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We ask for financial support for Tamera. Tamera is a peace research center in southern Portugal. About 160 people live and work here in a “Center for Concrete Utopia.” We conduct research and work on a comprehensive real-life model for a future without war. At the heart of our work is the healing of love, the healing of water, the creation of a replicable model for self-sufficiency in energy, water and food, and non-violent cooperation with all fellow creatures. A global network is associated with the project in the forms of the “Terra Nova School” and the “Global Campus,” which absorb and implement the basic ideas of Tamera. For the tasks that now lie before us we urgently need financial support.
In the following description we want to introduce some basic ideas and objectives of the project.

We launched the global Healing Biotopes Project 36 years ago (1978). We had to find a response to the global massacre, to the barbarism of profit-oriented globalization, to the unspeakable misery of those parts of the Earth’s population that are not included in the profit. We also refer to the animals here. Society’s lifestyles and consumption habits are based on the daily murder of countless co-creatures in the biosphere. Where billions are spent on weaponry, which result in the killing of human beings, while at the same time millions of children starve to death – where vast expanses of the Global South are deprived of their groundwater because it is used for the plantations of large corporations; there the injustice is such a disgrace that we can find no more words. Those who know possibilities that could serve global healing should no longer remain silent and give their knowledge or money into the wrong channels.

The Earth is on the brink of a global catastrophe. Against this background the colonization of Mars is seriously being prepared. Before we migrate we should take advantage of the opportunities we have here on planet Earth. The peace movement needs places where scientists, engineers, artists, thought architects and world thinkers come together to combine new knowledge, new research approaches and old mystery knowledge in the direction of a new image of the future. Establishing such futurological centers is part of Tamera’s plan. Here those people should come together whose research does not fit into the picture of capitalist interests and is therefore ignored or suppressed. What matters is the inner ethical orientation. The advocates of change have recognized that the humanization of the world can only succeed if it is connected with the humanization of our own lives. We can only create as much peace on the outer as we have reached on the inner. In addition to the laws of the material world there are the maxims of the ethical world; these are the maxims of cooperation, solidarity, reconciliation and love.

We observe how, in the age of globalization, political power has shifted from civil society to an inscrutable alliance of banks, corporations and secret services. The wars currently waged, as well as the planned free trade agreements, serve the merciless expansion of this power in the direction of a totalitarian world order. This development can only be stopped if a global alternative is successfully established, one that follows the laws of life, instead of the laws of profit – an alternative seen and heard on all continents. If life wins there can be no losers.

It is not about small reforms, but is a basic renewal of human society and civilization. A renewal of our interpersonal relationships, a renewal of our relationship to animals, a renewal of our relationship with the Sacred Alliance of all living beings. What is needed is the integration of the human world into the higher world of life and creation – the “Sacred Matrix.” Water, food and energy are freely available for all humanity if we no longer follow the laws of profit, but the logic of nature. We research the texture and conditions of life by trying to integrate the insights and implications into our own life practice. We thereby signal a future way of living as a model. The extent to which such models can change our world have been thoroughly described in the books by Dieter Duhm (see below).

“There is no island of happiness in a world full of suffering.” This quote from Konstantin Wecker is more poignant today than ever. The global Healing Biotopes Project is not a project of private happiness, but of global healing. Through the project we aim to create applicable guidelines for all-encompassing healing on Earth. These are guidelines in the material realms of ecology, techno- logy and economy and these are guidelines for the realm of the human interior. The relationship between human beings is a crisis area of global proportion. The origins of hatred, violence and war, arise when human beings can no longer trust each other. Peace has no chance so long as we need to disguise ourselves and lie in our love relationships, so long as we impose the law of hypocrisy on our sexual inclinations. It does not serve peace to deny our sexual powers. Rape, sadism and child pornography are collective expressions of a society that is not able to accept their sexual powers and steer them in a humane way. We need new life systems where truth, trust and solidarity have a real chance. A healed culture is very essentially also rooted in a healed relationship between the genders. There can be no peace on Earth so long as there is war in love.

Healing love between the genders has been at the core of our project since the very beginning. This was later joined by healing water, healing nature and healing our relations with all of our fellow creatures. The deeper we explored the realms of healing, the more comprehensive the issue became. There is no partial cure; there is only the healing of the whole. In terms of a sustainable strategy, we do not need partial correction in our lives but a new concept of co-existence, a new way of inhabiting our planet and a new cooperation with Mother Earth.

Many people came to Tamera in hopes of quick sex or a fast solution to their love problems. We had to tell them that such a simple solution does not exist; for we work here – in the issues of love and sexuality – not as a problem on a private level, but as a collective core topic of historical change. The structures that cause private suffering have developed historically. The trauma of a millennia-long history of war is stored in all of our cells. It cannot be solved with simple therapeutic advice, but requires a profound transformation of our relationship to our fellow human beings, to nature and to that authority commonly known as “God.”

Many come to us hoping for answers in the religious realm. We all need this answer; we are working on it every day in Tamera. In our “Political Ashram” old questions of faith are combined with thoughts of modern epistemology. It is not about intellectual games but a new inner orientation of our existence. We see the reconnection of the human being with the higher world order, the “Sacred Matrix,” as a condition for global healing. Reconnecting with our divine source is not a private matter but an issue of global survival.


So far no research funds were provided for such a consequent experiment. For their work, the co- workers receive simple room and board, but no salary. They must earn the money needed for our internal work – additionally to the Tamera income - outside of Tamera. Now we are at the point where the upcoming tasks can no longer be funded by way of our own efforts. The innovations for self-sufficient water and energy supply that will serve as an exemplary model for the future, implementing an International School, establishing training centers for people in crisis areas in the Global South, creating a global network – all this requires a new dimension of investments. Approximately €1.8 million are needed for our work in 2014; €250,000 are urgently needed by end of April.

Tamera’s work is not only focused on our center in southern Portugal. In addition to the internal work we organize peace pilgrimages and aid services in crisis areas in the Middle East, Colombia, Kenya and Brazil. There we help build self-sufficient models with independent water supply (Water Retention Landscapes), autonomous energy supply (biogas and solar technology), self-sufficient sustenance (Permaculture, etc). Young people who want to come to us to learn often lack the funds to do so. We also ask for support here.

Too often human beings and animals die in a much too cruel manner. Please help so that we can develop a real-life model, a model which could lead toward a future worth living – for us, for you, and for our children and grandchildren. Help that the emergency call from Syria, the cry of pain from the torture chambers, the call for help from the tormented creature no longer fades out unheard. Help to put an end to this insanity once and for all. It is our special task in Tamera to build a credible model for a different life so that hope arises again in this devastated world. This is not a private, but a global public task. So long as no public money is available we are reliant on private donations. Help us in Tamera to overcome the obstacle and manifest our plans. You will not receive financial return for this. But you get the firm commitment that your money will be used in a truly helping manner. May future generations know only through their textbooks that there has once been war on Earth. Thank you in advance for your help.

In the name of the children.
In the name of all creatures.
For a future without war.

With best regards and wishes for a blessed future!
Tamera’s Planning Council (March 2014)

If you would like more detailed information about the quality and credibility of our work, you may read the book:

by Dieter Duhm

The Sacred Matrix
Eros Unredeemed
Future Without War

by Sabine Lichtenfels

Grace – Pilgrimage for a Future Without War
Sources of Love and Peace
Temple of Love


Our bank accounts for donations:

Account Holder: Associação para um mundo humanitário
Bank: Caixa Crédito Agrícola S. Teotónio, Portugal
NIB: 0045 6332 4018 1786 5584 5
IBAN: PT50 0045 6332 4018 1786 5584 5

GRACE Foundation:
Raiffeisenbank Zurich
Account Holder: Grace Foundation for the Humanization of Money, Zurich
Account Number: 92188.69
IBAN: CH9881487000009218869
Clearing 81487 (PC-Account of the bank: 87-71996-7)

Paypal/credit card:
You can donate via Paypal or credit card through our websites of Tamera and the Grace Foundation.

For larger donations and further questions please write to:
Benjamin von Mendelssohn • ben.mendelssohn(at)tamera(dot)org


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