"The Akron School"

Internal Education 2017 - for Tamera Co-Workers Only

As a community, Tamera has reached a threshold that requires us to create a new, profound sense of unity within the multi-complexity of this project. We see the need to again understand each of our activities as an aspect of the overarching intention that Tamera is part of: realizing the Healing Biotopes Plan. Therefore, we have created the Akron School with its daily study units and its weeks of study each month. To understand how we have set our priorities for 2017, we want to offer some insights into the thoughts behind what is a significant structural change of focus for Tamera.

The Akron School has three main intentions:

Going to the core of Tamera's founding intention: shifting our fundamental beliefs from fear to trust. This is not a process that happens once and is then permanently achieved, it is rather a living learning-path that each co-worker of Tamera is walking. Therefore, as a community, we consciously create spaces outside of our daily lives in which this work can take place over and over again. The students participating in the Akron School will make shifting this innermost paradigm a core element of their year. The intensive weeks of school held each month are meant to serve a field-generating function for all of Tamera, exploring the possibilities of a different reality. They lead us into a space beyond normality in which the logic of a trust-based life can become visible, studied and experienced.

Educating a new generation for leadership within the Tamera community.
Tamera's history and development reaches back almost 40 years. Our community members currently range in age from newborns to elders. The founding generation is still active and responsible for many key roles, holding a vast spectrum of social knowledge. To continue moving forward as a unified, complex, living organism, a new generation of leadership is now asking for profound education. Therefore, we have decided to offer group leading/Forum-leading/project leading training to a small group of Tamera's young carrier generation throughout the year. The monthly education weeks of the Akron School will serve that purpose, so that the process of passing on responsibility can be accompanied with enough depth, sensitivity and care.

Offering a continuous platform throughout the year for Tamera's carriers to stay in coherence.
Tamera is composed of numerous sub-projects, each with their own teams that hold a vast array of tasks and responsibilities. Additionally, Tamera is an education center with several thousand guests per season. This complexity in our everyday life and business easily turns into a buzzing bee-hive. For the community members and project carriers to not lose sight of each other and each other's intentions, transparency and steady information flow are essential. Besides the functions described above, the study weeks held by the Akron School each month also serve as the spine of communication, coherence, and togetherness in Tamera's internal organization structure.

To us, the establishment of the Akron School is a step in the evolution Tamera as a community and as an education center for a new culture. We are curious to see how it's role and effect will unfold throughout this year, and we hope it will serve both the community members and our guests in its own ways.


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