All you need to know about 5 different BioGas Digesters at Tamera
One Billion Rising - February 2015 in the Stone Circle of Tamera
Amazing aerial art for Gaza - with John Quigley in Tamera, Portugal
One Billion Rising in Tamera

Escola de Esperanca - a vision for a School of Hope in Tamera

Water is Life - the Water Retention Landscape of Tamera - with Sepp Holzer and Bernd Mueller

Dieter Duhm: "Compassion - Contributions to the Theory of Global Revolution"

The Moonriders - Live your Dream!

Sabine Lichtenfels speaking about Community, Love and Sexuality

(Press on CC for English subtitles)
Global Campus 2011
Documentary by David Priego

Sacred Love - Life Concert on the Global Grace Day 2012 in Tamera

SolarVillage Testfield in Tamera

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