Tamera Support Circle

The Idea of the Support Circle

All the different projects within Tamera need for their developement a stable basic budget, from which the costs of infrastructure, of the training enterprise and all other running costs are covered. The employees of Tamera offer their work free of charge. Beyond that they have committed themselves to adjust deficits in the basic budget personally and therefore to accept paid work outside Tamera as well. To make a further development possible, and to enable more coworkers to commit their time and energy fully to their work, a wider ring of support is to be developed, which jointly carries the basis for the global projects of Tamera.

We would like to invite you to join the Tamera Support Circle. With a monthly contribution in the amount of your choice you become part of the realisation and part of the increasing planetary community, which will bring peace models into being worldwide. 

We want to enable our supporters to take part in our work. Therefore, you will receive the Tamera newsletter and if you wish special up-to-date lectures and study material. Apart from that, you are invited to participate in the spiritual-political network of peace workers through the "Ring of Power" by Sabine Lichtenfels.

Hereby we cordially thank our existing sponsors circle and everyone who has already supported us in the building of Tamera. 

May ever more humans together become „Guardians of the Dream” of Tamera and co-carriers of a global peace vision.

Thank you!

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