Seminar "Love, Sexuality and Partnership"

September 05th - 14th, 2016 (precondition is the participation in at least an introduction week)


„We need new behavioural and social structures and a new understanding of love, so that we can overcome desperation.

We will be guided to a reality where free sexuality and partnership are deeply connected with another, not by our individual ideas and tastes, but by deep knowledge and insight about love.“

- Dieter Duhm

How can we contribute to a system of love that excludes betrayal? How can we contribute to truth in love and a new orientation in Eros? What are our geistig guidelines?

We need answers that lead to true non-violence in the hearts of humans.

The content of the seminar will be based on these thoughts which have been the main research issues of the community for nearly 40 years.

In lectures and forum work we can identify our personal issues and problems as collective ones with hopes to transform them for ourselves and for all of humanity.

Conscious physical activity (such as Qi Gong or garden work) will be part of the program, so that along with the intellectual and soul-experiences, the bodily and spiritual work can also be integrated.

We are also planning a celebration, where the joy in love and eros will have a possibility to be expressed.

It is a seminar for people that are already quite familiar with the content of Tamera. Preferably people from other communities, Terra-Nova Projects or specialists in different areas.

Directed by:
Brigitte Muskalla and team.

Brigitte Muskalla is a longterm ocmmunity member and co-carrier of the loveschool in Tamera.

Language: German and English
Seminar Fee: 600 €
Price for Portuguese participants: 400 €
Youth price: 400 €
Price for Accommodation and food: 30 €/day
Price for Portuguese participants: 20 €/day
Youth price: 20 €/day
Accommodation: dormitories
An apartment in the Guest House can be booked at an additional cost.
Food: vegan full board
Arrival and departure: On the day before / after the seminar.
Registration: office(at)  or +351 283 635 306

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