GraceMedia – Media of the New Culture

GraceMedia is the media department of Tamera.
We deal with the power of images, even with the power of "inner images" by which humanity is subconsciously directed.

We need powerful healing images for the upcoming peace culture. As co-workers in a global peace project, we are developing these new images in our daily lives. We are connected with what is happening in the world and at the same time we are looking ahead. We see the vision of a healed world – and from here we journey into a creative flow for the design and implementation of thoughts and images that we receive from this vision.  Etymologically “media” comes from the latin word “medium.” Media is the channel, the means for transporting information – from the world to us and from us into the world.

It's an adventure – learning to mentally and spiritually find the pictures of the new time, to capture them, and then to make accessible to others. We strive to make the inner healed core of life visible with our work and then to project it outward, to aim for comprehension. We are working on this realization with everything available to us. We love the free associative space of art and its possibility for de-identification; the beauty of colors, light and creating forms, focusing on thoughts of healing and trust. It is about being touched by the sacredness of life – and the limitless possibilities by digital forms of expression.  New culture media follows certain ethical guidelines. It informs the basic human impulse for the desire to help unconditionally. It is a channel for expressions of love, compassion, joy, but also for the strong NO – the sacred rage. It arises out of necessity. You give answers to different kinds of questions, for example: How can media help to activate a potential for action? How can we create the image of a future worth living, a life where we want to give everything for? What image or what idea can awaken hope?

Our work is for the great goal to make visible the image of Terra Nova, of the healed Earth. Peace is the original dream on Earth.

A wide variety of products emerge from the GraceMedia workshop: pictures, postcards, posters, political art, web design, video clips and films.

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