May 1st 2013: Start of the Terra Nova School and a New Season in Tamera

After six months of an intense internal planning and community time, Tamera starts on May 1st into a new time and opens again its doors to students and guests from around the world. The opening of the "season" is marked by the worldwide inauguration of the Terra Nova School on the same day.

"After months of preparation, we are today founding and inaugurating the Terra Nova School. The project aims to strengthen and connect all those who want to work for a new world without violence and war, Terra Nova. The school is supposed to become a kind of catalyst for global system change, an organ for the growth of a new planetary community," said Martin Winiecki, coordinator of the new project during the opening celebration.

The start of the Terra Nova School was also celebrated in other places around the world simultaneously. Since the announcement of the initiative was published four weeks ago, we have received numerous applications from all continents and thirty different countries. We know about 50 study groups that have already formed - from China to Mexico, from Russia to South Africa, from the USA to Israel-Palestine. Main subjects of the school are: healing of the waters and build autonomous forms of life, healing of love and of community, and the Science of Transformation. The Terra Nova School consists of groups worldwide that continually study these new thoughts and pass them on to friends, neighbors and interested people. More information and how to participate here: LINK TO THE INVITATION

At the Institute for Global Peace Work, the base station of the project, a dedicated team with many young people has formed to set up the project and accompany the various groups continuously.

Part of the inauguration day was the first meeting of the various study groups in Tamera: The whole community and all students and guests at Tamera are participating in the study of global school and use the curriculum as their guideline.


Benjamin von Mendelssohn said in a brief speech: "Today is Labour Day, a day that many politically active people have spent with revolutionary actions. No matter how much helplessness has been contained in these political actions - in my own past and that of many others -  I would like to salute the life impulse that wants to set itself free if people take to the streets and fight against the existing system. I would like to salute this power of compassion and indignation, because it indeed is an impulse of compassion from the heart.

And yet, the time of this kind of protest has reached its end. Besides all the outrage about the system that we have built for 5000 years, we now need a total shift of focus towards the new, to what we want to build. It is about the creativity, truth and cooperation that is necessary to really manifest a new world. That is why I am happy that the Terra Nova School is inaugurated today on the International Labour Day, as I hope, believe and know that the project will support this re-building worldwide... also because it comes to wearing a principle, which is one of our fundamental ethical principles: responsible participation in the whole.

As it is healing for each participant in a community when he/she takes part in the whole of the community, it also is healing for the Tamera project when it takes part in the whole of the world. It is the participation in the whole where individual bases for Terra Nova join together in a network of communities and thus form a basis for global revolution."