Open letter about the internal community-time

Since April 12th Tamera is open to receiving guests students for a variety of seminars.

We are comeing from a long wintertime focused around intense work on the master plan of Tamera,  a months-long internal Love School, as well as with a training program for projectleaders. The various project groups took the time to meet again and again for vision and planning work. An open letter to the Support Circle describes this internal communitytime:

Through all these various events and activities in this, as well as in recent years, something very precious has emerged in the community of Tamera: coherence.

Coherence is unison, is the alignment towards a common goal, is a common ground. Coherence cannot be moulded by external pressure. It is not the coordination of people in the framework of an ideology. It is also not the result of a short-lived emotional agreement. Coherence comes about only by decision of free people, their immediate understanding of the necessity to help, due to a growing awareness of the political and ecological relationships on our planet.
Coherence creates a
new structure of socialization. The Jesuit priest Teilhard de Chardin once accordingly expressed, that a higher consciousness, in other words individuality and personality, can only develop by "extensively being united".

It fills us
with gratitude to observe this process of change in the community of Tamera. A new level of solidarity amongst each other has been established. It does not require grandiose words. Instead, it transalted into action:

In a successful action the technology group has dismantled the workshop of solar inventor Jürgen Kleinwächter in Lörrach/Germany. A major share of the precious machines, tools and prototypes has been brought to Tamera. Thus, finally, a long-cherished dream is coming true: in direct collaboration with Jürgen Kleinwächter, a functioning laboratory can be installed for technologies that produce renewable energy in new ways emerges, energy without harmful emissions and impacts on the environment and with no dependencies on the industrial mega-systems.

Furthermore this winter a "Council for Self Sufficiency" has formed in Tamera, which serves as coordinating umbrella for the projects of ecology, technology, architecture, and that of a regional network. The vision of a regional autonomous supply system is to be pursued further by joining all these forces. The increasing response from our Portuguese network and the economic situation of the country as a whole indicate that the time is ripe for it.

The team of the Place of the Children around Oskar Eckmann has completed and submitted a solid and bold concept for a free school to the relevant authorities and international partner institutions. The target is to be able to open the school as early as September 2014. It is projected to gradually include external students as well. The families of these external children will settle in the vicinity of Tamera, thus supporting the cultural and economic structure of the region.Thereby the establishing of this school will have a quite an impact on Tamera. The children will be taught in three languages. Portuguese has already become more and more commonly used at the Place of the Children.

Meanwhile, the political department of Tamera has started to build a new website for Tamera. The diversity and complexity of Tamera is to be represented as easily accessable as possible. Please take a look at the new Tamera website and do not hesitate to give us your feedback !
A new blog - Terra Nova Voice - has emerged as well. Here current reports, articles and comments will be published. (Who would like to be kept informed, may subscribe to the newsletter here : ).

The so called "PIER"-process for the conversion of the land utilisation of the Tamera site is progressing. We thank the team of Peter Koll Petra Finkernagel and Christoph Ulbig who work tirelessly to gather facts, data and documents to fascilitate this legal way to receive permission for construction in Tamera in cooperation with the authorities.

All these indicators of a hopeful development become palpable in a very recent text by the Planning Council of Tamera. It summarizes this change in very special words. Its title: Money for Tamera.
We are sending you this text mainly in order to share these thoughts with you and involve you in an exciting undertaking. If you have an idea to whom you could pass on this text, you are of course welcome to do that. But first and foremost we want to thank you for the support you are already giving!
This text wishes to convey that
working towards world peace, towards the end of the war between the genders, towards the construction of self-sufficient life models is not just the undertaking of a small group. It would actually be the aspiration of many, for the dream of peace lives in the hearts of all men. Only many cannot realize it, because they live under conditions where they are fighting for their very survival. Wir think of the people in Syria, the Philippines and now also in Ukraine, - almost anywhere on earth .

We who still have the freedom want to give in all we have to work for this dream hand in hand with our cooperation partners. If it is possible in some places of the earth to make a system change, it then will be easier for those who want this too. This is the way the field formation processes of nature work.
So together with you we want to continue to work on manifesting the miracle: a future without war. We thank you for your loyalty and your regular contributions, with which you co-create this miracle! We look forward to feedback, your questions and exchanges.

On behalf of the Tamera community

Jana Mohaupt and Amélie Weimar


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