Cultural Center Tamera

Welcome to the emerging Cultural Center in Tamera!


"Art does not reflect the visible, but makes visible." (Paul Klee)

The Cultural Center is geographically located at the heart of Tamera. It is the interface between the community and the guest area; it is a meeting place and venue for peace workers from around the world. Under the common roof of Terra Nova we invite you to the milieu of an emerging culture, a place of hospitality and the place for welcoming a planetary community.

At present, the Cultural Center is a test field of experimentation for all dedicated peace workers who want to find out how a culture of truth, trust and mutual support can look like in interpersonal relationships.

There is a bar, a daytime café and an information and networking platform for the Terra Nova School. In addition to the possibility to network and interact with people, there are always afternoon and evening events, where people can present their projects and where the global dimension is visible. Political Cafés provide regular insight into the current world situation. The sound of the different cultures that gather in Tamera is reflected in a variety of bar evenings and artistic contributions.

Today, within all countries and cultures on Earth there are people who have irrevocably understood the necessity of a positive inner and outer revolution. They all contribute certain thoughts, certain convictions and certain aspects to the overall view of the tasks at hand. It is not machines but people who decide if a future worth living is possible. In that spirit we want to invite you to join the network for a non-violent Earth.” (Dieter Duhm, 12 Theses for a Non-Violent Earth)

The future peace culture on Earth is dependent on all the creative forces that lie dormant in the people. In this sense, we invite you to participate and to liberate the life energies, which so far have resulted in violence and destruction, and to invest in building a future worth living.



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