Energy-autonomous Tamera

May 27th - June 3rd & September 2nd - 9th


Centralized supply systems for energy, food and water create conflict and wars. They exploit nature, destroy ecosystems and make people dependent on systems which, while promising well-being for all, actually create isolation, suffering and illnesses. 

The Standing Rock movement has made a statement which is being heard worldwide. Standing Rock is not another resistance movement, but a movement to protect the water and honour the sacred: “Defend the Sacred.” The movement is not against the system, but is rather about creating a new reality.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a model which makes the existing model obsolete.” R. Buckminster Fuller.

Tamera’s ecological and technological development work includes creating decentralised autonomous models with an emphasis on water, energy and food production. In 2017 we are concentrating on planning and preparation for infrastructure and energy autonomy.

Portugal, the sun-richest land in Europe, still imports almost 75% of its energy. Exploratory oil drilling is also planned at its coast – against strong popular resistance. In this situation, a mirror of the global schizophrenia, Tamera is building an alternative decentralized model in cooperation with the power and energy of our biosphere: cooperation in place of exploitation.

Our Specific Plans

We will demonstrate regenerative and decentralised energy supply, using Tamera as an example settlement. We will build systems for electricity, cooking and heating, and for solar cooling. We want to evaluate solutions for transport and install examples. We will include the research and development work of Tamera’s Solar Testfield and integrate the heart of our Testfield system, Jürgen Kleinwächter’s low-temperature Stirling engine.

Regenerative, regionally available energy sources will be used. The systems will be designed in such a way that as much as possible can be built by local businesses, to support knowledge transfer to this region of Southern Portugal – an economically rather undeveloped region. This should become a model, for Tamera as a training centre, as well as for other training centres, particularly in the Global South.

This pioneer project aims to support a way of life that people want to live. The systems should invite community through installations such as a community kitchen, shared washing places etc. Most importantly, the systems will be integrated into a lived whole. They will support the social impulse towards cooperation that is the basis in Tamera for societal shift. Working on this project includes participation in broad social change, also in one’s own life.

After system installation and commissioning, several years of evaluation and system evolution are planned, to investigate both the technical systems and system integration.

 Working on this project could mean planning or construction of individual components, taking part in installation, or establishing infrastructure from the ground up and taking on responsibility for its maintenance. We are looking for self-responsible individuals who can take on responsibility for others, who want to place their knowledge in service for the establishment of models for a peaceful future.

Warm welcome!


Language: English

Price for Accommodation and food: 20 €/night

Youth price: 15 €/night


For Portuguese participants living in Portugal: In 2017, Tamera has opened a study fund which covers up to 50% of all costs for participants from Portugal. Just mention the word "study fund" in your application. Read here more about the idea of this fund and how you can use and support it: (Study Fund Portugal 2017)

Accommodation: dormitories - An apartment in the Guest House can be booked at an additional cost.

Food: vegan full board


Arrival and departure: On the day before / after the seminar.

Registration: office(at)

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