledge’ essential for our species continuation. This years ‘reunion’ of the core members of the existing base stations will serve as a time to share our experiences and learning over the past years, and hear more about the visions and needs of each base station. We will also use the time to co-create our 2016 gathering, create a solid base for collaborative fundraising and curriculum design.

This month will be held in collaboration with the Terra Nova School, Tamera’s online education and worldwide network for building communities of trust and studying the “theory of global healing".

As a preparation, some of us will meet at the GEN+20 Conference in Findhorn, Scotland, July 6 – 10.


The Global Campus calendar 2015 is still available

The Global Campus has published a calendar with impressive photos from the base stations, quotes from participants and basic thoughts of the project for each month. The calendar expresses the beauty of the work and our gratitude for what we can learn from it – a reminder that we can obtain more and more peace, within the world and ourselves. Our wish is that in many hundreds of homes and centers a piece of the Global Campus is alive during each month of the year. You can order it at: globalcampus(at) It costs 10 € plus shipping costs (4 € within Europe). The texts are in English with a Portuguese translation of the most important quotes on the last page. The proceeds from this calendar will go toward our travel fund for the work in the various base stations of the Global Campus. The next journey is planned for March to the Peace Community San José de Apartadó in Colombia. We thank you for your faithfulness to this dream and for your support.  more

Follow the current activities on the new Global Campus blog!

In 2013 during the journeys to 5 base stations of the Global Campus education network, each team reported regularly on their activities, feelings, revelations, joys, healing experience as well as on pain points and open questions. You can read them with pictures on our blog. You can leave comments and ideas for to enrich the harvest of this new education step for the team members as well as for the carriers of each base station. more

Read our 2013 Global Campus report!


The report of last Global Campus actions in the world is now available!

In fall 2013 we held five concurrent educational gatherings in Portugal, Brazil, Kenya, Colombia and the Middle East. From October 15th to November 15th 2013 50 pilgrims from Tamera and abroad, small groups of 8-12 peace workers in training, went out into the world to bear witness, offer support and to research how change is possible.  In total we raised €60.000, covering all travel and in-country costs. From the €21.000 needed to pay the preparation, coordination and reporting costs in Tamera, we have been able to raise €10.000, and Tamera donated the remaining €11.000 that we have not yet raised. We are so grateful for the many ways and gifts that made this work possible. This report includes texts from each in-country journey, pictures and testimonies as well as a financial report. more


Global Campus 2014

Global Campus Calendar!

The Global Campus 2014 Calendar as a gratitude for the 2013 intensive education time!

Pilgrims and peace workers in training have returned from the 2013 Education time at five peace projects – ‘base-stations’ of the Global Campus - around the world. We give thanks to the great Global Campus education time of 2013! Big gratitude to all who supported the Global Campus in 2013 with money, spirit and action. It has been an exciting time, and the stories and learnings that come back are rich and powerful. We have been touched by the situations surrounding the projects, and we have come into a deeper understanding of the complexity of the transformation work of our times on a global scale. We entered in a humble way as witnesses to perceive and develop a deeper and more truthful contact with each community project for an ever effective and sustainable cooperation. A 2015 calendar is in preparation! You can already pre-order it by contacting us: Release planned in August 2014.


Participants of the 2013 Global Campus gatherings in the World!



Global Campus 2013

Creating Models for a Future Without War

For one to two months between October and November 2013, 5 small groups of international ‘peace-workers-in-training’ mainly from Tamera, traveled to the different base stations in Kenya, Colombia, Portugal, Middle-East and Brazil. They offered to be of service to the needs of the communities and facilitate mutual study times to its members.  more

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