Statements about Tamera


 “A profoundly important experiment in healing our inner and outer rupture with nature.”
--Charles Eisenstein, speaker, author of Sacred Economics, United States

“There is an old system which does not want to die and there is a new system which cannot be born yet. Through projects like Tamera it could finally happen to be that the old system can pass away and allow the new one to emerge.”
--Martin Almada, human rights lawyer, Alternative Nobel Prize laureate, Paraguay


“No matter how unhealthy the human world is, I don't lose hope because I don't think it's too late and I know so many grand efforts toward a loving world. One of my favorites is the Tamera community in Portugal. (...) There is a model here to look at. This incredibly complex issue of sex, love, relationship and honesty has been taken to a level of experimentation better than any other community I know that has been trying it. It's very attractive.”--Patch Adams, MD, clown activist and founder of the Gesundheit! Institute, United States


The work that the Tamerans are doing is crucial for the survival and wellbeing of our Biosphere. We all know that ecosystems and technology can coevolve in a healthy evolving biosphere, the work and experiencement that needs to be done is what Tamera is doing, the healing of love, the understanding and experience of the connection to the biosphere and therefore each other.”--Mark von Thillo, former co-captain of Biosphere 2, co-founder of the Biosphere Foundation, United States


“In its actions and words, the Tamera Peace Research Centre has demonstrated an impressive dedication to an inspiring vision that seeks to address urgent problems of the day, ranging from dilemmas of ordinary life to awesome questions of decent survival. Daunting tasks, but unless seriously undertaken the future may be grim.
--Noam Chomsky, world-known linguist, author and activist, United States

“Tamera is one of the ecovillages in our global network that we always listen to, as you are taking very radical and innovative steps in many directions and with great courage—like your peacework, university and Solar Village project. Experimenting means finding new paths and this often awakens fear and opposition. But humankind needs this kind of experimentation. We hope you will continue with your courageous initiatives so that we may all learn from your successes and failures.”
--Ross and Hildur Jackson, founders of the Global Ecovillage Network, Denmark

“I am most interested in this work and consider Bernd Müller's teachings [about the Water Retention Landscape] to be crucial to the survival of the planet.”
--Maude Barlow, renowned author and water justice activist, Alternative Nobel Prize laureate, Canada


“I visited Tamera and participated in the International Summer University. I found nothing objectionable about this community. I whole-heartedly support the work of Tamera. I think it is a wonderful concept of creating communities based on love, harmony and peace.”
--Arun Gandhi, president of the M. K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence in Rochester, United States


  "…and I end up pointing an example of international, multicultural, ecological, solidarity and happy community. I'm talking about the community of Tamera, in freguesia of Relíquias, municipality of Odemira, founded about 15 years ago, with more then 200 members, from all ages and from different places, that live from nature resources, enriching it, respecting the biodiversity and creating a sustainable development. I spent a couple of hours with this community on the 6th of May and I got convinced that it's possible to fight the desertification of nature and to have new populated areas with models of social life that respect nature and the dignity of people. In this way Alentejo becomes really a land of bread and peace."
--Dom António Vitalino, Bishop of Beja, Alentejo, Portugal


"It is my pleasure to write in support of the Tamera Peace Research Center and Community.
I am the Director of the Champalimaud Neuroscience Programme in Lisbon, an international center for brain research numbering over 150 scientists supported by the Champalimaud Foundation and grants from the European Community, the Fundaçao para Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT), the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and others.
I have been acquainted with the Tamera project’s research since 2006. As I have gotten to know this work better, I have come to believe that their efforts to address questions of social and ecological reorganization has great importance to society, particularly given the economic and ecological crisis that we currently face.
It was with this in mind that members of the Champalimaud Neuroscience Proramme recently began a collaborative relationship with members of Tamera. In December of 2012, this collaboration was concretized by the participation of Tamera in our scientific congress entitled "Society - An Ongoing Experiment”. From this launching point, we are continuing to work together to identify and develop further research on topics of mutual interest.
I wish the Tamera project the full recognition in Portugal and urge you to support their efforts."
--Zachary F. Mainen, Director of Champalimaud Neuroscience Programme, Portugal

“What is so remarkable about being and living in the Tamera Community is their genuine initiatives to work towards Peace amongst all irrespective of gender, class and creed.
Having had a first hand experience of living amongst the Tamera Community reassured us of the peaceful and non-violent efforts taken up by the Tamera Community to establish a durable peace for all. This gives everyone of us hope that it is possible. Our best wishes from the Tilonia Family.”
--Srinivasan Soundara Rajan, coordinator of the Barefoot College in Tilonia, India

“My experience in the peace community of Tamera was a gift for my life. I can count on a large group of friends who haven't left me alone, not even from Portugal, not even in the most difficult months of my life, when I have been in exposed to political and military persecutions, which I have suffered again and again since I am part of the political opposition in Colombia. In the community of Tamera I found good people who gave me their hands and their hearts and who have helped me to live.
I thank the community of Tamera for every day they have been using to protect my life and the lives of the people in the Peace Community of San José de Apartadó in Colombia. I thank for their daily endeavors, to bring together many people on a global level, to defend the poorest people in Colombia who are fighting for their right of life and peace.”
--Gloria Cuartas, human rights activist, former mayor of Apartadó, awarded by the UNESCO as "Mayor for Peace", Colombia

“We do not have words to express how grateful we are for all the support you have given to us, for all you have taught us and for the amount of respect and solidarity arising in our cooperation. All of it for a better world! Your pioneering spirit is a source of inspiration which nourishes our peace process. These are invaluable things we can only thank for.”
--Peace Community of San José de Apartadó, Colombia

“Tamera for me is an example of what the world should be. It is a place to learn what it truly means to be a human being; it is a place to discover the power that lies within each one of us; it is a place to truly be what we all seek.
As a Palestinian activist I am proud by the fact that Tamera does not isolate itself and run away from the problems of the world but is dedicated to healing the pain that we have become so used to inflicting upon ourselves as humans in the name of greed, hatred, and discrimination. The community’s involvement in Palestine, Israel, Colombia, India, and in many other places is for me a true light of hope for a better future for all of humanity.”
--Sami Awad, nonviolence activist, director of the Holy Land Trust, Bethlehem, Palestine

“I have known the Healing Biotope Tamera for many years and follow up their performed research for peace, sustainability and a more just world. I was twice a speaker at the international meetings in Tamera and I am deeply impressed by the work of these people.
The founders Sabine Lichtenfels and Dieter Duhm and the whole group of Tamera, to which I am connected in friendship, earn my full respect for their engagement.”
--Father Niklaus Brantschen, Jesuit priest and authorized Zen teacher, former president of the Lasalle Institute, Switzerland

“These are hard working people with a clear focus where they want to go and they are able to keep an open mind to new ideas. Their work in the field of Solar Technology and others is without doubt “leading edge” and I'm convinced that the hard work will lead to solutions the wider population will benefit from in the future. The programs at Tamera continue to bring out the best in young people - excellent and confident organizers.”
--Max Lindegger, eco-village designer, teacher at Crystal Water, Australia

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